Why I got banned from Xbox Live

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Here’s the story of how I got banned from Xbox live!
I admit, I was wrong!

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35 Responses

  1. Drumblanket says:

    Only 981 more years to go!

  2. Allen Hasbun says:

    I got banned for a day because apparently I was talking trash ,I can’t my mom will ban me from Xbox not Microsoft

  3. DaGalaxyMidknight Gaming says:

    This dude spam reported me because I didn't join his party now I have 60 reports for communication because of him

  4. Andrew Hayashi says:

    Can one be banned for being too good at gaming on xbox live? I've gone through 6 xbox 360s and like 10+ profiles…

  5. Mister Tomato says:

    Xbox is shit

  6. WuffPlayz says:

    That's why I don't play COD

  7. Deathlygrim667 says:

    I fucking hate Microsoft tbh I only play Xbox for halo if halo wasnt Xbox only I'd prolly leave the only reason I may not say fuck you Xbox is cuz most my Xbox friends dont got ps4

  8. NYGiants4Natic says:

    Spending money on xbox live does not equal ( I can act like an idiot)

  9. Two Cheeto Puffs says:

    You sound like this guy called Trend Crave

  10. PhobosAnomaly#4774 says:

    That sucks, man. I don't know what I could do without my 360 and One, since my PC is so bad, it runs CS:GO around 20 – 40 FPS with everything turned down as much as possible. I wouldn't be able to play split screen either. If you don't do split screen all the time, then I guess the advantages to PC are for you. (Also, Halo)

  11. Elfish Gaming says:

    I think your Talking about Minnesota Burns?

  12. KyleYoung2012 says:

    my account was suspended on playstation for almost half the year a few years ago just because someone reported me for 2 things which one was harrassment and sexual messages i sent sexual messages to girls but i dont do that anymore anyway i dont game share either way i think its dumb that you can get banned for sexual messages and faulse harrassment i never harrass anymore and im very careful with my personal info and who i trust online i havent been suspended in a long time i hope i never do again

  13. Affected Dark says:

    I got banned for a day cause some salty kids reported me for cheating

  14. Stiergesicht brigade says:

    It's not that they banned you for impersonating an Xbox employee, the problem is that they banned you for 99999999999999 years for something so small. I was banned for 2 weeks just because I said fuck.

  15. Studdy Stud says:

    Yay, the PC master race grows!

  16. SpoopyOtaku1 says:

    Xbox isnt bad its just some people they hire are fucking dicks i got banned once for beating a xbox worker in a 1v1 in cod bo1

  17. Wolf boy king 13TV says:

    It happened to me too I'm switching to PlayStation

  18. Andre16 says:

    i was 1st on bo2 when it came out for career

  19. Zhang Eric says:

    u have to read the s**t

  20. FBI Networking says:

    If anyone needs any accounts unbanned hmu on kik @getunbannedquick , on there we can discuss pricing on PayPal for $25 , I do have proof of past customers getting unbanned only for accounts

  21. VORTEXREMIX678 // Animation Travels and Gaming says:

    Oh no! I feel really bad

  22. kira queen says:

    playstation is even worst

  23. Flamer Deathbringer says:

    Why Sony is better than xbox
    They are kinder,
    They give you a chance…….
    And i am out

  24. Beast boy Gamer says:

    I don't pay attention to the policy

  25. Riolu in rio (Main) says:

    i call that Spawn Killing
    some Jerk did it to Me

    i only use Xbox for MCPE for Achevments.

  26. Kort mok says:

    next, ps4 and wii will add that

  27. PartyMaster YT says:

    I got a Xbox 360 BTW my gamertag is Creeparty91 and sometimes Xbox accidentally bans you for something which is super weird Xbox should fix that

  28. ✯ ʀᴇғɪɴᴇᴅッ says:

    Xbox One = Cockbox One
    Xbox 360 = Cockbox 360
    Xbox Live = Cockbox Live

  29. lukepyung 1 says:

    This is why I play halo and not COD or battlefield

  30. Magnus Van Hooft says:

    I was nr 16 in assassins creed black flag years ago,

  31. Flashgaming18 Minecraft says:

    when I got banned they didn't tell me what time I get un banned and I didn't do anything wrong

  32. Justin Hillman says:

    this kid is just pissed cause he used a aim bot

  33. alm 7888 says:

    ps4 is better than this cuz when ps 4 doesnt ban people but ur can still be hacked and lose ur trophies and ur game files but there is a way to restore ur ps4 game save file if u do it ur game save will not be corruptted which is great and ps4 has is own message ps messages only used for anything and people cheating ps app ps communites this is the reason why they love ps4 i love ps4 but it crashes my game but still idc

  34. TheIceColdOne says:

    Your still playing with Microsoft

  35. jimmy perkins says:


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