World of Warcraft – World Editor – Dalaran Mod

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A diferent video this time. This time we take a look at a World of Warcraft Mod.

I made this mod with a Role-playing server in mind, but never released it. The mod features Vanilla style (Human) Dalaran.. with some sprinkles of Elves and more.

Take a look tell me what you think.

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41 Responses

  1. Odin the great says:

    Good job,I always wanted to see lorderon in before the scourge

  2. Spiriteyes says:

    Hey! Couple questions here, but first off, well done. Awesome work.
    So, I was wondering, is it against the ToS to manipulate the World of Warcraft engine, even for non-profit reasons, in the way you're doing?
    Also, how and where did you find this World Editor, as to my knowledge, it is not made public by Blizzard itself?

  3. Charlie Payne says:

    I thought it was cooler than the WOTLK Dalaran

  4. Victor says:

    This is so cool. I just love how vanilla-ish it looks.

  5. Andrew_Owl says:

    Nice! I always wondered how would Dalaran look if Blizz added it in vanilla with default human architecture

  6. Gurubashi Arena Master says:

    What program did you do it with? Can you give me a link please?

  7. Dimitris Carasaridis says:

    It looks really lovely for some reason. It has that RPG feel to it. Reminds me both of Warcraft 3 and Skyrim at the same time! I wish wow looked more like that.

  8. Piana Cokehead says:

    Download please?? and if 2 people use this and they explore the city together on private server

  9. Saelyn Frostschimmer says:

    I was wondering if this patch is available for private use but actually I don't think so πŸ˜‰

  10. Mowsen says:

    This is awesome man. I hope they will release some custom content on classic official realms after Naxx. There is soo much potential!

  11. Spud Bud says:

    This is honestly amazing, and some areas look better than blizzard.
    I've seen how stromgard is going to look and I was incredibly disappointed. I think you could do better for stromgard than blizzard.

  12. eternallegacy89 says:

    If he made this mode why is he worrying about people reporting him?

  13. Car Ram-Rod says:

    very cool mod m8. well made. cheers

  14. The Grand Observer says:

    i wish blizzard would put something like this back into that crater

  15. Bryan Estep says:

    I love it but it doesnt even resemble Warcraft III Dalaran. WarIII Dalaran is bigger than ingame Dalaran but the structures and look is the same.

  16. Gabriel Perri says:

    Good job

  17. Iceh Gta says:

    not gonna lie this is awesome to put in game

  18. Lord Telperion says:

    Color me impressed!

  19. Bobalus No says:

    Cool, but too many moonwells I think you need to find other props to replace some of those parks… Not sure what though?

  20. San says:

    Honestly this looks better than any town blizzard has made

  21. Namoth says:

    honestly…i like this dalaran better maby a little bit more then the ''floating city that despite eyars in the air havent refined its deffenses at all and shows no signs of havieng been a living city more like shops set up to supplie the spire and the faction ready to move in and usefull for little else buildings faceing each other acrossthe square ..asside bricking up that front gate Arthas stomped through to steal a cearten Tome..ohh wait..wheres the main road that should have conencted to the utside city ''..mhee

  22. ζ’ζ–‡η€š says:

    I have to say this is incredible. It always be my dream to see the complete Dalaran and Stratholme in Vanilla, and now I can move on. Thank you. By the way, could you tell me how could I find the software which could edit the WOW's map? I will be very appreciated.

  23. LegitDeadEye says:

    Would love it if you publish this. This is amazing!

  24. Cegesh says:

    High elves did nit help building Dalaran. If you find them in the city it's mostly in academies. The monwells in the city are strange tough.
    But nice mode, looks net. Really god done.

  25. Friedman says:

    hello friend ! can we play at your server ? (or that is a playable server ? ;D )

  26. Chicago Skater says:

    this is awesome.

  27. Theoderic Lord of War says:

    Okey holy shit,,, this looks so much better then the actual dalaran that is flying, if you were the one leading this projekt you should get hired by blizzard because this woke up so many vanilla feels, and this didn't even exist in vanilla,,

  28. Mrtvababa says:

    moonwell is nightelf tech it shouldnt be in dalaran,high elves didnt use them

  29. Tuxion says:

    Looks great, would it work on a vanilla server? I mean there are wotlk models in here πŸ™‚

  30. Radek Folprecht says:

    Nicely done, you might want to bring this one to Modcraft or ModelChanging netwok πŸ™‚

  31. Nermor says:

    Great mode mate

  32. dominuspopuli says:

    That looks seriously awesome. And, the end theme takes me back; like a car in reverse. Nemesis the Warlock πŸ™‚

  33. S60Team says:

    Any chance to get download link for this awesomeness?

  34. Reznik Shaman says:

    Nice one πŸ˜‰

  35. Ghilian says:

    I donΒ΄t know why, but Noggit doesnΒ΄t work for me on Windows 10…

  36. khailand316 says:

    Your mods are awesome! I wish you would do a tutorial video on the tools and techniques used to create this.

  37. Shado Eternimus says:

    Download? once finished?

  38. Ultra T says:

    How did you get those purple buildings and towers :O?

  39. AmarothEng says:

    A very decent piece of work. I love that you have used textures from Mage Quarter from SW (even on walls and windows, although just exterior ones) – definitely a good pick, and I love level of detail you have put to some places. . Well, adding NElves and Draenei to Dalaran kind of changes it to a "would-be" version, rather than to just a restored preW3 one. Which hinders its usefulness for some projects (yet enhances for antoher ones, so… who would complain).

    Just a little side note – I would use different walls (those small ones, made out of cobblestone). Maybe even create new M2s by using the same textures. Those walls are getting a little bit too repetitive sometimes.

    Btw, I'd just find and use some GM fun server. I know a czech one, Holymord, and would expect english servers to exist as well (and you can use Holymord, Google translate function will surely guide you through registration and then you can do whatever you want there). If you don't have local server (which isn't too hard to get working when repack is being used anyway) running, you can use these for testing, an its definitely more convenient that being afraid of ban and not being able to fly with modified speed around the place.

  40. Wathon says:

    Hey, this looks really good. May I ask you something about creating your own place in WoW?

  41. SBB Burney - Glassed says:

    Lookin' good πŸ™‚

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