Unique and Challenging! – The “First Cylinder” Puzzle

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The objective of the First Cylinder is to separate the upper cylinder from the lower. But before you can do so, you have to understand the mechanic that’s inside. A well-balanced puzzle, challenging your imagination, to understand the mechanic behind.

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3:30 Solution

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38 Responses

  1. Conrad Kabay says:

    I love listening to this guy. I have purchased one puzzle (so far) just by what he recommends. He is a great salesman (IMO) and I think I want to buy this puzzle.

  2. brotherbor says:

    I have this one, and managed to solve it., but at 2nd try I screwed it totally. It is totally stuck now. Bought a second one, which I dare not to solve anymore 🙂

  3. The420beni. says:

    The solution can be reversed you cant possibly grasp my ablilty to forget.

  4. Joromo84 says:

    Took me 2 days using pen and paper to try and track what troubleshooting steps I had already taken LOL TY for showing how to put it back together.

  5. ryan olson says:

    Sounds like collapsing magnetic field and bearings falling.

  6. douro20 says:

    Is Wil Strijbos a machinist?

  7. Samain says:

    $100.00 puzzle

  8. Arthur says:

    Looks like Robert Langdon's device at Inferno.

  9. Saadat Saeidi says:

    Hi, Please let me know where i can order one, I checked amazon , its not there

  10. Mindy Aguliar says:

    U didn't describe how it actually opens. I understand how the balls move but not what part releases to allow it to pop open.

  11. Mindy Aguliar says:

    U didn't describe how it actually opens. I understand how the balls move but not what part releases to allow it to pop open.

  12. Robert Clark says:

    Sir, you are truly a puzzle genius! I truly enjoy your videos.

  13. Lego Madness says:


  14. Keni Angervo says:

    What is your difficulty rating for this puzzle? It seems awesome but hearing some people like you did it very fast and others very slow, it made me think

  15. Knight 11692 says:

    You can't get it on the link listed it's not on the page at all.

  16. Sarah P says:

    ok but i kept yelling to PReSS it And TUrn iT at the same timeeeeee

  17. Dirty Bong Water says:

    Looks like a grinder for your legal herb of choice

  18. Philimanjaro says:

    spoiler break 3:27

  19. Nie haftet Babahaft says:

    Thats a grinder

  20. justindewoody says:

    Where did you get that little camera with the led lights on the end of it?

  21. jojolafrite90 says:

    It's a weed grinder!
    Edit: WITH recuperator.

  22. Simone says:

    You didn't mention your rating for this one, I guess 4/5?

  23. Jaden Pearce says:

    Misshta pazzle

  24. Spilling Emotions 助けて says:


  25. WSD333 says:

    Why can't I see the link to buy the puzzle?

  26. chaosincarna says:

    When will you try the Lemarchand's box? I hear the Lament Configuration is the hardest to figure out.

  27. Collateralcoffee says:

    I wonder where the link to get it is…

  28. The day his dogs shat on your front door says:

    I like puzzles that the process to reassembly is different from the process to disassembly.

  29. Rowan Hamilton says:

    I have that puzzle at home too… but i call it my weed grinder.

  30. Dot Com says:


  31. MAX Percentage says:

    So where is the link???

  32. Hisam Khalaf says:

    Hi Mr puzzle …i think you are quite intiligent to be an invinter …you have a pure mind …why do'nt you be so ….??? i like what you do anyway …go on….thank you so much …

  33. Some Guy says:

    A little hint. It's called a mechanism 🙂

  34. pandapoo777 says:

    you've had my grinder?! been looking for it forever.

  35. steve watbit says:

    Fancy pencil sharpener you've got there. 2:05

  36. Joey Zoota-Lucero says:

    6:27 Oh come on, of course you knew what would happen

  37. Jack Albrecht says:

    I like the way he says unique.

  38. FontuneTheTeller says:

    Show me a link to buy that tiny camera please!!!

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