Why Most Poker Vloggers Suck and Other Real Talk

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Hi my name is Mark Ari and in this video I discuss poker vloggers such as Andrew Neeme and Marle Cordeiro, why they and other poker vloggers generally suck, and other real talk.

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38 Responses

  1. Michael Braden says:

    lmaao bro are u on crack

  2. Jay Zee says:

    You can't control the world, bro. You're gonna get an ulcer.

  3. World Wide says:

    None of are business but you want to captivate us wtf ….do you smoke crack!!!

  4. World Wide says:

    Do you wonder why your not getting respect and the only thing yoyr teaching is how to make an ass of yourself on youtube

  5. World Wide says:

    Your clearly making a fool of yourself by bad mouthing these people if you had braclets or rings to back what your saying or solid proof you will stay under a 1000 subs

  6. HVAC1994 says:

    great video.. You need to make some more " real talk" .. videos

  7. Todd Rayer says:

    You are a bitch sir. Man the fuck up.

  8. Jimmy B says:

    How bad was the session dude?

  9. Seihun Kim says:

    I agree with you mark. But you know plople wanna see you profit and your playing. I think that only way to Prove thry are just vloger and you're pro.

  10. World Wide says:

    Serious question? Are you gay?

  11. World Wide says:

    You suck!!! If you were good you would be doing good. But your not!!!

  12. World Wide says:

    Mark you suck!!!

  13. Tom Price says:

    Recommend you get a little closer to the camera.

  14. sasha sandhu says:

    U guys don’t know if I play or am good, but u should definitely watch my videos and take my coaching

  15. Rich Crosson says:

    Privacy in a casino?

  16. J McHugh says:

    This video is so lol. I think the main reason other vloggers are voted for is because they produce good, enjoyable content. You do not.
    Please continue videos, poker needs more lol's like this. good work.

  17. brian williams says:

    Quit ur bitchin I just unsubscribe from u Ahole ✌️

  18. HagaiNechmad says:

    I am done with your negative approach. bye bye.

  19. Steven Allison says:

    Lol is this for real… ( Step aside vloggers….? ) " Wants awards for being the best content creator the best coach " lol this guy needs heavy meds.

  20. Mister Nit Poker says:

    Mofo keeping it real

  21. sasha sandhu says:


  22. sasha sandhu says:

    Dear god this is so cringy – he can’t even get the audio to match up with the video, he looks like a homeless guy who lost his bus money home at the casino

  23. sasha sandhu says:

    Why don’t u feel that as an aspiring poker coach that you must prove to potential clients that you are in fact a profitable good player and therefore a good person to receive coaching from

  24. dimitur ivanov says:

    Mark can you comment on that fish vlogger hands that he played in that video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s-FLomDlWf0 thats some really funny hands he donated there, Please analyse them its so insane!

  25. Ron Siler says:

    Go to an ER and ask for help.

  26. Ron Siler says:

    Of all the things Mark has lost, the one he misses the most, is his mind.

  27. Alvin Shi says:

    I don't always agree with everything you say mark, but i do admire your courage and honesty in putting yourself out there in the face of all the haters. The poker vlogging ecosystem needs critics to keep the current vloggers honest – it's almost like you're bluff-catching against the poker vlogging bad regs.

  28. dimitur ivanov says:

    Nice. fuck Andrew MEME positivity and hapiness, some real talk here.

  29. KingDrizzzz says:

    hahaha you are a crybaby!!! You are a poser and a fake! do some drugs or something, get a life

  30. andysilvy23 says:

    Yeah dude there all fake. The most egotistical, delusional, scamming, in denial people I’ve seen are all the big youtubers. That’s what this site is about and attracts it’s all about you. There all living in fantasy land lucky enough to have subscribers and followers that pay all there bills.

  31. Clint Richardson says:

    I hope you will be taking your videos to the next level. Looking forward to your tournament master class series on YouTube.

  32. horace crane says:

    Why unsubscribe — just fly to Vegas and take their money ! They aren't playing in secret back rooms, they're giving away money in plain sight !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. rxtristaterx says:

    wow lol. lets put asidr if you have any points or not…. you sound so bitter and so jealous and rant so much playa hate its just funny. you sound so mad and rant so hard how can anyone take you seriously. jeez bro I used to think you were ok until you emerged back as the ultimate hater

  34. nacho Domaus says:

    You don't even play poker show us some results or something

  35. Dogmanaz.com says:

    I unsubbed everyone (cept Marle) sry dude.
    What you are saying is GTFO GTO.

    I also texted Andrew Nee’ me. He said to wait at the diner. He’s otw.

  36. HVAC1994 says:

    I like your war against vloggers .. As it, is very entertaining… Keep it up

  37. Jimmy Broughton says:

    Thank you for posting this. I learned all of this and unsubscribed to the other vlogs because of everything you just said.

  38. killerdemo says:

    Mark ari is poker version of Chael sonnen. Gives no fucks

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