Weekly Poker Hand, Episode 232: When Someone is Known to be a Bluffer, Don’t Fold to Them

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http://www.jonathanlittlepoker.com In this episode of Weekly Poker Hand, once again in a $5/$5/$10 cash game, loose, splashy action results in an insane outcome. When someone is known to be a bluffer, don’t fold to them!

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17 Responses

  1. Paul Meyer says:

    Another great episode. By the way, I am an older, recreational player. I don't play online for money, and I don't play cash games with friends or in casinos. I've almost exclusively played online in social, free chip games. I love your videos and have both Strategies for Beating Small Stakes Poker Tournaments and Mastering Small Stakes No Limit Hold'em. Thursday, I played in my second real poker tournament ever, a $55 buy-in turbo tournament at a casino near where I live. I re-read Strategies before the tournament and focused on: figuring out how the other players were playing, playing better cards than the other players (who were mostly loose and aggressive), not making mistakes, and taking advantage of my tight image when I could reasonably steal blinds or pots. I tied for first in the tournament and received a payout of $520. Thanks for the good poker instruction. I really appreciate it.

  2. KODAGAMES says:

    I’m a sharer, thanks Johnathan!

  3. Ray Macdonald says:

    Loved your reaction to that inexplicable fold lol. Another great video ty!!

  4. MrGrog90 says:

    It's so nice to see your spontaneous reactions on unconventional plays. Most other poker content creators prepare their analysis beforehand and I actually like your approach way more.

  5. RandyOrton92 says:

    how tight do we need to be as porter on the flop? you said j8 should be folded, is there a general rule on what hands we can call behind multyway on the flop? only maybe top pair/marginal kicker and better?

  6. 99% of you won’t GET IT says:

    You mean there are players who don’t play well at the poker table? I’m shocked shocked I tell you.

  7. RealJPB says:

    Guessing it’s pronounced Spew tastic

  8. Jarvi Ray says:

    Looking forward to Alex’s webinar tonight!

  9. Luiz Perez says:

    Jonathan, do you usually put those hands on Pio, or just use your experience to make the videos?

  10. Gregory Bo says:

    I wonder what Harlan's late position calling range looks like on equilab

  11. brendon kennedy says:

    Why is Jonathan pronouncing Harlans name like the substitute teacher from Key and Peele?
    A A Ron comes in with the cold 3 bet

  12. Joe Showers says:

    If you're Harlan on the button and 3!, what's the correct size to use? Will you vary the bet size based on wanting fold equity, or is this a formula that is never deviated from, except to exploit individual player's mistakes?

  13. James Fondren says:

    Not so sure I would have been in that exact spot, but you would have had to shoot me in the head to fold that turn.

  14. naihanchin Kempo says:

    spyu goofed against a Maniac, like Harlan…I'd play foldem holdem against a Maniac like Harlin. The more he plays, the wider the range, the more likely the QJ is good..Plus a possible backdoor flush. i'd have Harlin on no better then Rag ace like A8o worse gapped Connectors ..My guess Harlin is a Fan of Dneg 🙂

  15. Moan says:

    i dont think set of eights or threes is going to bet the turn against 2 villians? i guess he might raise the flop therefore QJo with Jh was a clear x/c.

  16. clint harris says:

    Cmon you cant fold!! I think there scared of the harlan guy there he has a reputation

  17. CRAIG5835 says:

    Why bother even playing the game if you fold that turn, the Dolt!

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