Using A PUPPY To WIN FORTNITE Battle Royale!

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Today we have Luna the Black Lab pup help me pick some spots to drop for the win in Fortnite
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20 Responses

  1. Lachlan says:

    Just to clarify this isn’t my pup, although I wish it was 🙁

  2. India Paleg says:

    what was that rocket thing at 8:04

  3. snakebite pirate says:

    Who is watching when its season 6?

  4. Nikoly BO2 says:

    6:40 your so bad

  5. Lucas Barbee says:

    8:50 look in the sky… whats that?

  6. Shadow Ninja 259 says:

    i need you my mom is going to North carilan

  7. 《SillyJillyWillyAJ edits》 says:

    Who’s here in season 6 and misses Moisty and Acres

    (I can’t spell sorry guys)

  8. LightFury 007 says:

    There was a sniper!!!!!!!!Z

  9. Edgar Fonseca says:

    U should buy the dog though and u should do this in another video

  10. Muffin Man says:

    Honestly I’m not interested in the gameplay I’m only interested in the dog.

  11. jaysam007 says:

    In season six no crossbow

  12. H1 Z1 says:

    I have a black Labrador called Luna too

  13. Tyler Moore-Ryan says:


  14. babypugman says:

    Hey Lachlan some how but you were wearing two backblings

  15. ZaylieNoel AB says:

    I have the same estate dog but small

  16. Emma Goddard says:

    Rip crossbow

  17. Pepe De la Garza says:

    Then whos was it

  18. Noobie Action says:

    Anyone noticed how he skipped Fatal fields

  19. Potato Man says:

    I had a black Labrador

  20. Logan Mackrow says:

    how about u call it pallet palace it rhymes better

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