What Happens When You Play Nintendo Wii in 2018?? (Still worth it?)

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What happens when you play wii in 2018? Well, in this video, I decided to pull my Nintendo Wii out of my closet and answer that question! It’s been a while since I’ve played the Wii, so it was fun to play it and see if it’s still worth buying a Wii.

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46 Responses

  1. Jacob R says:

    Who still plays wii? I'm about to start playing wii sports again…

  2. Kay Montgomery says:

    What happened Wii stop ?????? Sorry a q a Google sign ln

  3. Walther Penne says:

    Lately i began to realize how shitty the Wii was 😀 many Buggy games, many broken games such as "Fatal Frame 4"…poor selection of games…I mean: You couldn´t even play Bioshock 1 on it. And that came out even for smartphones (which says all). You couldn´t even enjoy "FarCry 1" on Wii.
    So yeah: i tolerated this console, but the truth is: I never played Cod & similar stuff on it (gladly). I played Bioshock on my Highend-PC in 2010, so yeah…lol. I played Half Life 2 and Orange Box and Portal 1/2 and many other cool games on my PC instead, when PC was still my preferred platform of choice for core-gaming.

    Today i think the Nintendo Wii is same overhyped casual-console as Nintendo Switch now.

    Both target the same audience. Which is: Well kids you know? Both share same shitty, overhyped, casual games with no action going on. BOTH share many games with poor AI.

    I never owned more than 20 games for Wii. And i was lucky with that since i played the rest on my PC so many years go.

    But today when i look back i begin to realize that i should have skipped the Wii completely and just bought the WiiU instead (which i also own and love, it´s clearly my most-ever-played console, i also own more than 100 RETAIL-games for it, it just has the perfect games for my taste in gaming). That would have saved me lots of dollars since WiiU was/is still fully bc to Wii.

  4. NarrowGaugefan2010 says:


  5. ChaseCain356 says:

    Wii = my childhood! Only 2000s kids will ever know!

  6. Addison Plays Roblox says:

    lol half of the apps never updated like youtube and nextflix but i still have New Super Mario Brother Wii

  7. Addison Plays Roblox says:

    even though im only 13 i rember my sister getting it in 2009 and we still have is but half the games dont even work anymore

  8. Dana Belden says:

    I have one and I still play it I like it I like the Wii Sports in the Wii Fit Plus

  9. Ty Randal says:

    When you put the disk in,it gets up and starts singing and dancing .

  10. Alexzanderson JRG says:

    Dont care what anyone says. The wii was one of the best consoles nintendo made. The virtual console library was cool in the sense that you could play nes, snes, and n64 games, was backwards compatible with the gamecube games, and had some awesome games that used the motion controllers well like red steal, red steal 2, madworld, wii sports, and mario kart.

  11. Myronaz says:

    Of course it's worth buying a Wii, you can find a used one for around £20 and it has great games, plus you can homebrew the thing to make it even more fun

  12. Scuderia_Ethan says:

    Playing Mario kart Wii with an SD card to play online is worth it

  13. Sammi's TM says:

    The first model… i dream it so much… those gamecube ports…

  14. Devi Melina says:

    i sold my old wii and i really regret it. now i'll buy another wii soon

  15. Spiteful Crow says:

    I bought a Wii in January

  16. IBL 15 says:

    I just played with My Wii the day this video published. Wii is life.

  17. Plushkid 99 says:

    Whoever that has or plays the wii is the best.

  18. Adrien Brasseur says:

    I know why you make this video because the closing of the Wii Shop Channel is that the Wii would be considered a console '' retro ''

  19. Caleb Houchin says:

    I grew up playing the Wii

  20. AllenWalkerDaniel says:

    I'm still playing Wii! Most because of Project M Legacy XP.

  21. Scout Sunset says:

    I got a Wii for my birthday back in July and boy was it a fun little console. Some of my favourite games include Smash Brawl, Mario Kart Wii, Mario Galaxy, Sonic Colours, De Blob, Epic Yarn, and the Wii Sports duology.

  22. Scout Sunset says:

    Spoilers: Of course it is.

  23. Dakota Watson says:

    Nice Home Theater setup! I have one with tower speakers but I wonder where you got that entertainment stand.

  24. yolobrlo _ says:

    Is this an unboxing?

  25. Gmd St4rB0y 07 says:

    My Wii is dead. Rip WiFi connection 🙁 I still use it tho.

  26. Josh The Swoosh says:


  27. Superstar says:

    What a waste of a video, of course you can still play on the wii, nothing has changed except time

  28. Just a Rascal says:

    It's good for modding smash, and using it for emulators that's for sure.

  29. Sonic Power! says:

    WhaT hapPenS iF YOu PlAY A nintENDo WII iN 2018?

    it plays i guess

  30. New Gabe Order says:

    I just use a Wii as a retro gaming box. Forget the so-called “classic editions”, I just load roms and emulators on an SDHC card and I am good to go. Even those emulators take advantage of the Wii Remotes to play light gun games.

  31. CREEPER 125 / TehVegasSpartan HD RoadTo5000Subs says:

    Guys when you play Wii in 2018..

    You play Wii in 2018.

  32. Rexy 1540 says:

    I used to have a Wii I traded it in for a Godzilla neca figure

  33. Huh. Steve says:

    Your Brawl Disc is inserted the wrong way in the thumbnail REEEEEEEE-

  34. Prince Pond558 says:

    Oh Super Smash Bros Brawl. It was a classic

  35. THE BUM ! says:

    I played today super mario galaxy 1 on wii

  36. colt5040 colt5040 says:

    In mii channel you drag a mii into the parade

  37. Anna Chorbacz says:


  38. no bitch niggas says:

    What happens when you play Nintendo Wii in 2018??

    You play the Wii lol.

  39. mouse mice says:

    I always play wii sports resorts

  40. Tanooki Peach is THICC says:

    You can't exit a Gamecube game with the reset button, it just resets the game as it would do on an actual Gamecube

  41. de secret Doge says:

    wii shop channel is closing in 2019 so try to download everything you can

  42. SpiderSijhan Gaming says:

    I still have the wii
    My only Nintendo 🙁

  43. Awab Da Gamer says:

    I still play my wii

  44. Everythingapplepro Harrylawler says:

    1 like come on

  45. Super Jimmy bros says:

    Mario kart and wii party and super smash bros brawl and wii sports and resort are the best

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