World of Warcraft: Zombie Plague (part of Scourge Invasion)

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Zombie Plague is a part of the Scourge Invasion pre-WotLK event. It provides players an opportunity to become a ghoul and infect other players and NPCs with a Zombie infection. The plague spreads very fast, causing chaos in most of the cities…

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  1. Steven Krys says:

    Such a great event not many knew or even remember the hidden fun when you got the plague to head into strat dead and as it started you can open all the doors and not one zombie would attack you could walk up to the barron and even the left door but the last gate would not open 🙁

  2. Rundur says:

    Seems like this was probably the best time to play a Paladin lol

  3. Xedilian says:

    Honestly in all my time playing World of warcraft. The pre wrath of the lich king event was the ABSOLUTE BEST. never have i seen the gathering and inclination of players congregate in area's such as Stormwind, Orgrimmar and Shattrath city. Alliance and horde both communicating and working together….. To become Zombie healers and DPS. To raid and destroy friendly major citys all in the name… Of the scourge.

    Then the noobs cried and we've never had an event anything like this since. RIP

  4. crazyrebl says:

    This was so much fun

  5. Patrick William says:

    I always thought this was the 08 Halloween event

  6. Vasilis tsav says:

    Poor Blizzard,you are now a mere shadow of your former self… What has Activision done to you poor child (BFA pre-patch)

  7. Clad Boat says:

    This was the most fun ever. Didn't realize this happened 10 years ago. Damn

  8. Sckeza says:

    I was like 8 when this happened. My dad protected Me the whole time!

  9. gscgold says:

    I remember my whole guild ran around attacking everyone in site, this was a event in wow that I am glad I got to witness I just wish I kept that armour set you got from event..would be a nice transmog to have.

  10. RyanPsiko says:

    I sincerely wish I played WoW during this time I would have loved to cause chaos like this holy crap

  11. Preston Castillo says:

    I remeber this it was crazy but my guild hold the line sheer hunters in my guild was shotgun rain everywhere to all the undead fun times

  12. maria rice says:

    Seeing this brings back a host of warm memories…at that time i was a lvl 70 holy priest dispelling 100s of people in stormwind….was fantastic…even epic….!! Makes me want to play WoW again…….sigh

  13. BoilingHeart says:


    I was just a kid when this happened, and this was the goddamn best thing to happen to me in WoW still to date. Pre-Legion event was pretty excellent, but imho nothing tops the Scourge Invasion.

  14. Paradoxe2 says:

    Dude…. before playing a paladin, check your aura. You were in Crusader aura while fighting ghouls ! The tooltip said that that increases your speed ONLY on your steed. Not on your feet.

  15. Matthew Brady says:

    Why does Blizzard cancel these events? I feel like events like these and the legion invasion should still happen periodically. I've wanted worldy events that'd help trigger pvp, like a Horde seige event on Stormwind's gates, help WoW actually feel like a war.

  16. Ravenkeeper Victor says:

    We need dem zombies again.

  17. snaplash says:

    Most fun I ever had in the game, as a zombie healer, exterminator, or as a zombie.
    There needs to be a rare drop in the game that will give you the plague if used, so you can eiither start your own plague, sell it (for lots of gold), or destroy it if you hated the event.

  18. Jake Up says:

    it was insane around the crossroads in the barrenns too. i remember running from an army of ghouls on my low level tauren shaman, just running in circles around town hoping people would stop tryna kill me, tho the plague ended up catching me anyway. super much fun

  19. Ben Lawson says:

    haha I remember when I was still really new to the game getting my self killed by all the ghouls on my level 20 dwarf I named Johny and then plagueing everyone in trade distract of storm wind over and over. I miss this event very much

  20. mondayjoker says:

    This event was cancelled about 3 weeks earlier than the time it was supposed to end..


    Not even nostalgia can hide the disgust I had towards the community at that point.

  21. Arnold Shpitz says:

    Oh horde.. Your the stupidest faction that won't realize that the undead race will take over azeroth SOON.

  22. Casey Corcoran says:

    I remember this happening in orgrimmar on my home server back in the day. Fun stuff.

  23. Jeremy says:

    Hands down the best event in WoW history. The sheer amount of chaos unleashed was incredible. but all the noobs QQ'd and now we'll never get another event like this

  24. The Goo Crew says:

    Wish I played during this event, I played only briefly during vanilla and came back around late Wrath.

  25. Jacob Robertson says:


  26. Invader Zim says:

    What's the first music called?

  27. Michael Gannon says:

    oh man, that horribly low resoltion at 4:3 ratio

    my nostalgia bone is boning

  28. Sean Sheldon says:

    Ah, memories. This was the best pre-launch event I ever took part in. So much fun all around.

  29. Green Pulsar says:

    this music again?

  30. Jenartik says:

    this was before tumblr when everyone turned into a pussy who had to be handled with kid gloves

  31. Иван Сергеев says:

    Best event ever…

  32. Talgin the Kingslayer says:

    i really wished that when this was happening you could infect the faction leaders

  33. Red Zero says:

    his need to be in wow again, amazing soundtrack for this great job on the vid….oh the memories <333

  34. museluvr says:

    What is the piece of music being used for this?  Kind of cool..

  35. SupremeHorizon says:

    I remember infecting myself and flying as close as I could get to the nearest enemy faction town and spreading it around into a huge herd of zombies. 

  36. Avi Eblen says:

    They need to do this again!!!!

  37. Liam .Stroud says:

    this was the best thing in wow

  38. Asatru55 says:

    This will NEVER happen again.
    Because an overwhelming amount of players in the worst community of the internet, WoW, found that this event disturbed their usual activities. And god forbid something outside of the norm happens.
    The amount of crying, moaning and screaming was biblical.. Seriously, the worst thing in WoW are the players.

  39. FulhamBadger says:

    The best pre event imo, it was great to just get loads of people and turn into ghouls and then just take over one of the major cities!

  40. David Paxson says:

    Man, this was so awesome back in the day

  41. ladydiskette says:

     Being there for the Scourge Invasion with my friends and guild was my most favorite memory playing WoW. 🙂

  42. CheesecakeCzar says:

    The zombie plague was amazing. It opened up a whole new kind of PvP interaction. Too bad it was so short. I only got see the first and second day of the plague, where it had yet to be very powerful.

  43. David Ramos says:

    That was the most annoying and fun weekend ever. First, trying to fight them off was fun, but getting turned into a zombie was annoying.

  44. Nightside3000 says:

    Sigh…The good ol' days.  I'd give anything to go back to that!  Or for it to happen again.

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