What’s New on PlayStation Vita – Spring 2015

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Take the greatness of PlayStation® on the go with the Ultimate Gamer’s Companion. On the PlayStation Vita system, gamers can play over 1,000 PlayStation games, stream PS4™ games via Remote Play, and stream PS3™ games via PS Now. Check out what’s new on PlayStation Vita this Spring!

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47 Responses

  1. Cat Usman says:

    Do Legacy Collection for PS Vita

  2. Mijo_Games 2017 says:

    I always wanted a PSVITA but I have PS4

  3. Fahad the great says:

    That has 4k gaming

  4. Fahad the great says:

    My best gaming console is the ps 4 pro

  5. Fahad the great says:

    I am a ps4 pro gamer

  6. Fahad the great says:

    I love the games

  7. Fahad the great says:

    Please reply the comment

  8. Fahad the great says:

    Where can I buy the new ps vita 2000 in Thailand

  9. Aml Saleh says:

    Cool Play Station Vita

  10. Faraon Ix says:

    we want New ps vita

  11. rudy colas says:

    J'en possède deux la première version, et la slim. Malgré qu'elle est morte en jeux. J'ai fait un bel investissement. Pas chère et j'ai craqué, car je peux grâce au PSN. Rejouer à des jeux anciens, mais aussi des belles nouveautés. Elle va renaitre de ces cendres, la Vita. Je le pense, et c'est une superbe machine.

  12. Time Breaker Bardock says:

    plz add cod infinite warfare

  13. Matt King says:

    PlayStation you suck with your handhelds

  14. FildaCZ says:

    song? 🙂

  15. J. Edgar says:

    still on sale? I want one

  16. Ken whitecotten says:

    please make a PS Vita 2 please

    we are waiting

  17. Alex 64a1787 says:

    Can you watch Youtube Videos on Ps Vita ?

  18. yasser ouzar says:

    sony ps vita 's the best of you sony and it is awesome !!!!

  19. Kazuto says:

    sony please, psvita can revive you guys just need want! dont forgot this awesome portable.

  20. Kaxel Axel says:

    enserio¡¡¡ espero que sony cumpla con los títulos que nos acaba de enseñar‚ como es mortal kombat para ps vita

  21. Tristenplyz Bully says:

    Ps vita is love ps vita is live

  22. Richard Kira says:

    PS VITA PCH 3000

  23. CRISPY SPARROW says:

    Batman arkham city. Now that is like

  24. Hello 1234 says:

    Can u please do overwatch please Sony!

  25. Zaid Adel says:

    I need one

  26. Oskr Masaquiza says:

    yo desearia con todo mi corazon una ps vita

  27. Jesse Cruz says:

    did I see a new uncharted

  28. kids and skylanders news team says:

    I subbed to this channel for vita and I get ps4 shame on you

  29. Ghadah Sonbul says:

    مرا جلو

  30. FuzZy CaRtoOnz says:

    Do more games for the vita

  31. Tadashi Hatsuke says:

    Well Persona 4 is still the best 🙂

  32. Esther Holguin says:

    thank you for the vita

  33. Simone Sanchioni says:

    the game for psvita are terribile palese do batteffild 4, gta v end call of duty black ops 3

  34. Gab Absalon says:

    Make Classic Games that sell well

  35. Admiral Dimitri says:

    you need to improve the promotion of this console. and dont make it all japanese stuff. make it global

  36. manolo puma says:

    ████──▄──────────▀█────────█────█ Look son
    ███──█──────▀▀█───▀█───────█────█ a good song!

  37. StormShadow Jonin says:

    Uncharted and Batman are games for vita, or ps3 games with vita connectcion?

  38. Xx TroyzBurk xX says:

    i hate sony , why they change the vita , vita 1000 has oled , and everything in it seems expensive , but vita 2000 is all cheap , the ar cards is not cards anymore but paper the vita itself is lcd and not oled , i hate that , your company is rich , you have psp , ps2 , ps3 , ps4 , vita 1000 , you should be rich , oh and play station tv , come on , your rich , god , i still love sony tho

  39. srulster 2.0 says:

    Plz make infamous and crash bandicoot on vita

  40. Humprey Encinares says:

    Im exited to have that one in Christmas and Sony pls!!!! make more games on it .

  41. Mr Videos & Games says:

    Why is this even a video?

  42. DJ halla says:

    HEY PLAY-STATION GET CAPCOM ON THE HORN ALL THE LOYAL PSP FAN BASE FOR MONSTER HUNTERS NEED A REWARD i want a variant of monster hunter 4 on vita i completed ALL their games (takes forever)!!! at least add English patches to the ones in the market or was that also a fake video i dont know anymore X_X

  43. Terrible Vizuals TM says:

    How much is it for a vita ?

  44. Legendary Gaming says:

    Ps vita go pls or ps vita 2 pls

  45. Xavier Torres says:

    we need kh 1.5 and 2.5 for vita, AND dream drop distance, if play station made a bundle for ps vita with the kingdom hearts games or just the games itself, it will SELL, cmon square and sony

  46. Gamebros 295 says:

    RIP PS VITA no more AAA exclusives….

  47. Sub_zero 3852 says:

    Sony my vita wont charge and it says its charging but when it is charging it says the battery lvl is low and turns off plz tell me if it is the charger or the vita

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