Xbox One – Day One Disc Drive broken

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Xbox One- Day One Disc Drive broken, thank you Microsoft!!!
I received my Xbox one today, unpacked it, and well its broken…

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25 Responses

  1. RGTV says:

    Consoles are the garbage!!!

  2. Oozyxxxhybrid and Schnitter says:

    dude u can see that his finger touched it and it may be a problem but this guy just wanted to get views and start some stuff so yea

  3. shaz smalley says:

    This is what mine is doing 13 months later. Microsoft won't fix it without me paying a fortune. You want to check your games too. it ruined mine. Buy a ps4 instead, Microsoft don't care.

  4. castle park povs says:

    my Xbox did this to I got mine fixed by Microsoft

  5. Mighty Mir27 says:

    The dude was laughing at it

  6. Happy Camper says:

    Well, I've got some pretty sad kids over here…They've been waiting for 5 months to play with their new Xbox one and the same things happened to us. Brand new out of the box and it's a POS – Disc won't load and makes that grinding sound.
    I've tried "tapping" the back a bunch of times and nothing. All I want for xmas next year is to have my Xbox One shoved up Microsoft's a-hole.

  7. Michael Williams says:

    That's very common apparently.

  8. Dain A. says:

    My disc doesn't even go in all the way, makes no sense…

  9. Daryl Foster says:

    I was a xbox guy but after 4 of them red ringed I just said screw you Xbox and got a ps4 I just wish it allowed ps3 gameplay but I like it  a good system  now what do I do with 60 xbox 360 titles though ahhhh all that money down the toilet

  10. KeviB KeviB says:


  11. Burak Direk says:

    PS4 PS4 PS4!

  12. IMr_IPink says:

    I guess I have great luck. I have yet to have any system since the PS1 to have any faults. Mechanical stuff breaks all the time.

  13. chris fiorelli says:

    that's a very rare problem its just unfortunate it happened to you 

  14. Dante E92 335I says:

    oh noes something doa? never heard of that in the pc world troll face

  15. bob saget says:

    put some wd40 in it bro .see how that work out lol jk .

  16. shamamomo says:

    Day one tastes is good.

  17. Joseph Kreifels II says:


  18. yacucu1 says:

    This is why you shouldn't insert shit into a system. It usually breaks it.

  19. beyourself andsmile says:

    lol you guys start laughing that microsoft just fucked you over lmao xD

  20. LocoDude Gaming says:

    Sorry but this guy has a $500 dollar console on top of a beta-max hang half way off hes begging for that to happen!!!

  21. Martin Aslaksen says:

    mabye it's because it hates cod

  22. Matrilwood says:

    Console War Topic.
    Everybody talking about PC.

  23. dark2ksystem says:

    I been through 4 xbox1 brand new units and decide to give up and switch to PS4!! And so far soo good with ps4

  24. dark2ksystem says:

    I been through 4 xbox1 brand new units and decide to give up and switch to PS4!! And so far soo good with ps4

  25. oGridlocko says:

    My xbox will take the discs but wont read them sometimes. It doesn't make that noise though.

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