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New and old video games I have been playing secretly in the darkness behind closed doors, locked behind a gate and shut off from the world.

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Join Johnny Millenium The Happy Console Gamer as he discusses new video game news and reviews forgotten games that not many people know about but should!

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21 Responses

  1. David Nonsuch says:

    Pink vest, pink trucker hat… oh I KNOW! Gas Station gloryhole simulator 2019!

  2. AwayDreaming says:

    First time i think this video stinks like real advertising.

  3. Thanos Koroglou says:

    Omg that wrestlemania game is soo 90's!

  4. Casey N says:

    What I’ve “bean” playing. I laugh every time I hear you say “been”. Keep up the good videos as always!

  5. Norwing Martinez says:

    Kof is the best fighting game fuck street fighter

  6. INSEIKYU01 says:

    Love your passion man and how you just enjoy gaming

  7. Dana Crawford says:

    Awww shoot, I was on the fence about SNK Heroines for sooooo long, but now I just gotta get it

  8. TheErnieforss says:

    Lol who's the beach towel for? A cat? I really want that art book. I love art books. Also People offend by fan service need to grow up. Fan service can be a range of things. Like putting a guest character in your favorite comic or tv show. It doesn't always mean half naked woman.

  9. Sal X says:

    Yep, I play both Ninja Warriors games on my pi. They play perfectly fine on it.

  10. Andrew Arbuckle says:

    That outfit is pure sex hahah

  11. aaron stelmach says:

    Do a review on Ac Odyssey, i never got into the old games but people say this one has more of an rpg element to it. Im loving it

  12. cloudbloom says:

    Can't wait to see the cosplay of you two!

  13. Silas Thornblood says:

    Im secretly playing Labyrinth of Refrain: Coven of Dusk. I havent been able to put it down. I love the sheer amount of strategy required. I spend hours just customizing gear and brigades.

  14. Leo Garivay V. says:


  15. Raijin Junglist says:

    I prefer a fighting game like Blade Strangers because its simplistic, im terrible at fighting games so id get far more enjoyment out of a game like Blade Strangers than a fighting game with more depth and difficulty like Virtual Fighter or Mortal Kombat.

  16. Cranky Knuckles says:

    I secretly play Atari Strip Poker.

  17. NerdlyUK says:

    Honestly, I enjoyed Blade Strangers a LOT more than the new SNK Heroines game… It felt very much like a return to beat em-up form rather than the simplistic stylings of Tag Team Frenzy.

  18. Danny says:

    Anywayyys time, until next guys

  19. DewaPoyo says:

    Burn knuckle!!

  20. Retro Zone says:

    Glad to see another wrestling fan on YouTube. If you like Attitude Era wrestling you should check out ICW as they have a very attitude era kind of feel to their wrestling. I would also recommend checking out Progress Wrestling as they are a fantastic company with great talent. Been tempted by Fire Pro Wrestling but I worry it's going to be too complicated for me as I have a special place in my heart from WWF No Mercy.

  21. samuraigundam0079 says:

    I too hate the term “hidden gem”, much like that other term “guilty pleasure”.

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