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This is a direct call out to Kevin the Tech Ninja and he useless Xbox One S Rant video.
Kevin’s Rant:
Xbox One S:
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36 Responses

  1. Son Of God says:

    Don't buy the xbox one s. the xbox one x is out and is ten times better save money and don't spend your money on a cheap system. Buy the x.

  2. Rifty The Swifty says:

    Oh wowieee

  3. Dan c says:

    No i have the console…i sucks i dont see a difference with the 4K tv and most games that arnt 4K look pixalated and buggy

  4. Classic and Rare video game consoles says:

    The xbox one s fucking sucks and I can't afford a motherfucking 4k tv, the Xbox one s is unreliable

  5. sanitorz says:

    Throws out PAN, and then brings a dumpster fire

  6. J & J Twins says:

    your wrong

  7. frikynikkid says:

    it's also great for first timers like me.

  8. Old Man says:

    Its too early to start biulding your home entertainment center around 4K. Its all to expensive and the 4K content is so limited. I grew during the time of fat back tvs, vcr and only having 5 or 6 channels. Give me 1080p or even 720p and Im good. Im not saying 4K isnt the future because it absolutely IS. Im saying everyone needs to slow down.

  9. Bob Die says:

    I like PlayStation 4 because it is 4k and Xbox one is a dumm

  10. SuperSexyEric says:

    the game is not 4k the fuckin tv is

  11. Bob Loblaw says:

    Yes I. Like ur points but I hate the xbox one s because mind randomly shut off n won't turn on like wtf?

  12. XXXTenta says:

    The s is more powerful that the first

  13. Bat Man says:

    hey you know the thing about evryone getting hdr 4k tvs wrong its actually rare in the real world becaus its so expensive i mean name one non youtuber that lives a ormal life and owns a 4k hdr tv

  14. Jason Mckenzie says:

    ive played them side by side and its negligable

  15. Jason Mckenzie says:

    it does not look that much better xbox games on a 4k tv,yr justifying spending a silly ammount on a tv and xbox upgrade u didnt need and any one with sensexwill wait till its cheap tech in a year

  16. KuroTengetsu91 says:

    Can't argue with the XOS capabilities in 4K, but when it comes to any digital content being streamed on a 4K tv; the display itself has an internal component that upscales any video streamed on it to 4K.

    The only thing Xbox might have as an advantage is HDR capability but I'll have to see how my PS4 performs with the HDR update.

  17. Jack Farias says:

    does it have ultraflix

  18. memelord420360 says:

    this is good news 4 me I'm getting the gears of war 4 xbox one s just pre ordered

  19. Gabriel Lebron says:

    They say audio on the Xbox One S is gimped can surround sound fix that? Hell I'll just buy a headset with bass(talk about surround sound)

  20. eric bywaters says:

    well am,just, gona get an Xbox 1 not s for Shor ,I still have my Xbox 360 500GBs, and I thought about getting a elite consle 360 and I kept thinking Xbox one is not gona last long anyway I thought I just get it anyway and the elite 360 console anyway,

  21. MICHAEL G says:

    lol Kevin is wrong

  22. noretailforme says:

    I rather be patient and spend the $300 or $400 on the scorpio. Then to buy both. When the scorpio comes out the s model will be obsolete.

  23. Michael Salo says:

    The Xbox One S is a sexy beast!!!!!! I love it!

  24. 3DU ORT says:

    Has anybody tried xbox one s in a 1440p monitor and see if it will upscale to that? Thanks.

  25. lancelot says:

    u should do a giveaway on some of your headphones

  26. Neon Nans Reviews says:

    So I'm getting one of these and have a 4K tv but it doesn't have HDR ๐Ÿ™ will I be able to tell the difference between a bluray and uhd disc???

  27. Deathstroke The Terminator says:

    I like this guy
    Another great youtuber

  28. AoS H says:

    HDR is winning right now ๐Ÿ˜‰

  29. obee says:

    i have that bvs poster

  30. scalabrine playoff 3pt 46% curry playoff 3pt 40% says:

    Can I get a headphone? I'm so fucking dumb…ugh

  31. Marc Henn says:

    what if u have a 4k tv will there be a huge difference between that and a 4k hdr tv?

  32. Simerjit Singh Sandhu says:

    hey man can I use Xbox one S without a 4K tv

  33. fuse shocking says:

    4k is shit and I have 4k not a lot to it

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