World of Warcraft: Hidden Zone Mystery SOLVED !!

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We can see it on the map but we can’t access it. Now is the time to reveal to you what lies in this Mysterious Zone behind Stratholme!! (Live Streaming) (Facebook) (Twitter) (Armory) (Title Sequence and Branding)

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24 Responses

  1. Mikeztarp says:

    I've been there, but I don't think it was through Stratholme. Maybe I went by sea, since I played a death knight. I don't remember. ^^"

  2. Alex Atenta says:

    Huge Night elf ERECTION ,. I didn't catch till I put on my headphones. Good one , m8 lol

  3. Oste Kagen says:

    Yeah real big secret

  4. Stephen LaMar says:

    That area use to be open it was closed off when one of the new expansions was released

  5. Speyside says:

    literally just leap through the invisible wall anywhere in EPL. It's all you have to do

  6. Nubbinz says:

    "words" BREATH "words" BREATH "words" BREATH
    I hope you eventually fixed this issue in newer videos with a filter for software or for the mic, or with editing, because its really noticeable and well LOUD
    Also I just assume that the other parts is simply the rest of the city, and probably a harbor / farm land. The reason we dont see anything is because no need to model a area that no one will ever see

  7. TBoy205 says:

    your reasoning is retarded

  8. MakeMikeX says:

    This was a good vid Az but the hidden zone is northern Lordaeron and the place you went was just untextured mountains…

  9. dethtrain says:

    But what was it for?

  10. Ken says:

    I'd like to think this was where the two Elfgates from WC3 was located, they just didn't bother to add it… yet.

  11. Nicholas Dobos says:

    Wow, i used to wonder about that zone many years ago…now i know what & why it's there. Nice video, thanks!

  12. Per Arne Ljostveit says:

    Dissapointed! Was hoping for something else than a naked unfinnished zone…

  13. Mark Whaley says:

    Great Video

  14. Spartan Doge says:

    Can you fly in there

  15. Sven Kopperud says:

    "I can land on top of this huge Night Elf erection." – Az, 2015

  16. Fluffy Law says:

    i think that was supposed to be some blood elf zone ut didnt make it. if you have goblin glider you can get past the invissible wall besides the portal to ghostlands and you can run into that zone.

  17. OGArchmagusX69 says:

    my warlock is chillin in this zone by the beach chillin

  18. RetroCNY says:

    Yeah, I remember this vividly. I'm almost positive that raid portal was there in VANILLA as well, and we speculated at the time that it would lead to naxxramas. You'd go there on your undead strat runs, do the abomination boss and kill baron, and on the way out you'd run over to the portal and try to go through it. At least I tried to, multiple times.

    And yes I always assumed this hidden area was old quel'thalas. That all changed with Burning Crusade introducing blood elves/silvermoon, etc. So many memories man.

  19. Oat lord says:

    So if the universe were a simulation, I wonder if the developers left unused maps as well? Or would that be called <insert boring place name here>?

  20. boogaboss says:

    was there yestarday in vanilla server =P that was amazing

  21. Sharpshotz Gaming says:

    Can you get banned from doing glitches?

  22. Sharpshotz Gaming says:

    Wouldn't Demonic Leap work as well?

  23. Devil Senpai says:

    i miss burning embers 🙁

  24. Colton Duvall says:

    pièce de résistance!

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