When the river card CRUSHES a poker player’s soul…

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Poker players know how it feels: being a great favorite after the flop and / or the turn, needing to avoid just a few of the deck’s cards on the river to win the pot… And then, BAM – their opponent hits one of the few remaining “miracle” outs on the river! That’s how a river card can crush a poker player’s soul – making it a “sick” game to play. Enjoy, in this poker video compilations, hands where the river card left a poker player devastated! Hands taken from the World Series of Poker (WSOP) Main Event, the Pro-Am Poker League, and the Late Night Poker Show.
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43 Responses

  1. PokerXpress. Net says:

    The Phil Ivey Stories – Chapter #01: The Gummy Bear (credit goes to ActionJeff, 2+2 forum)

    "I'm probably getting these stories confused, cuz one was Mastr in LA and one was JC Alvarado, don't know where so forgive for mixing details.
    Anyway, one of them was at some aggro talkative table. Ivey walks up and everyone just stops talking and looks scared. For the rest of the day, everyone is just staring at Ivey, watching him. He really has an aura, like everyone just watches everything he does and immediately looks away if they come close to making eye contact.
    He just plays every hand and tramples people, in between hands he slouches in his chair and texts away, occasionally throwing chips into the pot while texting. Cuz who the ** is gonna break out the rule book on him anyway?
    At some point this big black dude walks up to him and he's carrying a buncha of bags and he gives them to Ivey and leaves. Ivey pulls a belt out of one and just puts it on. Keep in mind, literally every person at the table is staring at him all the time, and most of the people who aren't in a hand in a close proximity.
    He takes his watch off, this $80k watch, opens the bag, and pulls out some lotion. And he puts lotion on his wrist where he was wearing the watch. Slowly applying it while everyone watches transfixed. Then he puts the watch back on, goes back into a bag, and grabs a thing of gummy bears and starts putting them in his mouth.
    Then he turns his head and looks my friend right in the eye, as though just noticing that everyone in the room is staring at him and never even considering that he was doing an abnormal thing.

    And he pulls a gummy bear out, holds it up to him, and goes "ya want one?" "

    In case you're wondering, NO. Our hero didn't take the gummy bear.
    True story.

  2. George Crenshaw says:

    Did anyone notice in the hand with devilish TWO players had the Jack of Clubs?

  3. Antonio Montana says:

    15:37 godlike

  4. Spicy Flavor Tide Pods says:

    The man that says "bye bye" at 15:39, moonlights as the grim reaper.

  5. Gunguy 83 says:

    The hand with devil fish the preflop action was so slow

  6. eagleeye1975 says:

    The clip that begins at 3:30 takes for fucking ever to develop… very very VERY VERY VERY long buildup… it's like half the damn video.

  7. BodhiZaffa says:

    Did I tell you you look very handsome today, sir? lol

  8. Է says:

    technically the "updated" percentages shown on the turn/river don't matter at all, right? The only percentage that actually matters is the pre-flop percentage. Everything else is a percentage of a subset of possibilities, but all the subsets are just part of the main pre-flop set. Like when the odds go 56% –> 73% –> 95% –> and the person still loses, it just means you were in some "very specific" subset of the original 44%, but who cares? the deck is shuffled, the cards can't change, so looking at those percentages later on is just kind of weird, right? Like you could just open all 5 cards at once, and those cards are already sorted. Revealing it 1 by 1 doesnt mean anything. And the order of the cards doesn't matter either.

  9. Twitch 7523 says:

    Corkins did em dirty

  10. Akarn Elskask says:

    Some of these are sketchy, but that first hand? Yeah, no. The probability of that run out, in sequential order, under all of these circumstances, is astronomically low. The probability of huge hands like this being forced for ratings and the rake is much greater. You just can't believe everything.

  11. D3 Drone says:

    Luck based game

  12. john U.S. says:

    Herbert should narrate This game from The family guy.

  13. john U.S. says:

    6 7 8 9 10. Need to shuffle better.

  14. scbluesman13 says:

    I keep the Bellande video on my desktop. Going on 5 years now. Whenever I come home from a bad beat in a tournament, I just watch it, and instantly feel better.

  15. MrBalrog64 says:

    Poker is mostly luck.

  16. lance doe says:

    I absolutely love the Bellande beat. Every second of how that played out. With Bellande running is pie hole, "bye Bye", Runner, Runner, I love how that hand played out.

  17. Craig Brainimpact says:

    3:50 back when smoking was allowed indoors and on TV, The original Poker Show that showed the viewers the cards.

  18. ZildjianGuy Man says:

    I had to watch this as my soul has been crushed many times at the river.

  19. 4thandinches says:

    12:58 "Stick your tongue down my throat, you sexy queer."

  20. 4thandinches says:

    10:35 Matusow likely followed that up with, "you wanna snort some coke with me later, to kill the pain?"

  21. • Sew • says:

    Wait for the first one the guy with the two tens was supposed to win because he had a three of a kind and a straight but the guy with king and jack only had the better straight! People who know more about poker tell me who was supposed to win?!

  22. Jerrin M says:

    God heard that dude was talkin’ shit.

  23. Luuk says:

    I bet the voice-over from 3:36 till 7:50 is high

  24. Steven S says:

    Wait, poker players have souls? 😛

  25. Dark Thought says:

    "bye bye" LOL omg

  26. john tucker says:

    Medic what an awesome name that would be!! Help help is anyone a medic???!! YES I AM!!!

  27. planbindependentsk8 says:

    How much is the buy in for one of these tournaments?

  28. Gavir Gopal says:

    JRB seriously looks like vince vaughn

  29. g0neplatinum says:

    its the Eskeland show

  30. tom burt says:

    First hand…..were gonna need a medic for adam schoenfeld. next hand nenan medic arrives!!!

  31. Badge Man says:

    sheik is a special kind of twat

  32. Chee Kiat Teo says:

    Bellande's 7 is an all time classic.

  33. Luke Chandra says:

    Row Bear is unlucky

  34. gredangeo says:

    This is the part of Poker that is considered Luck. Odds are still odds. You have all your chips in before the River? You will eat that bad beat eventually.

  35. Bob England says:

    r.i.p Devilfish.

  36. Juan Pablo D says:

    Im the king of Badbetting

  37. smalltown texas says:

    The fact that it is entertaining to watch people get crushed by the river proves people are savages…or atleast I am lol. I know how it feels though

  38. Andrew Moropoulos says:

    This makes me feel better after gettin bad beat by a guy who should've left a hand after the flop but kept sticking in it chasing after his 2 outs. It cost me $40 which is a lot for a 25NL player, but at least it's not thousands.

  39. Drunksteve says:

    Sheik needs a ass whomping!

  40. front331 says:

    Mike loses at tourny and sheiky is right there in front of him. Epic haha.

  41. new life says:

    they hired pokerstars dealer lol

  42. Final Fantasy says:

    PokerXpress.Net if You love my comment for no reason I sub

  43. Stephen Ticsay says:

    11:57 “Can’t blame anyone for this action,” the commentator remarks about play that would be universally condemned today.

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