Vee and Sargon Yiffing in Public?

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Vee And Sargon have accounts on 2nd life? Josh from Kiwi Farms (Null) seemed to be very skeptical. Today Vee tried to explain his history of being a Furry and using his username of Vee, also explained things that didn’t need to be explained on his live stream. Like “If Sargon and I were Yiffing in public” lol then The #Killstream plays the audio and reacts to Vee’s explanation.

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Clips of #Killsteam 11-28-18
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29 Responses

  1. Coach Red Pill says:

    If you are patient, you will in time see the corpses of your enemies floating down the river—without having to lift a finger.

  2. Sm T says:

    So rslph tslks shit yet he said im glad your sons dead Sargon!!!!
    Now jims sweetie squad was trying to run a train on vee!!! Setting up links to the fbi so people could report vee with no proof!!!
    So here you fake fsge fukers followers of jim and ralph… trying to be so cool.. you guys act like my kids in the school yard over stupid tonka truck…
    You make money off of talking shit.. congrats… otherwise you duckers are dumb as rocks.. and your whole sweetie squad got shut up by 2 pple.. while they spent abput 100$ just to be cool….
    Hey honkie rslph snd old hugh hef jim….you guys are trying to hard!!!
    If you dish then you should take or are you that big of real pussies since you have the internet!!!!
    You have no proof you sgould be on the mueller team, and the clintons, and the gore team…. shit bring the whole squad you fake ass AMERICANS!!!

  3. Brappy-Hour says:

    The gypsy screams as he runs to Sargon.

  4. Swolecard says:

    Tbh, I’d believe it if sargon was teh ghey

  5. Brappy-Hour says:

    The “Skeptics” were the first ones to label people as pedos. They’re getting their shit slung back at them.
    Fuck em.

  6. mrnintendo88 says:

    Omg vee has the funniest fucking voice in history. How could anyone take it seriously?

  7. demonyes chaos theory says:

    23:32 uff sparg rage lets make like 50 shades of gray novel when he talking nooses

  8. demonyes chaos theory says:

    10:44 so some random guy respond to Vee in remain in the second life game there for Vee must get triggered because .
    i rely cant understand the logic of the retarded people .ughh my head hurts the more i think about it

  9. demonyes chaos theory says:

    pitch shift in his voice you guys know he is making shit up now .
    between mmm some good argument is between

  10. Some Guy says:

    They literally have nothing besides “u mad bro?” And then admit they made it up because it was funny so. Mm.

  11. Some Guy says:

    And they say Vee is high-pitch..

  12. Mendel says:

    Just imagine if Vee started to refer to himself in the 3rd person.
    I'd die laughing.

  13. Heinz Arsch says:

    T H A T V O I C E . . .

  14. some beach says:

    The snake is hissing

  15. John Wills says:

    Jesus Ralph is still an insurable low I.Q fatass.

    Kinda glad he's gone

    This isn't in defense of Vee btw I just never liked race mixing Ralph.

  16. BoLoYu says:

    8:00 Vee calling himself a septic.

  17. Super Smooth says:

    Woah woah wait hang on! Vee has a girlfriend and mine just dumped me? That’s it I’m sun setting myself tomorrow. EDIT finished the video: lmao holy shit never mind hahahaha

  18. Vespene Gas says:

    This is hilarious

  19. Alex Diaz says:


    Hey, Vee likes clips.
    The perfect short clip, I know he will enjoy it. :^)

  20. InaudibleBoom says:

    I really hope nobody is laughing about this and defending trannies..

  21. OmegaBlack85 says:

    God that voice is revolting

  22. Jim Lahey says:

    Didn't realize how much Vee sounds like Dr. Doofenshmirtz from Phineas and Ferb until now, it's so close it's ridiculous.

  23. kid_a_2000 says:

    Great video! Excellent upload! (please no delet comment)

  24. h_grunt says:

    "Don't ban Loli" – Vee

    Ok, then why did he say it would be a good idea to ban "the cross" (that's not something people frequent on F-list I'm sure… I hope… ) in Europe?
    Mind you: We should keep the Religion of "Knife and Truck peace", but we need to ban that damned ol' gosh darned stupid doodoo head Jesus – but NOT LOLI.

    (as stated in a different post I made on here) I don't know what degenerate video it was of his, should be maybe 1 or 2 years old. It was in one of his random rant videos – you know the one's… styled like its 2006, dirty room, unkempt rantings about the goings-on.

  25. h_grunt says:

    Vee is lying when he says he feels bad about taking all the money from people via superchats etc.
    In a video, fuck me if I can find or link it (should be 1 to 2 years old by now – I'm sorry), he talks about his mom and how he presented the YouTube thing to her. She says and asks (not verbatim) "What is it about? Does it make you money?", he replies with "Yes, of course" – "As long as it makes you money I don't care".
    He also said, in this very video, that he's desperate (for money).

    Gypsies are hated by everyone in Europe. Except by people that never heard of them (which, believe it or not… there are)
    Time to refuel the old Flammenwerfer.

  26. Squishy Potato says:


  27. Darth Revan says:

    I swear Vee is pronouncing "skeptic" as "septic." Not that I'm going to correct him.

  28. CLYDESDALE says:

    I wonder how hard Sargon squeezed Vees nuts to get him to squeal like that? His voice is a broken rubber duck.

  29. quotetheraven90 says:

    Vee, you revisionist gimp. Jim and Andy was smeared as pedo by soygon and donga, you did nothing to defend them, and the internet knew this. They already debunked it with ease, retard.

    soygon, louie de lolicon, flaggot matt and you is smeared as one because youre advocating it in front of all of us, you dumb gypsy. You think we're that forgetful?

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