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22 Responses

  1. Ruko Hanaji says:

    The real question is how fucking amazing does Project Tingler sound?

  2. Arthur Rapsky Raffy says:

    where did the decent feminist go to? not anita nor zoe

  3. iamLI3 says:

    lel these bitches make this shit to easy it's not even fun anymore to reveal their insidious nature when it's so blatantly not true the shit they peddle….

  4. David Yeakle says:

    Nathan Grayson does exist and is press, or at least was at the time. Rest in pieces Kotaku. He admited to being desperate enough to have fucked her. He also definitely covered her game multiple times.

  5. kotk05 says:

    More stories about Big Z please

  6. Gregor Smith says:

    Thanks for the vid. Keep exposing this wicked witch!

  7. hhkhf says:

    Hey man, came over from Computing Forever's newest vid. Subbed, keep it up.

  8. A Shot of Whiskey says:

    The only good thing about Zoe Quinn is her chest, and even that isn't spectacular.

  9. Max Ttak0s says:

    Ugly Geek Bitch

  10. AwkwardPixels says:

    Am i stupid? I can't find the Links to the archives 🙁

  11. JOU says:

    i more ashamed of viceland of believing garbage then the garbage itself

  12. luvhungryman says:

    Ill do a translation of Zoe's words;
    "Basically my life is shit, and I cannot ever smile or ever see fun and laughter and engage normally with people and take a hit every now and again and sometimes realise I got it wrong.
    Instead it is everybody else's fault, and Im gonna make them as miserable as me!"

  13. PokieManzz says:

    Zoe quin, a known liar gets to meet with the un over irrelevant bullshit, yet. A more credible person is shunned every second.. We need more equality.

  14. Southern Fried Media says:

    how is she still alive….oh yeah because gamers are lazy

  15. scorpius415 says:

    when has a feminist like Zoe ever been honest?

  16. thebaconfromhell says:

    this is not advertiser friendly

  17. CZ says:

    Yes more videos please, Johnny.

  18. justin thomas says:

    lol that is my grocery bill for two weeks. heh

  19. justin thomas says:

    $100 cash subscription for green light gaming the fuck man.

  20. Abdel Hassan says:

    Hey report actual news.

  21. TheMeanYeen says:

    Lol that rifle at 50 seconds isn't even a real firearm. It's an Airsoft gun.

  22. Setekh says:

    I still had no idea who Zoe Quin is. Thanks for the update 🙂

    Liked, commented and subscribed. 🙂

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