Wild West C.O.W. Boys of Moo Mesa (Arcade)

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This is the full cheated play-thru of Wild West C.O.W. Boys of Moo Mesa for the Arcade (MAME)
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38 Responses

  1. alain salmeron says:

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

  2. Brian 47 says:

    I remember me and my dad in a bowling alley cramming tons of quarters fighting the final boss the train as it's smoke stack flies off and murders us on repeat and we run out of quarters and now I'm pissed thinking about how I never beat the game

  3. steelcurtain187 says:

    Bury me with my money

  4. j10crsn says:


  5. skyrunner14 says:

    Geez, what 90s cartoon DIDN'T Konami make an arcade game of? I only today found out this exists!

  6. axelrayne69 says:

    Using No Death Cheats is ILLEGAL!!!!!


  7. D Heine says:

    Did Chuck E. Cheese's locations have this game at the circa 1993 time?

  8. Jordan Fazende says:

    Man, I freaking loved this cartoon as a kid and this game is awesome.

  9. kitestar says:

    Sometimes I feel like the show only exsisted to sell the game, and the game only existed to lay the foundation for the simpsons arcade

  10. Wurst Semmel says:


  11. Daniel larazi says:

    my Childhood games 🙂

  12. Jimmy Kielbasa says:

    Wild West C.O.W.-Boys of Moo Mesa (c) 1992-1994 DIC Entertainment, Inc.

  13. Quantumwolf45 says:

    Love the game, but very annoyed by the classic and current video game sexism. Women can't do shit. The men are always the heroes. If women do anything, it's in the sexiest way possible, because their sex appeal and vagina are only important – not their abilities or characteristics. Not that men can't be heroes. The problem is the lack of equality. video games aren't the cause of it, but they reflect and perpetuate societal values – misguided and inhumane as they may be.
    They really screwed up the colors too. The main heroes and innocent towns folk, plus the damsel in distress are mostly pale skinned. While most of the enemies are brown, black, and – the main boss – red. Racist much?

  14. DJCandyManMike says:

    I sit saw this game at the PX on Ft. Knox. I only played it a few times back then, but always loved this game, and it's great to still it at arcades like the Galloping Ghost near Chicago and Game Galaxy near Nashville.

  15. Hispanic!! at the disco says:

    why'd it have to be black cows?

  16. Jonathan Ngo says:

    Omg I remember watching the demo / insert coin demo loop over and over at the skating rink because I always ran out of quarters. Back when I'd check every machine in the coin return slot to try and snag a loose quarter somewhere

  17. NinjightNationCorp says:

    I remember this game from when I was a teen. I never forgot it, clearly. 🙂

  18. Jason Case says:

    This seem like tmnt change the animals but for the wild wild west theme.

  19. GamerGee says:

    3:33 It cant be.. i dont belive it..lol

  20. GamerGee says:

    2:31 that boss song gets you charged up!!!

  21. Bobby Beretta says:

    Great longplay, Cheers!

  22. Marvincmf says:

    Nice Longplay

  23. Nylocke Valentine says:

    Thumbs down if you got here from Nostalgia Critic. =}

  24. TimelordR says:

    One of Konami's arcade games tied-in with a certain cartoon, the others being The Simpsons, Bucky O'Hare & of course the TMNT. This game was based on a short-lived cartoon, The Wild West C.O.W.Boys Of Moo Mesa & was apparently inspired by Konami's Western-themed shooter, Sunset Riders.

    BTW: Does anyone know the name of the Sheeza Butte boss since a glitch in the emulator caused it not to appear?

  25. Many Sánchez says:

    So much good memories of my childhood. Recently I discovered these game was a licenced product of a saturday moring cartoon. But the cartoon never was available in my country. So for years always saw it as an original IP from Konami.

  26. thefun frame says:

    Sunset riders 2, as somebody down there has already said, pity it didn't have any port. it would have made a great snes or megadrive Port. and it could have been an arcade perfect conversion, as the game memory is not too big.
    Provoded that the people in konami didn't have screwed up as they did with the didsmanted order of the stage system and reduction of stages and bosses they did to the megadrive port, and the political correctness they did to the SNES version, by eliminating the indians of the SNES version. (very surelly thanks to the gutless inmaturity-oriented policy of nintendo, depriving older adiencies of the real thing that wasn't missing in the far more adult SEGA megadrive console, which kept the indians).
    Mybe is one of the reasons why this "sunsetriders 2" is made on animal characters, to avoid any sort of criticism surrounding the indian genocide in the USA, and therefore unchanged stages in case of a port that finally was never done.

  27. furrycheetah2000 says:


  28. Master Wayne says:

    it's like TMNT… but in the wild west.

  29. ArizVega Gamer says:

    still love this game

  30. ArizVega Gamer says:

    I love this game!

  31. Roshawn May says:

    It's like the spiritual successor to Sunset Riders.

  32. Owneador1337 says:

    If only 4 cows mutate, why is everyone a cow?

  33. zombiejlt1 says:

    Couldn't agree more. Dakota wasvorite but Buffalo Bill would always my favorite but having Buffalo Bill on the show would have been that much cooler.

  34. Saberwind45871 says:

    lol i know i was saying it in nostaliga….i do in fact know that sunset riders came first.

  35. SOUTHCOMCI334 says:


  36. DrCrow85 says:

    Still a better ending than the X-Men arcade game.

  37. Saberwind45871 says:

    ah…..this game….so much like

  38. DBoy2029 says:

    "Sheeza Butte"?! REALLY bad pun, game developers!

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