Youtube in Nintendo DSi

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Venturing into the most difficult challenge yet, we try and run an internet career using a single Nintendo DSi. With no web browser and the DSi shop being closed down, this won’t be easy or practical. Hopefully, it’s worth the wait! Sorry if the footage looks stripey at all. I wasn’t able to use a capture card for this one.


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25 Responses

  1. The Talking Giraffe says:

    I still have the browser and it takes 10 minutes to load up reddit.

  2. Elecspark says:


  3. bleusm9sh3r says:


  4. Dark Master says:

    Rip DSI

  5. ok then says:

    I remember these bois

  6. Lit Memer says:

    Ok but the rest of the style savvy games are good

  7. Lit Memer says:


  8. Yoshibyte5321 says:

    Youtube in Nintendo 3DS?

  9. michael ql says:

    Thanks for the friends reference


  10. Noris Ciobotea says:

    Next pewdiepie

  11. DULLEX_421 says:

    Very good quality bro

  12. jay boag says:

    I had the same red dsi with tons of apps and games then my brother snapped the screen in half!!! What the fuck

  13. Lenuta Volontir says:

    0:00 lolololololololo

  14. Thatguy Eli says:

    its jjust mr homeless but for nintendo
    100%worth my time

  15. Willman604 Games says:

    i would have loved if they had just left the flipnote page up but it was the first thing they took down 🙁 and those chat rooms were lit tho 100

  16. Willman604 Games says:

    he does know he can hack install a web browser on it right

  17. Itachi Uchiha says:

    Big Clickbait

  18. Joshawott says:

    6:22 Bro he's laughing at a guy with an Actual disease now. I've seen that fave somewhere… look up Wonder.

  19. MilkTil 7 says:

    What about the ds… try it

  20. ONURHD EN says:

    peter knetter swithed to the nintendo mode

  21. Fincraft99 Gaming says:

    whats ur editor i needs the edits

  22. Giorno Giobrayan says:

    What does kurt cobain live? Is not it supposed to be dead? and playing with a dsi wtf?

  23. CatInitsBox says:

    Flip note my child hood

  24. GamingHQ says:

    Fruit loops

  25. Charlie Yat says:


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