Which smartphone is best value for money? ( Samsung A8 Star VS Huawei Nova 3i)

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Find out more about the Huawei Nova 3i here: https://consumer.huawei.com/sg/phones/nova3i/?utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=video&utm_campaign=ngg&utm_term=3i

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30 Responses

  1. KAMSING INGTI says:

    Chinese phone ke bache tarif karte raho

  2. KAY PLAYZ ROBLOX] says:

    Im using samsung galaxy tab 3b (samsung tablet)

  3. AwesomeHusky789 says:

    I never thought Huawei could be so good lol!

  4. J says:

    that accent though..

  5. kak pat says:

    I actually wanted this but by the time I watched this, it was too late

  6. Habiba' s YT says:

    I have huawei Nova 3. It is better than the Nova 3i within several features

  7. Love Evol says:

    which is better nova 3i or a7 2018?

  8. Uwais Nasir says:

    My favourite features is that the camera quality

  9. Ma.theresa Pedregosa says:

    Huwaei is more better for me.

  10. Fabian Cahyadi says:

    My favorite feature is the price of it, the turbo for gaming , wide screen, and also the q moji its kind of awsome

  11. Isaac Lawrance says:

    700 doolllarr? nice job for the price booyyy

  12. Su Saengkla says:

    I love the Huawei one because it 4 camera

  13. Annas Putra Pradana says:

    Huawei nova 3i more cheaper than samsung galaxy a8 star. ..

  14. Salim Bin Shahdan says:

    Can it download Fortnite

  15. Alex Zach says:

    I like the camera

  16. tech reviews says:


  17. joseph fortin says:

    It seems like they're promoting huawei haha

  18. Joennahmae Caindoy says:

    i want this phone, because i love huawei..

  19. LAFERARRISG says:

    What a biased review. They were sponsored by huawei.

  20. E.T. Gaming YT says:

    The feature I like is the…

  21. mr boss says:

    the dual front camera

  22. THE Wintergel says:

    Samsung has intellicam..,

  23. THE Wintergel says:

    Well as per my view a8 2018 and honor 9i have front dual camera(s)

  24. Diamondxfile gaming says:

    Well the picture looked nice because the Huawei uses LCD screen while the A8 star uses Oled screen. Plus the Huawei doesn't support NFC. Also now you can get the A8 STAR for only $498.

  25. AimlessSky says:

    5:26 That blurred effect is way too much on the Huawei though, makes it look very artificial.

    There are key details not mentioned here though.
    1. Samsung Galaxy A8 Star RRP is $748, but its usually always sold at $498 or less.
    2. Battery Capacity (A8 Star – 3700 mAh) vs Huawei (Nova 3i – 3340 mAh)
    3. No fast changing on Huawei Nova 3i
    4. Huawei Nova 3i only supports 2.4GHz Wifi. (Faster 5GHz WIFI not supported)
    5. Samsung (Super AMOLED) vs Huawei (LCD IPS)
    6. A8 Star is expandable up to 512GB instead of 256GB (Huawei)

  26. Lifary Gaming says:

    Anyways i just belive in Samsung

  27. Andy Tan says:

    Huawei has hit the definition of market

  28. Alif Mukhlis says:

    Best budget dslr

  29. julius evangelista says:

    Camera…will be great for site work….

  30. 참홉블리. says:

    The best features from this phone i think is the Camera and the earphone jack … haha its so hard to find a phone with the jack now .. The camera is also so cool with the dual camera fornt and back.

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