World of Warcraft vs God of War Game of the Year(What can we learn)

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World of Warcraft was once a king in gaming. Today the gaming world is shaken by award-winning God of War Game of the Year. Let’s compare the gameplay, story, characters gears and such and see what wow can do better!


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8 Responses

  1. MarcelianOnline says:

    Have you played GoW yet?

  2. Phil M says:

    100% agree

  3. Ivan Martins says:

    Amazing job! when we think the easy that is to bring back a WOTLK experience on Wow and how much it would change the perception of the game and the gameplay… Why the fuk they change that? Pvp was amazing and with rewards…Armor Pen trinket from ICC was amazing in pvp, pve was amazing with great raids and history. We had a path for gearing, with gear vendors and badges…we needed to do some/a lot of work to gear gear…who wanted to do dailies could do, who dont dont needed, not this AP/wq slugfest… they change Wow in CAta and all started to fall apart without even notice that WOTLK was the top of the expansions…i would love to blizz to bring back the WOTLK gameplay

  4. Hell Hunter says:

    Blizzard can do better and they can not admit when doing something wrong. This is the main problem of what they are doing. This happened to diablo to hots and to wow.

  5. SuperPostmayhem says:

    World of Warcraft is crap now. I’ve been playing other games on ps4 and pc both. It’s a shame but maybe a good thing so I can experience other great games and not have to waste time on wow. I wouldn’t mind if I was enjoying wow, but I’m not so it has become a waste of time. I think they timed the 6 months mount purposefully. Once the 6 month runs out and people quit the classic will come out right at that point.

  6. Jungy Brungen says:

    World of Warcraft sucks but warlocks suck even harder

  7. Frawsty says:

    World of warcraft might be worst game of the year. Glad I quit it

  8. nadi cocelli says:

    first 😀

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