World of Warcraft – Ashbringer: My Story (10 Year Anniversary)

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We finally get ahold of the Ashbringer in World of Warcraft Legion. To celebrate my upcoming 10 year anniversary of playing World of Warcraft I thought I would make a video talking about my quest to wield the Ashbringer.

What a long, strange trip it has been.

Here’s the links referenced in the video:

Ashbringer player speculation video by Doronsmovies:

Ashbringer lore series by Nobbel87:

Reddit comment about vanilla wow:

Tales of the Past III on Warcraft Movies:

If you guys want to see more WoW videos talking about things like PvP, lore, my favorite quests, raiding stories let me know in the comments!

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6 Responses

  1. Jam Purce says:

    Great video, though I'm not a WoW player I loved hearing your own personal story of the game, hope you make more of them.

  2. Falstaff says:

    I like the effort put into this video. And now i wish i had time to play WoW, haha.

  3. Steven Miller says:

    More WOW talk I've played off and on since Feb 2006 a guy I worked with got me started then he quit because his wife caught him doing the Gold Shire thing…

  4. General Peaches says:

    I only played WoW for about a week while my brother was visiting for Christmas. He told me I could use his account to try it out so I rolled a Tauren druid and got to about level 24 before I stopped. I never touched the game again. As interested as I am in the lore of the universe the subscription was a major gating factor in my ability to play, so I just stuck to games that didn't have a monthly cost like Diablo 2 or Guild Wars. Now it's to the point where I've played "MMOs" (some might not agree that they are) with combat systems that honestly put most MMOs I've played to shame. So now, not only is it an issue of monthly cost, but also the combat system feels more antiquated than it really is.

  5. GK Citrine says:

    my story of playing WoW
    goes to friends house, he tells me i can play on his account for bit.
    sits down and looks at screen, sees 3 bars for skills "nope.png"
    8 years pass and now im watching my second WoW video :^)

  6. LordSevein says:

    Do you guys want to see more stories like this one? I've got a ton of cool WoW stories from my 10 years of playing that I'd love to share if you're interested!

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