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Who would you rather get spanked by? Jennifer Garner or Jessica Alba? This episode degenerated into drunken insane grabby chaos after the 20 shots started to take effect. Enjoy!
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42 Responses

  1. BlameSociety says:

    Only a limited number available! Get a Beer and Board Games stein before they are all guzzled down: https://store.dftba.com/products/beer-boardgames-stein

  2. Tommy PiQue says:

    Glorious chaos!

  3. Oisin Horner says:

    the girl is amy schumer tier :/

  4. wwickeddogg says:

    16:37 legit looks like Aaron is reading a page of scribbles

  5. Azul Pichu says:

    Best intro ever "My boobs are sweating…errrr. errrr"

  6. Neavi9 says:

    Oh shit I'm wearing the exact same shirt as Aaron

  7. thekevinsullivanshow says:

    when chad vader coming back

  8. Eli Fenton says:

    Tiny Dave Matthews Band is one of my favorite characters on this show. Maybe after Targ Ferguson.

  9. GoldenSpiderDuck says:

    Rewatching this, I just noticed that, at 14:54, in the background din, Stacey asks Courtney, "Does your mom really, like, not like me?" Is there some drrrrama between Stacey and Courtney's mom???

  10. Krosis Deus Mori says:

    Fucking love your videos guys, You proper cheer me up, anyway hello from the Uk

  11. synical13 says:

    Does anyone know what other episodes have Tiny Dave Mathews?

  12. Brian Witkowski says:

    Glass Nickel! Why not Thai Pie tho

  13. here2watch08 says:

    Jabroni is also a wrestling put-down, originally used by The Iron Sheik, and later more famously by The Rock. It's a play on the term "Jobber" which is someone who routinely loses, or "does the job". Not necessarily a race thing to use it.

  14. Sugarcat says:

    Man this show fell apart didn’t it lol between the anger and the dick touching lol

  15. Sugarcat says:

    I’d hate to agree but I agree with Aaron on Alba vs Madonna

  16. McBehrer says:

    Yeah… I think this game sucks.

    You guys were funny as usual, but the game is just kind of boring

  17. Jon King says:

    A fun experience
    Geeks delirious
    SuperMattural superbeerious

  18. Pettermg says:

    I see ol' papa no-chips got zero papes

  19. Pettermg says:

    I see ol' papa no-chips got zero papes

  20. The Death Twitch says:


  21. Dimes says:

    Oh Matt, I thought you were making it up about that Kanye song, but it is exactly as Baby Cookie sang it. I like how Kanye prefaces it by saying 'this next verse tho, this next verse…' and finishes that off with poopity scoop etc. Masterful.

    EDIT: Like Cookie, I have listened to the poopity scoop part over and over, and the more I listen to it the more I hear shades of Swedish Chef. Also great episode as always.

  22. Ocean Sage says:

    Baby Cookie confirmed as Kanye West's ghostwriter

  23. Dresden Dame says:

    agrees with madonna being gross…

  24. K L says:

    I had to watch this twice to hear Davids Abed joke. So perfect.

  25. demona6662 says:

    i wonder if cookie has ever listened to the song "fuck shit stack", seems right up her alley

  26. demona6662 says:

    it weirds me out when dave matthews shows up. for some reason that voice set makes me uncomfortable

  27. SirRosser says:

    Is Matt Sloan really as unpleasant to work with as he appears to be? Asking for a "not Matt." Dylan in particular, please feel free to respond…

  28. CK W says:

    this episode is really top notch, guys. Cept the baby cookie bit,

  29. Razor Ramon says:

    This episode went so wildly off tracks, I barely remembered what you were playing mid-video. Honestly one of the best episodes of the entire series.

  30. FrenchDipp says:

    I lightweight have a crush on Stacy, but like in the same way I have a celebrity crush on Emma Stone because she's funny and seems like a fun drinking buddy.

  31. Peter Parker says:

    Yeah, I'm done with her. It's a dude referencing his junk every damn time. Dunno what the end game is here; don't want to hear about Dylan or David's junk, and it's not funny or edgy when she makes it an issue. So done.

  32. Matt Burkey says:

    Papa no papes!

  33. Viix Vega says:

    Matt, Princess Dianna was fun. She dressed up like a man to sneak into a gay bar with Freddie Mercury.

  34. xsuperduperspoonx says:

    Patreon is the new PBS pledge drive.

  35. John Chambers says:

    Such a good episode

  36. John Chambers says:


  37. Nazgul100 says:

    What a boring game made for people who care to much about celebrities.

  38. Davey Booms says:

    fuck and shit and tats and cunt

  39. jhagen22 says:

    What's with the blue thumbnail?

  40. UncleJackOnline says:

    WOW, someone clearly don't like being upstaged by Baby Cookie

  41. Sarah Baron says:

    Stacey is my favorite!

  42. bluelagoon134 says:

    Love how Aaron said “grey goose” at the end instead of “grey duck”

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