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Arcade time! Today we go to a couple locations and I end up winning from key master in an unusual way…


If you buy a shirt/hoodie and send me a picture on social media I will include you in a video and retweet/share!!



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42 Responses

  1. JASON says:

    pin this for free churro's

  2. Emerald Wolf says:

    I’ve watched 24 videos straight of yours

  3. jonathan joestar727 says:

    Trevor’s “oh my” at the sponge bob slip was great

  4. Alexandra Bonafe says:

    That was awesome guys you are the best claw master

  5. Kamya Marche says:

    My brother has one of those monster truck

  6. LPS Girl says:

    awww SHOOT

    … get it? like prize shoot… heh, puns!

  7. super dogking says:

    There's a snake in my boot

  8. Summer Elkins says:

    Well you don't have to brag ;-;

  9. Caio Maycom says:

    Onde fica esse shoppings

  10. Sugar B says:

    Haha that's great! With the foot! Awe I love that your Dad was so proud wearing your shirt!

  11. Parker Allen says:

    Claws make me happy

  12. TheWienerDogVlog says:

    Trevor if you come across any dachshunds id love it if you could win them for me.

  13. Sally Chipman says:

    Gotta ask. What do you guys do with all that crap you get?

  14. UnknownGamer X says:

    reads title u did wut now?

  15. Christina Tobler says:


  16. Johnson Revidad says:

    Awesome dude

  17. wolves 4life says:

    I subbed to Mike


    Mate I go to this arcade and it has $50 iTunes on its first level and my brother won it twice

  19. Brandon Desrochers says:

    I did it enter me in the giveaway please

  20. Mason Wilson says:


  21. Austin Averette says:

    Please enter me in the giveaway

  22. Louise White says:

    Oh wow ur so funny playing with ur foot Lol

  23. Colten Pieper says:

    it's due

  24. Colten Pieper says:

    it's dew

  25. Evan Morgan says:

    Awesome video Oh who said that was it you

  26. Camron Lyons says:

    Did it

  27. Alex Lieberman says:

    How many churros could Carson eat in a day

  28. Chris Sheriff says:


  29. POPOX Negrete says:

    Claw Craziness your AWESOME and DA Bez

  30. Aris Cupillard says:

    How do you find all of these arcades??

  31. Ile go over here real quick says:

    Ya know the way I win claw machine is by getting a plush that's near the hole so if it falls it might get in the hole

  32. ryan sandor says:

    Awesome video you are the best!!!

  33. Mohamadali Hariri says:

    Please pin this

  34. Dustin Young says:

    Woohoo I just won a 27.95 Zippo in a broken claw machine with just $2

  35. Rick James says:

    I love your video

  36. Jackson Deiber says:

    I did everything you wanted me to do for the giveaway just to let you know

  37. typ0gen1u5 says:

    I did

  38. Czerina Espinosa says:

    Great video enjoy them every time

  39. the arcade addict says:

    I subbed to him

  40. Thomas Stead says:

    Did it

  41. So Cool says:

    That was a cool trick and those shirts are cool

  42. David Amos says:

    Great content would love to win

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