Woke Game Review Totally Backfires! (Rimworld Hitpiece)

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PC Gamer tries to downgrade Rimworld for not being woke enough and makes a hilarious oopsie.


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20 Responses

  1. TheQuartering says:

    If You Enjoyed The Video, If You Want A Second Video Today Please CRUSH That LIKE Button On The Video! It Helps A TON! Please Share This Tweet To Help Set The Record Straight Too! https://twitter.com/TheQuartering/status/1083068601240829953

  2. robo336 says:

    Rimworld is fucking amazing.

  3. Harrison Taylor says:

    Of course SJWs would cannibalize themselves over Rimworld. Rimworld and cannibalism go hand in hand.

  4. Mega Dutcher says:

    What's a 'Migizene'?

  5. Harambe says:

    Imagine being buttblasted over the fact that the default setting for like 98% of humanity is not displayed as a special trait lmao.

  6. Ed S says:

    Angry Joe knows you. I saw him reading a twitter feed and seeing you and pointing you out! When he did it he sounded like he liked you.

  7. James Stead says:

    It's a sci-fi colony sim. If you're gay, you're not perpetuating the survival of the colony. Boom. Negative.

  8. WaLLy says:

    Discussion is closed on the topic.

  9. Tobias Schmid says:

    Ridiculous scum.

  10. Nicole Lauderdale says:

    Transsexuals should have never been given ANY rights. They are a ridiculous waste of resources and are mentally incapable of taking any responsibility for themselves. Oh yeah f*ck those SJW hive minded shit stains as well!!!

  11. Schismatic says:

    I agree with most things you talk about, but I wouldn't assume the woke culture has a profit motive. I believe they are true believers, and the leverage for these changes isn't profit; it's blackmail. Where private industry is concerned, there can be no profit motive because, with a few exceptions, there's no profit in social justice. You don't protect profit by intentionally alienating large portions of your consumer base. That's what you do if you don't care about profits, and have an ulterior agenda.

  12. KDingo81 says:

    When you have someone being offended on behalf of someone else for not being portrait properly, just to find out that the portraying has been done by the person on which behalf he was offended.
    Just golden.

  13. PillznarRy says:

    My most played game on my Steam. Got over 2k hours.

    Best game ive ever owned.

    edit: 2.9k hours. lol

  14. Warclubz says:

    Oops we got some broken pawns here. Let's send them to the cave aliens.

  15. Warclubz says:

    161 dislikes are the 40 percent that didn't off themselves yet.

  16. Queen AuRa says:

    Why are these people acting as if this stuff is a huge problem? Its a game. Its not real. Go outside.

  17. DarkChaosKaxi says:

    The story is that there WERE comments, but they were deleted and disabled due to targeted criticism. That is what I've heard from others. I cannot confirm nor deny this accusation, but it does seem to fit since the comments are *disabled*.

  18. osi says:

    Used to get our own PC GAmer versions here just for the demos too. Man, every week was like Christmas.

  19. Randall Donadio says:

    Rofl, did that one article really try to insinuate attractiveness/beauty is victimization?

  20. Arrngrim1 says:

    Notice they didn't mention "Misandrist", which is the…wait for it…hatred of men. Hmmmm. Fucking woke people, so sick of SJW's now.

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