University deems merit based hiring “problematic” – Martina Markota

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Martina Markota of The Rebel reports on a university office declaring hiring based on merit “problematic”. MORE:

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20 Responses

  1. Nihilist says:

    The Homo sapiens are still carrying their primeval emotions of Territory and Tribalism. Being altruistic and kind to genetically similar group is a very normal and Conservative way of
    life. These tendencies can be cultivated to develop National Socialism/Chauvinism, as this video is doing. However liberalism is evolutionary novel in a sense humans are designed to be conservative and it is unconventional for humans to be liberal and being concerned about the welfare of millions of genetically unrelated other people. Living in genetically diverse societies requires high degree of social intelligence/competence to navigate your interests and goals through the groups of people who have different goals. So more intelligent people are more likely to acquire unconventional preferences and values. And being leftist is one of them and as a result more intelligent people tend to be more on left than less intelligent people [1][2].

    Leftists tend to have a larger interior singulate gyrus. That is an area of brain that is responsible for taking in new information and the impact of new information on decision making
    or choices. Conservative tend on the whole to have a larger right amygdala. Amygdala being a deeper brain structure that process more emotional information, specifically fear based information. So it is really responsible for the flight or fight response [3]. According to Hibbing JR[4] conservative tend to have "A strong negativity bias" which was useful in Pleistocene, which is the period of time ranging from 2 million years ago to 2,000 years ago. During that time, the ability to react quickly to outside threat would have been necessary to our survival. It explains the conservative ideology. A Strong Defence (Military) and Group Loyalties, An Affinity for Guns, Patriarchy, Heterosexuality, Strong Border and Resistance to Immigration, are all things that naturally coincides with conservative narrative [5]. Conservatives look the world exactly as our ancestors did thousands of years ago.

    [2] Satoshi Kanazaawa

    [3] Liberal vs. Conservative: A Neuroscientific Analysis with Gail Saltz

    [4] Differences in negativity bias underlie variations in political ideology. Hibbing JR1, Smith KB2, Alford JR3.


  2. Count Rufus says:

    Best are Asians.Second place are Russians.Third are Indian

  3. Mr T says:

    Not hiring based on merit is a fundamental reason why so many government departments are staffed by lazy, stupid, apathetic brain dead scum. With the government staffed by losers it is impossible for it to operate with any measure of efficiency. Imagine how easy it would be to do business in a well run environment?

  4. Green Bay says:

    They are right, merit is not important, why do we even need to have qualified doctors, I just need someone who is really good a virtue signalling to operate on me.

  5. Lava1964 says:

    A recent news story told of a man from New Mexico and his bride-to-be applying for a marriage License in Washington, D.c. and being delayed for 20 minutes because neither the clerk nor her supervisor thought New Mexico was in the United States. i will guarantee that both the clerk and the supervisor were affirmative action hires.

  6. Lava1964 says:

    I don't want to be in a burning building and have my life riding on whether or not a 4'10" female firefighter can carry my unconscious carcass on her back. I don't want a person who was admitted to medical school because of his race and not his marks performing emergency surgery on me. Does that make me a bigot or a very sensible person?

  7. Carl Love says:

    Martina Markota has the most beautiful face. I love how the green eyes contrast with the black hair. Gorgeous.

  8. Chickennugget says:

    Yeah no shit

  9. Freedog13 says:

    University deems merit based hiring "problematic". Otherwise known as racism.

  10. Trevor Grindz says:

    Racism wouldn't exist if the left would stop obsessing over it.

  11. Hefty Alan says:

    I only hire on merit. Why would I want chaff if I could have wheat? When I am employed it is because I am the best. Also if I employ a weak candidate it is going to take me more of my time to bring a weaker candidate up to speed and I just don't have time for that so I always want the best of the best so you better have at least an upper second or first as I don't look lower and if you don't have a degree don't bother because you have to have the basics.

  12. Tamara Van Voorst says:

    Left are so racist and sexist it is getting ridiculous!

  13. Lunamaria says:

    You know damn well this is meant to acknowledge the fact whites have a clear advantage, period…. I am sick of this left-wing/right-wing bullshit trashing western nations… Both of you… Not one or the other…. I'm tired of white supremacists on both sides… The ones on the right that hate victim culture, are as bad as the whites on the left pretending to be victims of something…. It is all a sick sick state the western world is in… The problem is whites and always will be whites… Left or right

  14. Alfa Mail says:

    Of course, from the same brainless twits that brought 'there are no losers' to the playgrounds of schools when playing sports. No score either. Great preparation to the real world. Snowflake logic.

  15. Barbara Brooks says:

    Parents, students and employers need to have a direct say in how universities have run to put an end to the bloated bureaucracies, political correctness and high fees. Parents, students and employers, both elected and selected randomly should be involved in all major decision-making and have veto power over spending. As long as university lobbies have more influence over legislatures than those who directly pay for or use the university, the disaster of wasted funds and political bias.

  16. DK viking KD says:

    it's a cancer – imagine that you could "will" your own market into existence and how profitable that would be – this is exactly what grievance administrators are doing. If students are by and large satisfied, they have no job, so who thinks they will find a way to make their pay-check flow in no matter what?? I mean for fucks sake, universities are supposed to be for smart people…

  17. leone7227 says:

    I've come to hate the word "underrepresented" with a furious passion.

  18. Free Thought says:

    Yes … a slogan every company can get behind “We hire only the mediocre!”

  19. Septell says:

    Asians do well because their family structure hasn't been under attack for decades. Get the Jewish foot of Whitey's throat and see who performs better.

  20. primpal08 says:

    Merit based is the only fair way. Leftists reject it because it takes away their control of the process & undermines their narrative.

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