Weird Nintendo Controllers

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The weird joy-con accessories for Nintendo Switch, including the hunting gun from Cabela’s and the fishing rod from Bass Pro Shop as well as a retro look at Rob the Robot!

Game Capture:

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26 Responses

  1. Alec Is-Sigar says:

    are you friends with wulf den

  2. Ethan Abram says:

    It sucks that he is only compatible with two games

  3. Mr Chubby Puppy says:

    controllers. Sure.

  4. Fort nite says:

    What game are you playing?

  5. Awesome gecko says:

    They should make a duck hunt nintendo switch game with a shotgun accessorie for like 20 bucks

  6. I’m still a boy says:

    Omg a shotgun, now I can shoot Ganon to death! 🙂

  7. Pikavee Mania says:

    9:59:59 It refreshes the comments

  8. James Herron says:

    …and even a bowling ball!
    (breaks TV)

  9. RetroTyrant says:

    like if they should make R.O.B compatible with the nes simulator on the switch

  10. ZeldaMaster says:

    You should have used the gun in splatoon

  11. DejaVuu says:

    Imma guess imma go fishing
    Come here fishy fishy here fishy fishy

  12. anime exposed says:

    Rob form ds Mario kart

  13. Zaplett says:

    I used the gun to play fortnite

  14. Dr Greenberg says:

    I thought. The shotgun was for doom disappointment 🙁

  15. Tymetrain says:


  16. Pro2008player says:

    I have the thumb nail

  17. QuestioningConnor says:

    We need cod but there not making a gun because kids

  18. IDubeyI says:

    You did not go to Frank & Son…
    I just shit my pants…. I go there every other weekend

  19. Emoji boi says:

    Next someone just makes a spas 12 that has Nintendo switch joycons as ammo.

  20. puntenstein TM says:

    Nintend-OH F K HE HAS A GUN

  21. mohammed ahmed says:

    ps4 vs nintendo swich
    swich wins 😀

  22. Changeable Tornado says:

    For games with rob you forgot smash Bros u and ultimate

  23. JDFarmer 4020 says:

    Can you do a video for the new switch backpack? Thanks!

  24. Christopher Nickerson says:

    Check out that sick Wulf Apparel

  25. Arthur Morgan says:

    Shit just got real.

  26. Slyist says:

    Glad I stayed for the ending

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