Won a Nintendo Switch for $1.00 at Arcade Game! | JOYSTICK

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Won a Nintendo Switch for $1.00 at Arcade Game! | JOYSTICK


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42 Responses

  1. KVS Cuber says:

    Plz pin this dad

  2. The Cookie Haven says:

    Plot Twist: The nintendo switch broke during the drop impact

  3. jonathan chen says:

    can i have it

  4. Duke Togo says:

    Rigged.. because he wasn't even genuinely excited.

  5. Jeremy Sowers says:

    Joyfam #1onyoutube

  6. Isaiah Robinson says:


  7. GameSensay says:

    Would love to win one of those for my wife.

  8. Angelito Valencia says:

    Nice one idol!

  9. The Gaming Girls Girls says:

    I won a Nintendo Switch on the stacker game. I was only 12 years old

  10. Nintendo Switch says:

    This is so satisfying to watch fsr also to know its not rigged

  11. Luis Andrade says:

    make a video of everything you have collected from winning machines (VLOG)

  12. black bird bartholomew says:

    That was my favorite video

  13. Anthony Hernandez 59 says:

    Great job man

  14. Isaiah Robles says:

    Where is this located

  15. Charlie Moule says:

    You technically got it for $3.25 but still that’s a great deal.

  16. amine kamal says:

    i want a nintendo switch pleas try to get a nintendo switch pleas give me a nintendo switch pleas pleas

  17. Killer 10444 says:

    This is where you got your Xbox 1

  18. Kaden Cadle says:

    Ok wow

  19. Ja'Kyra Jackson says:

    That is good

  20. Zytx says:

    I want a Nintendo switch!!!!!

  21. Kayla Duffy says:

    Love,your channel so much

  22. Malakai Crespo says:


  23. Bogdy RO says:

    Give me your luck

  24. JaCkSoN xXx PLAYZ says:

    This is a channel I forgot about and I’m so happy I found it again!

  25. SkipChap Vlogs and stuff says:

    they make it look easy. I spent more then5 dollars to try and win a kid's camera. I failed.

  26. ENDER GUY says:

    You lucky

  27. RielThe GalaxyLover says:


  28. Calvin's Toys and Games says:

    What mall are you at?

  29. Andrea Bea says:

    Is it safe after the fall?

  30. Rose Chan says:

    u need 1million subs how do u NOT have that many!?

  31. Cj Leal says:

    Nice one

  32. Shaun Spiller says:

    Lol who told you the grey 1 was worth more

  33. PSNjdodom1 says:

    I won it for free when I saw a key master with a free credit and I got it first tey

  34. Lee Hongket says:

    Well done

  35. miguel perez says:

    I like Nintendo switch

  36. Robert Banks says:

    Where is that arcade?

  37. Master Meat loaf says:

    is the machine rigged or skill based

  38. Apenas 1 Minuto says:

    ooooopen please

  39. Dav05po says:

    What!?!? I can’t even get a candy

  40. Salmon *fish noises* says:

    Many views, not many comments

  41. Amaru says:

    Lucky motherfucker

  42. Justin Holloway says:

    This is the best video I’ve ever seen I really want a Nintendo switch so badly

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