World of Warcraft: Classic – Don’t Ignore Private Server History

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World of Warcraft: Classic

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46 Responses

  1. Alexensual says:

    Just so people don't take my words out of context: I am NOT asking for changes to the game. This channel wants NO changes to vanilla WoW. I am simply saying do not ignore 15 years of learned knowledge, good and bad (i.e focus on a good patch release schedule, do not release dungeons/raids too early or too late, importance of number of servers, the community reactions, PvP experience, etc).

  2. beanerwiddagun says:

    Privet servers are great and all but they all suffer from incomplete stat and proc numbers on many items. I’ve seen on privet server items listed as bis that sucked in vanilla. So the meta that has been created in provers servers while useful will not be the same in classic. Blitz has already said that they have all the original values for items and boss armors and a ton of other things that privet server have to simply guess the numbers for. This is a big reason why you see ret paladins and balance druids make a little splash in privet servers. This will simply not be the case come classic when we get the original item and boss stats.

  3. Riley Kasten says:

    META = Most Efficient Tactic Available

  4. Tracyn says:


    Cmon it wasn’t that hard

  5. Mrfathed says:

    If the years of PS people have a great effect on classic, classic will suck. It's success relies on the normies just having fun. There are millions that have never played vanilla or a vanilla PS.

  6. 5543244 views says:

    2:00 synergy

  7. Ronnie Gill II says:

    I agree with most of this video. I do however want to remind you that META on private servers might not be accurate, because the coding behind the server doesn't have exact values. Examples – proc rates. A private server modifying a proc value by a small percentage, can greatly increase damage output, but in true classic – the value isn't as high. Making what we believe an item to BIS with a new meta, but in reality it's not on a true classic server.

    Debuffs are spot on. We would kick party members out if they applied the wrong Debuffs.

    I can't wait for classic. I can't wait for private players to experience what I did 15 years ago!!! The mmorpg community deserves to relive this.

  8. Andrii S says:

    Speaking about privat servers geting better with every new one, didint played on nostalrius, elisium, kronos, lightbringer, but now playing northdale and omg what a crap of a server it is imho. So this fact makes me kinda wonder…WTF?

  9. 0131 9812410 says:

    I just know that Activision blizzard will not have weather effects in the game.

  10. Fiori meow says:

    great video man i totally agree, there is just one thing that i would like to add and that is: i am sure that alot of those dedicated vanilla wow fans that are playing on private server right now actually have played retail vanilla, and i think they are playing on private because there is no other way for them to play the game that they love the most, i always thought we needed to start at patch 1.1 and have content release the exact same way as how blizz did back in the day because ever since Cataclysm and to a degree Wotlk/Bc there hasnt been a way to play vanilla wow in the same way as how it was back in the day. i personally havent played vanilla wow sadly enough and when they announced Classic wow i was so fucking happy but now that time has passed my expectations of what they will actually release is very low and honestly if they do add sharding/loot trading and the lame ass content scedual i am 100% sure that the experience we have on lights hope will be closer to the vanilla experience as what blizzard themself will put out, if this is the case blizzard should be ashamed of themself and my hopes are that one day there will come out a private server that will deliver on an actual blizzlike vanilla experience(starting at patch 1.1 including all of the talent trees) sorry for the long ass comment but i just felt like i had to share my thoughts on the whole situation right now

  11. Wo Ra says:

    All I know about WOW is that you press NEED when Shadowfang drops… no matter what class you play ^^

  12. John The Cat says:

    I used to troll people by saying intellect increases the strength of your stealth. There are probably people out there who believe that all these years later.

  13. Classic Winds says:

    Classic wow waiting room

  14. Sandtrooper seven o five says:

    I knew nostalrius pve , kronos 2, elyseum,kronos 3, nightheaven, northdale. Only Nostalrius & kronos were excellent. The others were terrible. But they take me to the past, when i was enjoying vanilla from 2005 to 2007. I m sure about one thing though, i won't play classic because i don't trust blizzard anymore.they will screw up this too. End of the story. Pantheon is my next stop

  15. Darkhalls says:

    I've stayed away from WoW for 4 months now.

    BfA still have a bitter taste in my mouth.

  16. Ronald Futcher says:

    As you said the experience of players from private servers. However as you said the private servers are emulators and as such are full of guesses on base data on how mobs behaved, boss timings etc. So things won't be the same either.

  17. tim casentini says:

    its so fucking obvious what needs to be done, but unfortunately the FANS are not the ones making the decisions, people who never played Vanilla wow are creating this

  18. Patrick Sherwood says:

    I’m going to play pantheon

  19. Joe Connolly says:

    It’s a great point alex.if they actually cared about the release of a good product and releative to a original experience.this is nothing more than a cash grab for them nothing more.

  20. TSIXGaming says:

    activision slobs bfa brack and cosescoksus want you paying their phased casino cash shop of duplicated toddlerforged garbage

    they gona sabotage 'classic' the only reason it was announced was to hold off digital heritage challenge laws b4 congress

    black market realms are the rightful guardians of azeroth and its citizens now

  21. John's Cribb says:

    It has been said that these private servers are nerfed to accommodate the current player base (millenials) who want everything made easy. Who would know for sure anyway, It was 15 years ago and any mature people playing vanilla back then are mostly long gone. I'm just saying…take these private servers with a grain of salt.

  22. Ariel Rosa says:

    I dont understand the logic…. Classic wow really isn't classic wow, as classic wow is going to be running the current back end of the game. So a lot of the old old tricks really wont apply. Nit even the way spells and abilities are qued are the same. So classic wow will be classic in appearance, its behavior will be like modern wow.

  23. ibooneout says:

    If northdale gets a B then what does gummys get?

  24. germmanator says:

    Are you sure you did nax much at all on light bringer?

  25. manz says:

    i was so excited for classic. now here we are months later. i'm not going to buy a subscription until i've watched a good amount of streams and done extensive research. i'm not going to purchase a product that isn't what i want.

  26. Jason Escalante says:

    Vanilla wow was the initial year of wow, that era is known as Vanilla and not to be mistaken for Classic. The sooner people realize this, the better off we will all be.

  27. Space Dinosaur says:

    A lot of that stuff, like economy of debuff slots, were things many of us high end raiders knew about. There were tons of debates about the best stats, debuffs, class compositions, etc, and they weren't settled before BC came out. The idea there was more refinement and optimization that could be done in vanilla should not be remotely controversial to anyone who raided during vanilla.

  28. dave says:

    after quiting wow 10 years ago at the end of TBC i recently started playing on a private server, currently lvl 36. i certainly cant tell the difference and im enjoying it so much so, that if actiblizzard stuff up classic with sharding, loot trade etc… i will not be re-buying the game and then paying for a subscription to play a game i do not want.

  29. Cool says:

    i have a feeling that activision blizzard will eff up the vanilla wow experience with cash shop or "tokens" which is really p2w… something…. they'll screw it up somehow. I suspect I will always need to go to private servers to get my vanilla fix

  30. Vinny C. says:

    People have so much stolkholm syndrome,, that they defend Blizzard for shutting down private serves.

  31. Amir Faghihi says:

    Private server players know more about vanilla than the devs lol

  32. Billy Ray says:

    Haha Alex doesn’t know what M.E.T.A. Stands for.

  33. Keith says:

    Meta = Most Effective Tactics Available. Easy definition.

  34. Owen Zappa says:

    Yeah, well.. I'm gonna fucking ignore it anyway… bunch of shit heads trying to tell me how to play vanilla blizzfuck – yeah right.

  35. FreeMenDieFree says:

    I use to be a GM for a WoW private server named Mutiny WoW which eventually shifted to a new name called Soulbound WoW. My GM name was Haseno.

    I loved being a private server GM. I'd build obstacle courses, host GM events, and even created revamped dungeons and questlines.

    The private server experience has infinitely more enjoyment than people realize.

  36. Brandon Lindley says:

    Blizzard and the r/classicwow subreddit need to appreciate the effect private servers had on classic wow’s announcement, and Blizzard needs to look at issues private servers faced so they don’t repeat history.

  37. patrick murray says:

    classic wow has already failed, reason I say this is soo many blizzard higher up's (the ones who made vanilla wow) are jumping ship before Activision fully sinks the blizzard ship.

  38. John Doe says:

    What's meta mean

  39. Darth Rangus says:

    I for one am really looking forward to Classic WoW.
    I am going to roll Horde, since I didn't even play a Horde character until WOTLK, I am really looking forward to basically playing a brand new experience.

    TONS of new quests, and instance quests, zones, ect. It's going to be a lot of fun to just burn free time, since I am just going to be playing casual. WISH I had the time to dedicate to doing end game content, but that's not going to be the case this time around, when i return to playing WoW unfortunately.

  40. Darth Rangus says:

    Personally, I don't want ANY gameplay changes for Vanilla. But, honestly, the new graphic changes that have been applied to WoW, would be a big welcome in my eyes.
    It's ONLY graphics, not gameplay. I love the new character/enemy model updates, and it would be awesome to have them in Classic.

  41. alan roig says:

    All that vanilla hype is already gone. Private servers are almost empty, just some kids playing to know how it was back then ….

  42. youtooberman9001 says:

    If blizz were to learn from their players and experiences we wouldnt have wow in the state its in. They wont do anything right, at this point i hope they dont fuck it up 100% and more like 50% so i can still almost get enjoyment out of it before going back to pservers.

  43. CheapSh0ts says:

    Do you think all what's going on with blizzard at the moment will have an impact on classic?

  44. J Dxvx says:

    I never seen a Alex Vid I didn't like. Keep it coming sir.

  45. eLmasten says:

    whats your pov on premades in pvp ans dodgers?
    how should blizz handle it? pre vs pre? free for all? deserter to queue dodge?

  46. Receeding Hairline says:

    Alex, any info on the map of Terminus in pantheon? i was looking at it on their website and it looks small. im curious about the scale. im hoping the world is large, i just cant tell from that map.

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