Who is the Strongest Enemy in Skyrim?

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Most characters and enemies level with you, although only up to a point. Other enemies actually have and maintain their levels regardless of how powerful you are. So with all of these things in mind, who is the strongest you can find in this game?

I have compiled 3 different lists to answer this question. The first one is a list of the strongest non uniques non dragon leveled enemies you can find. This list is not literal, as a lot of vampires would be stronger than even the strongest bandits. So i tried to make it so that i could add as many cool different variations of enemies as i could find.

Because of this the first list is not authorative at all, but just a list I thought would be fun to create; and is merely a list of honorable mentions.

The second list is of the literal strongest enemies you will find in the game, unique or not. And this one is in fact literal. We will talk about difficulty for these enemies, their levels, their hp, their abilities, and everything else that is pertinent to answer the question.

The last list is for followers and we will answer which follower is the strongest in the game; and if you were to fight them, which one would pose the greater threat to you.

For those of you who don’t understand how the leveling system works for enemies, is as follows: Enemies like draugrs for example who level with you will wait until you reach a threshold level. As soon as you reach that level, the game will start throwing newer and stronger versions of draugrs against you. Then as soon as you reach the next threshold, it will do so again. Until you reach the Draugr Death Overlord who is the last. This won’t stop the game from sending you lesser draugrs, but merely makes it so that you can encounter stronger ones randomly.

Unique enemies that scale to your level on the other hand, usually have a level multiplier that follows your level. So whatever your level is, you would multiply that with an arbitrary number like 1.2 or 1.5 and the result would be the level of the enemy. That number of course changes depending on the enemy.

Followers will always be your level, regardless of anything; up until their designated max level. After that, then they stagnate.

Sorry about my poor grammar. Me just a gamer. Me don’t know much else.

Love you all

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36 Responses

  1. Danielle Fox says:

    I don't know if it's a glitch but the dragon priests almost NEVER do anything to my character! They just float around and are insanely easy (and boring) to kill! Occasionally one will fight back, maybe 45% of the time, one will fling some spells at me, but still don't cause any substantial damage. They are my least favorite to fight because of how boring they are. This happen to anyone else?

  2. James Fleming says:

    I'm level 252 and I can stand in front of a legendary dragon on legendary difficulty, make a cup of tea and when I come back I've lost 5% health. That's with only 33% health regen, being a vampire and having 200% smithing (25% each fortify smithing)

  3. Aouad Kawtar says:

    The strongest enemy is a door that needs to be lockpicked in a dungeon and you have broken all of your lockpicks

  4. lliam shaw says:

    Nice Mount Your Friends music homie

  5. Chris H says:

    A bit concerning that you understand the difference between sarcasm and hyperbole.. But good video beyond that.

  6. briggan the great wolf says:

    I had 400 of each arrow except steel and dragon bone i was shooting my steel arrows i had 20 shot them all every single one of my arrows were gone

  7. briggan the great wolf says:

    All these enemys are harder with a dumb glitch i found

  8. Kaylee Nesby says:

    My brother accidentally killed the Ebony Warrior in one hit while he was on a rampage in Whiterun.

  9. Darth Draconis says:

    Every enemy is easy with windshear

  10. Apocalypse says:

    The minute you set fuuuuuuut outside of Hellen

  11. IndoraptorNation says:

    your saying ebony wrong!

  12. Mahyar Abedi says:

    what mode are you using in this video ? i have never countered so many vampires and dragon in same time

  13. New Pop Songs 2016 says:

    I spent an hour beating karstaag at level 29 because I had no idea what he was at the time

  14. Terry Parker says:

    If you get the Amaterasu mod you will never loose

  15. J-Dawg says:

    Beats karstagg at level 40;)

  16. J-Dawg says:

    Beats karstagg at level 40;)

  17. david copenhaver says:

    did… did he say shheef

  18. Quarantine Zone says:

    I know where to get ebony weapons at any lvl tbh. So u can't say the gear levels up as you do 😛

  19. kxmode says:

    You have the best Gru voice ever!

  20. SwavyKiin says:

    WELL made video

  21. snox says:

    Ebony Warrior is the strongest. duh!!!!!!

  22. Mir Daniyal says:

    As I level AWP?

  23. Prince Charming says:

    I found daedric weapons at level 36 the other day. Does smithing have anything to do with findings?

  24. Matthew Zhang says:

    But can they beat windshear

  25. That Guy says:

    I remember taking down the dragon priests, at level 35 or so. The masks really did help the rest of my play through

  26. Chain says:

    Challenge a wolf at level 1 on legendary difficulty

  27. TheGreat Fox says:

    This is why I love (to this day) Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind so much. There was no level scaling for weapons and armor. If you could defeat someone who had better gear than you, either through direct combat, stealth, cunning, etc…, their stuff was yours for the taking, regardless of level. I sincerely hope that Bethesda returns to this was of doing things for Elder Scrolls 6. Also, add a hardcore mode to include the need for food, water, sleep, and appropriate clothing for hot and cold weather.

  28. joseph roszell says:

    What about my reiklings? Now that they got magic bows and great swords they have established themselves as the new rulers of skyrim seems like my homeboy reiklings at thirsk mead hall seem to stay about the same but those three chums that come and assist you (and you can recruit them just like the other reiklings) seem to change a lot started getting scouts and regular reiklings now I'm getting scouts and warriors it's hard to tell what reiklings use what weapon I've found regular reiklings that either use bows and arrows instead of their spears but they throw the arrows like spears (it's fun) they also melee with the bow but I've found regular reiklings the bulk of them can equip greatswords but not bows and arrows but the ones that can equip bows can't equip great swords I think I found one reikling scout that wouldn't equip anything except his spear, for the most part their name or helmet or lack of helmet doesn't seem to affect what weapons they can use It seems random but I don't believe any of the 3 helper reiklings that come to assist in random encounters have ever been able to equip bows-I found out yesterday that my warrior reikling has unlimited pickup weight limit but not unlimited inventory trading weight limit if I go to trade with him he's packed full but if I ask him to pick stuff off the ground he never argues and can just keep loading up I haven't found a limit or tested this with other reiklings but he is one of the random encounter reiklings so take your stuff off of him if you switch reiklings cause you don't always get the same reiklings in the random encounters and that inventory seems to go poof if that reikling gets replaced

  29. Sub2 says:

    You can’t say that Hitler was bad through and through. He did kill Hitler, after all.

  30. Ryan 113 says:

    I'm level 73

  31. Wulgare says:

    Answer at : 13:26

  32. Protoka says:

    Briarheart lol
    pickpocket heart
    one dead forsworn boi

  33. Yellow 13 says:

    What about the Frost Troll in High Hrothgar

  34. thomm030 says:

    Finally a youtube movie without some stupid intro! Nice

  35. Umar Majjed says:


  36. Axxel the autistic wood elf says:

    I defeated karstag at wayyy lower than lvl 90 haha…. it was very difficult however….

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