Why I Quit World of Warcraft (Again)

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Because people kept asking why I wasn’t really uploading WoW videos anymore. Sadly I don’t enjoy the game as much as I used to 🙁

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34 Responses

  1. Cero powa says:

    yes WOW died after Cataclysm, so play cata in private server, like i did

  2. ಠ_ಠ says:

    lvl 70 is best

    before 1 raid 1 set
    now LFR normal heroic mythic
    dungeon normal heroic mythic 1,2,3,4,5,6 and up
    you waste your time for this and when you finished new gears come up and destroy all you do before
    if you need something powerful you need raiding guild and you must be smart or you will kicked

    nothing do alone now

  3. z-genji says:

    bfa best expansion, you mad?

  4. Frank Fleischhacker says:

    Vanilla lets go

  5. Tony Bob says:

    You are beautiful !

  6. Björn Dahlberg says:

    the last expansion that was sorta fun to play was MoP, in WoD it became a whole new game

  7. RetroCNY says:

    The community aspect of the game hasn't been the same in a number of years now. I'm only excited for WoW again because of Classic being announced. I think a lot of people are gonna come back for Classic.

    I still bought Legion and I'm messing around in it, but I spend more time on private vanilla servers than I do retail live servers.

  8. keats27 says:

    too long a treadmill…I'm an altoholic and you can't practically have many chars in WoDrainallthefun or Legion because it's just too much work…bye WoW…make it fun again plx.

  9. Kshitiz Rai says:

    wow got grindy? wow was always grindy since the beginning

  10. Mark Szep says:

    Two main reasons why people quit playing games well in WoW case their is actually Three reasons.


    1) MMO genre is suppose to connect to others as a social aspect ( i.e team-working,communicating )as well with in game content that keeps there customers amused to satisfied at the least part at less, this very hard to convince the mass in all variety flavours of likes and dislikes, however when it that content is which is a vass majority of it is not accessible to free trails players it doesn't seem inviting for people to conitue playing or even considering to pick up membership when the essence of the game is behind a paywall, without new players adding to the melting pot thieir player base will die. I think [they] can improve the free trail period with instructions on the happs and what not, when I subbed on WoW just two days ago I had all of this content that is in game that I have to all of sudden some how learn, that is powerfully overloading.

    massive difference from reading forums, yes I read forums unless your in thick of the game then you'll never actually experience the process and knowledge that is needed.


    2) Per se you liked the trail period of the game and brought the game or wished to conitue the journey or whatever the game maybe, In MMO genre in general it takes time to get '' relavently good'' like anything in life in MMO you need support of others to teach you the ropes and get yourself on your feet because it is very confusing when your new and you don't understand the menchasims or know how, this where the community goes to hell if you think WoW community is rubbish think try DotA2 and LoL their community are even worst, their nothing more pain aching losing a game in either by trolls in DotA2 and LoL , I mean actual tolls that are experts. Not defending WoW but in my personal opnion I have seen some obsercuties in those two games that were graphically insane over a video game, all three are in the same Genre. Most people nowdays don't have the time to seat at computer screen and jam on games like hours long session they may have indefintely other commitments to adherent to.

    [ FEES/ COST]
    WoW it not a free to play game, people are always drawn to free games that either cost them one off at the least, conitneous charge of $15 doesn't seem like much a month but for some people depending on country they may drop off due to fiananicial pressure, the cost to run and constantly upgrade a PC is relivantly expensive Graphics card/CPU/RAM you name it.

    I think I gave a good run down on this genre why people ultimately give up playing this genre of gaming from my knowledge of playing this platform now for over 8 years.

    'People make a community and in turn commuity make a game brought to life "

    peace out

  11. Sandie Marco says:

    Not a grindy kind of a person lol why would you even play an MMO lol

  12. Wayne WW Brown says:

    What I like about the Old wow is I wound travel to a new area, sometime ride sometime walk. To look around see new things, talk to the NPC see what they was doing with out been attack by anything and if I was attack 2-3 hit and problem solve, Legion your attacker it would become a big thing and you had a change to die. I like going and just find out the back stories of everything, but now I can't enjoy anything. "WOW the Story is everything" but they lost that or is would be difficult to just to travel to without pulling anything or all
    Now I don't know but I don't like the weapons first they hit like a truck but as to level the weapons get weaker if you don't know how or you can't get the right parts for your weapon.
    Creatures that you had no problem with last week would and can kill you, I would get mob and that is the worst thing
    yes I know I rant here but I like WOW so much it is like braking off with your girlfriend of so many years

  13. kayakjack schlemgen says:

    Agreed. It became far too much of a "job". I got the mage class mount then wanted to get a few others. sigh. I had to do the same crappy grind over and over. Also guilds have been so useless since MoP. The pug system is now king.

  14. Christian Wood says:

    I couldnt agree with you more. Its so much grind now because of the weapon and its not fun anymore and now even the skilless players can outgear skilled players just because they are lucky they get 940+ tf… I'm also playing alone alot and its not fun at all, i can see why you get bored and had a break. I had a 5 months break and wasnt sure if i would get back to the game because of how it have become. I only log on now to try get my legendaries for my main or to complete my wardrobe (I love transmog so much) but it mostly end up with me being afk in Dalaran doing nothing. If you are playing wow currently, i would love to add you on bt

  15. Phill Holland says:

    I agree, it became boring and grindy for me too. I used to enjoy pve and levelling, but that experience appears to not matter anymore, you grind to get to max level for the reward of more grinding in the dungeons and raids for what seems like very little reward, legendary gear so that you can do incrementally better next time, hmm. Not to mention the random element makes it feel more like a slot machine, gambling with chance rather than with progression related to skill. There's also not much imagination to the gameplay anymore, it's all from a set toolbox of templates, just variations on the same mechanics repackaged in different ways..I do actually wonder if Blizzard aren't just bored of wow themselves, over 10 years working on the same product, not many things in the tech world last that long, most games and software have a shelf life of only a couple of years.

  16. Victor Desmit says:

    Im kinda new to wow, i joined at july 2016.

    It really bothers me that all the experienced player are starting to quit, and im starting to feel alone in the game.
    This happed when i didnt purchase legion and when i was alone on draenor.

    Now that i got legion, i love it. So many people, youre not feeling like youre missing out on anything.

    But the fact that a lot of veteran players keep saying that wow has changed so much, it really makes me sad, but i dont know why

  17. Candielette says:

    I didnt like Warlords or this one, i still play but i like my friends. If i had no friends i prob wouldnt play.

  18. Eli Nahon says:

    Nice pair of eyes.

  19. Itzwow1 says:

    Retail is shit see you all on ELYSIUM!

  20. machPSI COBRApsi says:

    Legion has been garbage thanks to ap and legendary farm I agree and m+ gear strong as mythic raid gear kind of funny, the game is a time sync and feels like work not fun

  21. Cem Ulku says:

    the game rocks even if ur a loner there is somuch to do

  22. RavidGames says:

    One month later why did i cameback to WoW

  23. Gary Williamson says:

    lack of customization ,lack of community , lack of rewarding experience ,. lack of enthusiasm ,. I mean ridiculous how all you need to do nowadays in wow is unsub for a bit then jump on and get gifted everything for nothing makes mains and alt's seem an utter waste of time as few months down the line ur gifted for not subscribing

  24. Kilyén Balázs says:

    You did well to abandon that addictive piece of crap..its worse then heroine to your life. I personally started to play single player games after 12 years + …again.

  25. Msagz Jr. says:

    (Warning:Unpopular Opinion Ahead) I think WoW died after Cataclysm

  26. sidewaysfcs0718 says:

    Every aspect that made WoW beautiful to me is dead now:

    Leveling : now a pathetic mindless grind or dungeon-spam
    Comunity: dead, dungeon finder, raid finder, guild finder ….gg
    PvP: dead, class balance is the worst it's been since….ever, literally want to go back to wotlk and do dumb gimmick arena comps, atleast it was fun then.
    PvE: absolutely repetitive bullshit, i'd rather go back to BC where you wiped 20 times until you learned how to kill a boss, now it's just kill the same boss on normal, heroic, mythic, mythic + …it's THE SAME RAIDS OVER AND OVER
    gearing: RNG fuckfest
    prestige: getting the best pve and pvp gear used to be difficut, in BC showing up in town with full T6 or Warglaives or full Merciless Gladiator gear meant something, now you get random drops and legendaries

  27. Brian says:

    I'm fine with grinding, but not when it's just one grind the entire expansion. People talk about Vanilla or BC were so grindy, but forget you didn't just grind one rep or item. You had many so you could change and work on another rep. I quit over a year ago for similar reasons, but also the fact that it's no longer an MMO in my book.

  28. Zen Monkey says:

    i just quited wow aswell , due to i don´t find it that interesting anymore, i did enjoy pvp ( random bg) but was nothing that made me feel like getting anywhere . so i just toke at deleted all my stuff on all 12 lvl 110 , and gave all gold away and uninstaled game , and ofc cancel my sub. now i only need to block all wow stuff channels from my youtube 🙂 and then im clean

  29. Menrath Anton says:

    I think the real reason for you quiting WoW is that you were fed up with it not just with legion ^^

  30. Razertail Druid says:

    Rumor Has It That Blizzard Wants To Introduce In-Game Billboard Ads Around Both Alliance And Horde Faction Cities Plus Places Like Dalaran Where Both Alliance And Horde Congregate Together Without PvP Conflict. Apparently, Blizzard Wants To Test Player Response To The In-Game Billboard Ads With Something Like Pepsi Or Mountain Dew First, Then If Player Response Is Positive, Add More In-Game Ad Billboards To Battlegrounds Also. Personally, I Do Not Think Player Response Will Be More Positive Than Negative, But If Blizzard Wants The Ad Revenue, It Is Their Game To Ruin I Guess. . .

  31. Ivo Lanka TheOne says:

    it's all cuz of to fast levelin now! thats way game gets so boring

  32. Patrick Willian says:

    Legion is so shit , its like a console game , and still shit at 7.2.5

  33. Brenden Hobbs says:

    Started in the middle of BC, quit at the very beginning WoD, came back in February, already getting tired of it again. Warcraft 4 needs to come fast to breathe some life into the lore itself.

  34. Amyiam82 says:

    this….im feeling the same way…got my concordance on my main and my class mount…tos is out and I'm just like meh…my sub will lapse later today and I'm not sure I'll be renewing…

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