World of Warcraft – Pandaria

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This is week 4 and we make our way in the Panda expansion.

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3 Responses

  1. Taz6688 says:

    You should put your pet on assist rather than passive, and your not reading the quest, put out the fires and send the locals to safety, nice video makes a change from your eve vids. Glad you spotted what the quest was asking.
    The panda questline is fun and worth a go, but I would head to the Demon hunter it's a lot of fun and reminds me of the deathknight when they launched.

  2. Professor Kaioken says:

    Mastery is different on every class. It is learned at level 78 and is usually a strong passive class ability. Versatility is an overall buff to power and defense usually pretty good on tanks but for some classes it does more then say haste or crit. I really enjoyed panda land too but I think a lot of the community likes the "war" in warcraft and didnt like the whole finding inner peace theme. lol

  3. bbroegger says:

    Pandaria was amazing,like you i didnt buy the expansion, cus i didnt "feel" it…my god do i regret that….i went through it recently…and i had a BLAST.. amazebals question,,fantasticstory throughout the entire elveling of all areas…and its just…beautyful….so pretty..
    its so well made..i wish i had been there at its height

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