World of Warcraft VuhDo Setup Guide (Healing Addon)

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Finally finished the VuhDo setup guide! This is a how to video on how to setup vuhdo which is an addon commonly used to heal with. It’s one of my fav addons to use but it’s also a little confusing, but highly customizable. If you have any questions about this addon feel free to ask in the comment section below!

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21 Responses

  1. El Macheto says:

    Super useful! I tried grid2 but now I use VuhDo 🙂 + Don't worry, we don't judge your elf, I play on a rp-server… I know whats up 😛

  2. mike_ey says:

    A bit of static in the background O.o

  3. Steve Ceuppens says:

    thank you! Saved me some time to set it up, so confusing if u never used it 🙂 4yrs old and still helpfull!

  4. Cannabulous says:

    thanks i copied your setup my UI looks like yours. minimal. good stuff.

  5. Simon Key says:

    Veroicone hi and thanks for your vid, using for BFA Pre Patch.. Quick question how do I add Buff icons to the bars so I can see if they have dropped off?

  6. TritonTheNewf says:

    is there anyway you can get non party members to show up so you can keep track of there health for heals

  7. Blobby says:

    Thank you so much! Great tutorial!

  8. David Digiacomo says:

    Thank you! I apreciate the tutorial!

  9. Nathan Bostick says:

    How do you get rid of group 1 next to the panels?

  10. ben mckenzie says:

    This is really great. Just one more question. What is the other add on you are using. like for the skill bar on bottom and for you to not have your icon show on screen top left. also can you hide the group from showing on the screen so you only see the Vuhdo group bars. Thanks and hope to hear back…..

  11. Quissy says:

    hey! I know it's an older video but still helpful and your commentary was great. 😀 Cheers.

  12. Skylar Richmiller says:

    So you said you like to use left click to target because you use a naga mouse and sometimes use it to heal. Well with Vuhdo you can actually go to keys local and set the naga buttons to work with the mouse over also.

  13. Jake Follett says:

    Sounds like you're trying not to wake up your parents of something ^^

  14. naejimba says:

    Dear god this helped me out… this addon is confusing af to set up. Thanks!

  15. Hollie Cheung says:

    Hi there, I have a question here and it'll be great if you can help me with this.
    When I select a health bar of one of my party's member, there isn't showing any white border like yours indicating that member's bar is currently being selected. My VuhDo setup before used to show that but for some reason it just disappears now, making me unable to see which person I'm selecting. I know this video is from years back then but hopefully you can give me a hand here. Thanks!!

  16. dk slevin says:

    Thank you. Some parts you went rather quickly through so I had to pause and rewind. Still working out how to heal with it. Have had healbot for so long but it was frustrating me. Your tutorial is really good without sounding patronizing.

  17. Nilesh Me says:

    I am using vuduh but every name tab i see is green in colour. the colour class plates doesnt change. What to do? please help me. Priest shud be white Mages shud be blue dk shud be red. but mine everything is green

  18. Michelle .H says:

    Thanks for this. Was looking for a new Heal addon after Healbot has let me down.
    Just one thing, how to you get rid of pets?

  19. wader Reis says:

    yea realy! yea realy XD

  20. Fabianaekeak da says:

    how to create panels with main tank? coz im delete this…

  21. Wicked One says:

    excellent guide! sub well earned 🙂

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