World of Warcraft – FREE name change! HOW TO [WORKS 10/01/2019]

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Idea was taking from a reddit user on reddit. Use this way to get a free name change before it actually patches out. They already patched 2 other methods.


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22 Responses

  1. Mitchell Kovski says:

    Works as of 12/26/2018

  2. Jessica G. says:

    didn't work uwu TwT

  3. Ron Weeks says:

    Works as of November 18th, 2018! Thanks for this!

  4. Strawberry says:

    Omg dude thanks. Works. 24/09/3018

  5. Nick Moreno says:

    Still works in BFA lol

  6. Archenuh says:

    3rd of july 2018, still working. 😛

  7. Mr. Doubtful says:

    Just worked, tried it just now

  8. Oswald says:

    Working as of 07/20/2018.

  9. Honza Pisarik says:

    just did it and works

  10. hdshakan says:

    just tried. still working. thanks alot

  11. Winster Koat says:

    Works ! Tried it today

  12. Snake00055 says:

    Still works as of Jan. 7, 2018

  13. Petak Is my Name says:

    Worked for me tonight

  14. Noscha says:

    Still works as of 20171121, just did it (nr 3)

  15. Kenny says:

    Hey isnt working for me does it still work or can you help me with it?

  16. cameron barber says:

    Does this still work? It always says name unavailable for me

  17. Merick says:

    worked, solid job mate

  18. Harrison Jones says:

    holy shit man this is so awesome, it works again 😛

  19. EpicGaming says:

    It worked thanks dude !

  20. iiRhythmz says:


  21. Lukas Bremer Olsen says:

    How can someone suck so much?

  22. Illuminater says:

    Thank you! You get a new sub

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