Useless Nintendo Peripherals and Accessories (ft. Nintendrew) [TetraBitGaming]

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Welcome to another Minus World collab!
In this video, Nintendrew and I will go over some “useless” Nintendo peripherals and accessories!. Hope you enjoy the video and stayed tuned for more awesome content!
Let me know what other lists you’d like to see me cover!

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Nintendo Peripherals

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Some clips taken from users as shown on screen.


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29 Responses

  1. TetraBitGaming says:

    Hope you guys enjoyed the video! Be sure to check out N I N T E N D R E W :

  2. Sam’s PuppetShow says:

    Rob the robot…

  3. · Clayfrog · says:

    1:58 Holy-
    Joe Keery? WTH?

  4. Metalsonix81 says:

    If i had any amibo and a wii u i would use it only on super mario maker

  5. alton b. says:

    I still can't find a roy amiibo

  6. Youtube Pizzer says:

    Every nod to minus world make me smile

  7. MickeysGotSkillz says:

    i think you forgot the nintendo 64 expansion pak. and the N64DD

  8. ShuckleDoesGaming says:

    you act as if half of these are supposed to be for other games. that was not the purpose of mostly any of these accessories, but rather to use it on a specific game.

  9. FatRatGaming says:

    Hey You Pikachu was lit!!

  10. Mark Penhall says:

    Only an ad every 4 mins…… Fuck U U tube…… Also when U think america is the only market on earth

  11. i_a_m_a_s_c_h_m_e_l_l_y_b_o_i says:

    I only use the amibos for breath of the wild and I don't even have many amibos but when they released the super Mario cereal boy did I have many bonus items

  12. catsoften says:

    1: the Wii speak did suck
    2: I have one
    3: it worked with wheel of fortune (speech "recognition")

  13. Troy Tullis says:

    Bottle flipping lol go play NINTENDO kids

  14. ky says:

    Wasn’t there a Japanese exclusive train game that used the VRU?

  15. ky says:

    I had the microphone as a kid, got it with Mario Party.

  16. The Q n K Show says:

    Wait…Steve from Stranger Things was in the Wii U smash commercial?

  17. Gabriel That Boi says:

    What's the number theme??? Like the song for the number for each peripheral

  18. Dom the Bomb says:

    Talking fast enough there tetrabit?

  19. ProtakuEmmie says:

    Lmao I have karaoke revolution and the microphone, it’s not that bad

  20. Nukleon_238 says:

    I once had an E-reader Pokémon card, but I traded it before I knew about the E-reader

  21. Andrew Tomashaska says:

    Dishonourable mention to the Super Scope.


    Jeapoardy supported wiispeak

  23. Tack Linn says:

    how could you leave off the game boy printer

  24. jackmyowl says:

    6:20 that Metroid is so cool. Where can I buy one. Also if you see this comment Nintendo make more Amiibo's I only have to find 12 more and my collection will be COMPLETED

  25. CyUzi5280 says:

    Oh my gosh. I remember back in the day, I was so excited by the 3DS's AR cards. I remember seeing a video of a guy making a massive AR card that covered an area so large they had to use it outdoors. They had so many large sheets that had to be attached together. They couldn't get the card to work well because of the distance from 3DS to the card.

  26. ERROR: #290384AC says:

    Why isn't the Wii-u on this list?*

  27. Victoria Bella says:

    The GameCube microphone looks like a tampon.


    i have LOADS of those pokemon e-cards

  29. DvdXploitr says:

    I think R.O.B. for NES was pretty useless. It was only compatible with two games and it was very slow. You could actually pick up the second controller and input the button command needed faster than R.O.B. could do it. Not to mention, the games for R.O.B. were not any good…the best use for a Gyromite cartridge is to take it apart and use the Famicom adapter to play imported games on a US NES…

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