Xbox Emulation: The History & Roadblocks | Documentary by FrameRater

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BKG Music:
Main Menu – Turok Evolution OST
Lunarcy – Cel Damage OST
Simian Acres – Blast Corps OST
Hatshepsut – Serious Sam OST
Casino Park Zone – Sonic Heroes OST
Hoodstomper’s Theme – Rayman 3 OST
March of the Kewletts – Raze’s Hell OST
Sorry, Your Princess is in This Castle – Raze’s Hell OST
Soundtrack 4 / 18 – Unreal Championship OST
Rainbow Cliffs – Ty the Tasmanian Tiger OST
Toxic Caves – Sonic Spinball OST
Windy – Conker Live & Reloaded OST

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42 Responses

  1. Alex McDowell says:

    Would love to have a console like menu on my pc

  2. Dragzilla 66 says:

    2019 is the year of the Xbox emulator devs, lets become one!

  3. Andrew McKee says:

    turok evolution musicccc

  4. Jasper Greenhill says:

    I think it comes down to the games the main reason I think xbox emulation is so slow is because there is little point as the console is basically just a pc also there are more exclusives and games people want to play on nintendo and sony consoles

  5. Saxy Man says:

    What's with the turok evolution music

  6. Carlo Nassar says:

    "more kid-friendly titles"
    Yeah, if you don't count The Twin Snakes.

    And about the initial audience issue, the Xbox did sell more than the Gamecube. Do more people know about the Gamecube and its games?

  7. Axel Reezus says:

    I got one of those big heavy black bricks with green XBOX logo and I love it.

  8. Zach the Sports Guy says:

    Mid to late thousands? I don't think electricity even existed back then

  9. Biotear says:

    HA, you're wrong! I'm playing on an Emulator AS I watch this!!!

  10. 8 Track says:

    I heard music from ty the Tasmanian tiger

  11. 3DMaster says:

    But do you actually need to recreate the hardware? I'm not sure whether or not the Xbox already had modern way of dealing with hardware and software, it seems to though, since it has DirectX.

    Modern consoles are much more like a pc, and pc can have a vastly different hardware; DirectX and to a lesser extent Windows have become a layer in between the hardware and the user lever software (ie games). This way, a software developer doesn't need to know the hardware, DirectX knows the hardware; a game will just tell DirectX, "Hey, I want this done." and then DirectX will actually tell the hardware to do exactly that.

    Unlike DOS era and consoles of the same time, where software (much more) directly accesses the hardware, modern consoles have the same idea; hence the XBone running DirectX 12. So if the Xbox's DirectX is indeed already at that same level; you would really only need to recreate DirectX / the software layer, and modify it to know how to handle a PC, and you'd have perfect, possibly more than perfect emulation of the Xbox.

  12. leyvawilly says:

    I did learn something new have a like and a sub. Thank you.

  13. syed saqlain zaidi says:

    thanks for making this videoi enjoy emulating stuff and always wondered about what happened to the xbox emu scene
    this video helped me a lot

  14. TEE VEE says:

    found this again after 7 months, please do more emulation history videos like this!

  15. Robbie says:

    You sound like a hater when talking about Xbox One

  16. Keskeyy says:

    do another kuckles sings

  17. Loren Husky says:

    Why couldn't they just use the exact code that the Xbox itself uses? Wouldn't it be way easier? You run into intellectual property problems, but downloading and distributing roms is illegal anyway.

  18. MelodyZE says:

    LOL!!! i loved those funny walking animations! xD omg id totes play it that way haha im cryninggggg

  19. Jonathon Brown says:

    20:02 ty the tasmanian Tiger soundtrack.

  20. Guerra dos Bichos says:

    Delphi is NOT a programming language, it's an IDE that uses object pascal

  21. Mr BAN U says:

    I recently picked up a Xbox original that I didn’t know was softmodded it has emulators for classic arcade games, NES,SNES,SEGA GENESIS/CD,ATARI 2600/5200,TURBO GRAFFIX, GAMEBOY,GAMEBOY COLOR,GAMEBOY ADVANCE,Ect

  22. Creature Feet says:

    I would LOVE a general video about video game emulation history. As far as I know there isn't a video about it on YouTube.

  23. MrVitalic85 says:

    you did a ton of research. Wow

  24. Guillaume Globensky says:

    13:02, this made me laugh

  25. afromarco005 says:

    now this is quality content

  26. Big Boy Animation says:

    do you know if there is any of these emulators can run ninja gaiden black? i'm downloading this game and i have DXBX i can run it on this emulator?

  27. Afro Powa says:

    I think with the Xbox emulator they should only focus on the exclusive games & make them playable.

  28. Aurelius R says:

    Great presentation, but you should really learn a bit more about the technical details before trying to present them to others. It comes across that you don't fully understand some of the terms you are using… it sounds like you are just reading descriptions of these things that you didn't write. Otherwise very entertaining!

  29. rwer qwrqwr says:

    I've seen a lot of fake xbox emulator's

  30. ucity metalhead says:

    Now I need that rare replay.

  31. Kubes Voxel says:

    WHO'S GENIUS PLAN WAS IT TO JUMP THROUGH A VIDEO WITH THE NUMPAD? I Nudged the zero when I was almost done watching….

  32. Augusto Pinochet says:

    Well considering Xbox is x86 and Intel and AMD are also x86 there will not need to be as much emulation is needed considering most of the architecture is the same minus the custom parts of the CPU thank you could potentially make extensions for as well the GPU is well-documented from what I understand it was a standard graphics card so there wouldn't need no emulation no emulation there most of it would be operating system emulation what in it

  33. OneTrue Halo says:

    Nice Turok Evolution theme in the background.

  34. Tounsi Behi says:

    Annoying robot

  35. ビートBiito says:

    cxbx reloaded is so close to running JSRF perfectly, its amazing to see.

  36. Fizzelty Productions says:

    I wish I could play Conker Live And Reloaded and JSRF… Not with an emulator, but with an actual console. I like the original xbox more than the PS4, despite never owning it. I have both PS4 and PS3, and I personally like PS3 more.

  37. StillGotShit4Brains says:

    PLEASE, all I wanna do is download an emulator and ROM for Mechassault and for it to work properly. Can someone give me some guidance? What emulator works with it?

  38. The Pink Pistol says:

    thanks, I've always been curious why not.

  39. Randy Smith says:

    You never mentioned the most compatible xbox emulator that ever existed: the xbox compatibility emulator by Microsoft for the 360. Ironically running on a PowerPC processor.

  40. randomguy8196 says:

    So the reason is, not enough manpower and interest …

    Not sure why they bother LLEing the CPU since it's just a x86 CPU with some differences. A thin translation layer to handle the difference would work no?

    LLE isn't some holy grail either. Higan requires 3-4Ghz to emulate the SNES which ran at 3.58Mhz. Single thread CPU performance is now progressing at a snail's pace with only Intel doing anything on that front – AMD is too busy pushing for more cores.

  41. Charles thekinglov says:

    cxbx reloaded is doing alot better now with some new chip sources

  42. pukeylukey199 says:

    I just want to play stubbs the zombie 🙁

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