Women is going to PRISON for False Accusation Against Men

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20 Responses

  1. F1rst World NomaD says:

    Whatever time the guys shouldce had should be applied to her… thats what she tried to do to them.

    And she should have to register as a sex offender… again as they would have to.

  2. F1rst World NomaD says:

    Its a minority? You dont know that, the 3-8% or what ever is only the *confirmed false accusation. Include the inconclusive cases and its potentially up to 60%…

    Granted its very unlikely to be all of tjose 60% it still could be and even if its just a quarter of them it would still ne up to 23% total…. thats not a very small minority.

  3. John P says:

    IMO a knowingly false rape accusation should be punished as harshly as the rape charge.

  4. Jon Madelung says:

    the punishment for a false rape allegation or actual rape should be the same it's only fair

  5. Junior Zablosky says:

    Even in the picture provided she still looks like she doesn't care. Wait until she finds out there's no Starbucks in prison, then she'll care.

  6. TheTurinturumbar says:

    So, the cunt Messina didn't care that this lying slut destroyed the lives of these two men but the poor real victims, other women, that was just too much to let slide.

  7. Stefan says:

    Guys as tempting as it is, try not to bang every willing whore.

  8. MadroxMcCox says:

    If the sentence for a malicious false accusation was the same as for a rapist I believe a lot less malicious false accusations would happen.

  9. Nigel Bardoe says:

    With those eyerolls I was trying to imagine her train of thought and my first thought was that of irate women arguing on facebook or twitter feeds over rape allegations. It's like the judge is listing her punishments and why these fake rape allegations are bad and she is reacting like its an internet argument as opposed to real life consequences.

  10. loliH9 says:

    just tattoo false accuser in the middle of her face lmao

  11. jabloko992 says:

    'Very small minority'

    Define 'small'. Also, a lot of the false allegations aren't included in the statistics because of how they are defined. If a trial collapses when the police finds out that the allegation was false, that doesn't go down as a 'false allegation'. Only instances when counter-charges are pressed does it become a false accusation.

    Last I heard, about a third of the claims of rape and sexual assault are false, but do your own research on this.

  12. Okaro X says:

    Look how the left wing media writes about these:

    "HUNDREDS of vulnerable women have been sent to prison in the United Kingdom for lying about rape, according to an investigation. "


  13. j p says:

    it may be me being old fashioned. But you don't seem to be into the whole boyfriend scene if you're banging dudes two at a time in the bathroom.

  14. Epyrian says:

    Women who lie about being raped or sexually assaulted should serve the FULL SENTENCE that the man would have served, were he found guilty.

  15. Fonky Munk says:

    Law Abiding Citizen is one of my favorite movies.

  16. Jeffrey Mok says:

    Spread her name around. She will never get sex again. LOL

  17. Tem Kuskov says:

    No, Tim, it should be: Listen, feel bad for, investigate, and believe if there is evidence.

  18. Zaph Ael says:

    Give her the same sentence these people need to pay. She ruined these two men’s lives, a sports scholarship was lost she’s getting a smack on the wrist.
    This is a travesty of justice.

  19. Brian Diaz says:

    No, it's not a minority. False allegations are not rare — they are common. Women lie all the fucking time about rape. Why should anyone simply believe women?

  20. scott b says:

    Book her for 5 years then see if she rolls her eyes after that.

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