XBOX ONE X REVIEW! Should you buy an Xbox one X? Scorpio Edition?

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Thanks again to xbox for sending me a review unit of the xbox one x and some game codes as well. However this is not a sponsored video and my opinion is not paid for at all, so don’t worry.

Overall I have to say the xbox one x is very powerful and looks great on my 4k television. The product itself is very solid and I’m going to be using it throughout the rest of the generation. I’m curious though if it fits other people’s needs as much as it will mine
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37 Responses

  1. Matthew Lynch says:

    i sold my xb to buy this

  2. Gentleman Hack says:

    Just get an Xbox One S

  3. Craige Wilkerson says:

    Paid 370 for my X Lil bitch haa

  4. David Gray says:


  5. Lion says:

    Sorry ps4 pro users but Xbox one x is better hands down.

  6. Tom Pierce says:

    i have a 65 curved SUHD 4k with HDR 1000

  7. Michael Ward says:

    There not doing what Sony did by not taking advantage of it xbox has already stated there developers are patching them and there enhancing them and most I've played have a huge difference there not doing what Sony did they are targeting the new xbox one x even in old games and especially in new games but look at it already they have 270 titles already I mean that's crazy if you think about it 270 games enhanced already that's already more then ps4 pro enhanced games so again just goes to show you how much there working on these games and that they are going towards the new console just watch a video on it yesterday everyone thought since playstation didn't take advantage of it they thought xbox wouldn't either but guess what they are and it is being proven now and if you have an xbox or a one s doesnt matter please upgrade to the xbox one x it's just better in everyway 100 percent do it I'm shocked at the difference I think alot of people dont pay attention to things like me but there is a difference on any tv right now it's an amazing amazing system and so worth the upgrade you will be surprised hell I play forza 7 my pal times are 3.5 sec faster on average that's not because if my playing it's because of how the game plays and the lag isnt there anymore alot of these games are being designed for the x and when you play them on the s your just not getting the gameplay that they are wanting you to get or the gameplay they were aiming at big big difference great video

  8. Michael Ward says:

    P.s everything looks better on the xbox one x then the old consoles even in 1080 with no enhanced features already been proven but hey it's amazing in every way I'm one that looks for flaws all the time and I'm shocked with how little I can find you do get used to the graphics fast but even p li saying the gems the movement of everything is just different go play UFC on the s them ply it on the x the way there bodys move and everything is thrown it looks and feels like a completely different gem and now I'm like this is how the games were meant to be played the gameplay is just crazy so smooth I went from an xbox one s to this and there is a huge difference I played both side by side the games seriously moved and looked different not a little difference a big difference everything seriously moved in a different way in a great way even if it's at 30 fps it's still smoother you can feel it and you can see it the lag is so much better and you can see that also it is just so good

  9. ShadowOdst47 Gaming says:

    Nah i have xbox one s and i don't need to buy a other xbox console that costs like 500 bucks

  10. Random Tube says:

    No, dont buy a brand new Xbox One X. They have a high failure rate. Pretty much 50/50. Every time you purchase one. You risk receiving a faulty console that will fail in a short time frame. Warranties and returns are a headache to deal with. Thats valuable time waisted that you could have been gaming.

  11. Miller Child says:

    The Xbox One X white is so beautiful ^_^

  12. Rawhide Leather says:

    RDR2 only runs at 30 fps on the X just like the S (there are videos here on Youtube that show this). Not 60 like they would have you believe. Too much hype.

  13. Lol 202 says:

    I really think it’s worth buying an Xbox one x I have one and have a 4K tv and think it’s really nice looking I also have a PS4 but I have only used it a couple times and I did have the original Xbox one when it came out and I even preferd over my PS4 so I’m definitely an Xbox person but I just feel it’s a better console and has better exclusives obviously it’s not as good as pc but if you don’t have a pc it’s worth picking up I have all the consoles but I think it is the best apart from pc

  14. Robert Kelly says:

    Waste of money.

  15. Paul Mader says:

    This guy needs excercise big time

  16. cs4life25yt says:

    So basicly….buy an xbox one x….just dont expect to have game developers to make use of it by making 4k games…..yeah… thanks.

  17. asad khan says:

    This dwarf talks so fast

  18. Paul Bennett says:

    How have I managed to miss this channel 🙂

  19. Aqua God says:

    Did do a benchmark? Didnt create a list of 4k Compatible games? Fuck this review

  20. mitch chad says:

    I got one and love it, I'm pc master race but for the xbox one and its hardware it is the best bet for console users, but I got it cheaper than usual for half price when trading in the standard Xbox it was a deal in the UK but I recommend anyone to wait for a deal to get it cheaper it is worth the investment especially when rdr2 is around the corner

  21. L Shadow177 says:

    I'm sticking with the xbox 1 s cause the xbox 1 x had a painful launch so i aint buying it

  22. demeY e says:

    Should I sell my switch for an Xbox one x? I’m really digging gears 4 and ff15 on a 1080p

  23. Mordi says:

    we will miss your grandpa

  24. Happy Puppy Denim says:

    love ya b!

  25. Arsha_END says:

    Overall it’s good if you want to use its other things beside gaming like watching tv and stuff……
    But if you just want to play games then definitely ps4 pro beats this because of the exclusives

  26. Hamza X says:

    What do you have to do to get this lifestyle I want to be like this youtuber ❤️

  27. Julian Dearing says:

    I have Xbox One S with a Kinect and I love it. Especially my Kinect. Just makes using the Xbox and Set up so much smoother. Am I the only one that loves it? But that being said. Can’t wait to buy the X.

  28. Jlsfiregaming ! says:

    I’m finally getting a Xbox one x tomorrow. I’m late to the party lol

  29. Guillermo Mendoza says:

    Thank for this review i wasnt sure to upgrade yet even though my xbox one 1st generation is acting up lately.

  30. canon isensys says:

    we wanted a review not life story

  31. Ghostwith Toast says:

    I have the first generation and we are considering on trading it in for the x. I decided I needed a upgrade since my Xbox has a couple of problems and is just dying.

  32. Kobina Jamieson says:

    Sheikh Boogie

  33. Devin McBreen says:

    I have the original Xbox one I think I need a upgrade

  34. Apex Predator438 says:

    Ppl need to see the difference in person. You can't produce 4k on phones or any other device bc 4k is new

  35. Lion El Jonson says:

    I have a 4k hdr tv and i have a gtx 1060 pc with a 1080p monitor. It would be cheaper for me to get an x than to upgrade my pc to get 4k. A 4k monitor alone will cost me a few hundred pound and hdr i hear is rare on monitors and that's what you need to take full advantage of the x. even then i will struggle to do 4k with a 1060 and an i5. Then there are games that have been enhanced on the x that you can't get on pc like skate 3, red dead redemption and all the halo games. I also think it's better to play 4k on a larger screen, i don't see the point in doing it on a pc monitor and i can't play a pc on a 4k tv, too big. The X fits a very niche target audience and i am one of those people.

  36. That Guynamedoppsiranoutofspacewritemyname says:

    Boogie is a hero to me

  37. David Agrizal says:

    Ps 4 better favorite game. But not stronger console than xbox one x. Confusing. I will buy both.

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