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Does the xbox one x suck or is it worth getting?
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34 Responses

  1. Michael Anderson says:

    The companies are hitting a wall between price and power the cloud streaming will remove the cost of making millions of pricey consoles to investing in cloud tech it's buggy now but make no mistake it will be a new age and one I am looking forward too

  2. Airbrushing By Nick says:

    A bit of lip sync probs there dude. Pc encoding? or Shitbox? Not a shitbox coz I just bought one. lol

  3. Demetrius Harrison says:

    Developers has to make games for it whixh thats not happening.
    Ill keep my One and wait


    Yeah I thought you were going to diss the Xbox one X then I waited and listened to your opinion. Admit it that the Xbox one X is the most powerful Gaming beast in the market.

  5. John Castiel says:

    7:40 then what is the point of having a PC?

  6. Jags Aviation says:

    “Does it suck”
    Well I mean if it has all these enhancements the NO, GODDAMN

  7. mdo686 says:

    Your asking me whats up? Go FUCK YOURSELF! Thats whats up.

  8. Emeka Moemenam says:


  9. Annie says:

    NO and Yes. I have a PS4 Pro (rock-solid) and an XBox 1 X (crashes regularly, games stutter, shitty software)

  10. Michael Ward says:

    You have to pay more to get the same power on a comp every single computer wiz has tried and none could get the same for the same price they even did a 700 dollar build it was closer but ok ver budget and still didn't beat it just shows you and yes microsoft is losing money on this system every single unit sold they are losing money but it's just to get them ahead everywhere else there making more money now because of sales and games and everything and everything that microsoft is about to do is really going to help microsoft and we are all going to love it including them putting in a keyboard and mouse so they can bring over more PC games that's the goal they have already stated it and he said no it won't take over the controller its whether or not the developers want to integrate it in there or not but great video microsoft is killing it they are going to be the most dominant console xbox is going to finally be ahead and ps4 isnt taking advantage of there power but xbox will take advantage of the power they already are they are already doing much better then ps4 with the content for there new console and another thing the newer xbox coming out in 2020 is already going to have plenty of games with enhanced features xbox is getting big fast the games are coming out fast they have already enhanced so many games and now there hiring people for game development like wow there trying to do everything right and by 2021 xbox will be well ahead of ps4 it's already being shown especially since Sony takes 4 years to make games and update them for there console xbox doesnt there going to be faster and better now of course Sony might just add more people also and copy microsoft you never know but hey microsoft xbox one is doing an amazing job there developers are doing great everything I going in the right direction and it actually exceeded people's expectations great video man

  11. Romeu Capela sa says:

    They should make an option for dualboot on windows

  12. Cheeseball45 says:

    As a ps4 owner I agree the x is more powerful

  13. Ahmed Ibs says:

    I have Xbox one s and 4k TV hdr, should I upgrade, is it worth spending more?

  14. Randy BooBandy1234 says:

    Should I get an Xbox one x over a ps pro if I don't care about exclusives I just want the best picture for RDR2 for my nice 4k tv

  15. moises Bautista says:

    Yet why does it matter since there's barley any good games I don't care what people say ps4 has more better games why even make better graphics then getting licensing/ideas for new games

  16. DarkestTV Gamer says:

    if you want to buy an xbox, if you want it to be worth it, buy the xbox one S only 250$

    if you buy a xbox one X is not worth it cause your waisting alot of money on a console with less games

    but to be honest i love my xbox one S on my opinion, when i grow up i will own both consoles and a PC, if i have money on the futute, but for now i will stick with my Xbox, is not my fault i wasn't a PS player cause i was born xbox, but i love my xbox is pretty awesome

  17. SuperZombiepimp says:

    Microsoft lost money on my end bought it day one for 465$

  18. Angelo Cella says:

    just get a PC.

  19. Syuna says:

    For basic gaming yes but for exclusives an what really matters NO!

  20. Phillip Lemmon says:

    The specs he got up there are (I BELIEVE) either backward or mixed up the 1x is supposed to be smaller and more powerful.

  21. Ark Angel says:

    I have an opportunity to buy the Scorpio edition brand new. Should I buy it or the standard Xbox one x?

  22. Sharkparr says:

    lol just get a PC its infinitely better

  23. Dave Taylor says:

    Dude… I REALLY dig your vids. You have a way with words and an even better way of forming and sharing those words in a rational, cohesive way that is fair and as unbiased as possible. Thanks, dude, for being who you are.

  24. AgentMason8347 says:

    Xbox One Exclusives?
    What the fuck are those?
    Does anyone remember Xbox Play Anywhere?

  25. Josh B says:

    Youtube unsubbed me from your channel…

  26. FishBee Productions says:

    I will be buying my first Xbox this year!

  27. Pablo Bandz says:

    Fuk wat Boogie saying im buying

  28. iOnRX9 says:

    the one X is for me, i refused to buy the xbox one, and i couldn’t bring myself to get a PS4

  29. Luis Angel Hurtado Rodriguez says:

    Ponte a hacer ejército envés de estar sentado

  30. Render Unto Mars says:

    I've already watched the Let's Plays to Horizon Zero Dawn, The Last Of Us, and God Of War 4 so I no longer have a need to buy a PS4. Now I can get the Xbox One X and enjoy the superior resolution and fps! 😀

  31. Samponsite 23 says:

    When the exclusives list is poor, noone gives a shit how powerful the console is.

  32. Lord Death says:

    Nuclear Warning:

    Down are Salty XBOX fanboys Comments.

  33. Dom Corp says:

    I got a Xbox One S 1TB.

  34. Ted Unseth says:

    I have been a gamer since 83. I know tech and have a lot of connections in the interactive entertainment industry. I really enjoy this guy. Keep up the good work Boogie.

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