Unboxing the Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition

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Larry Hryb, Xbox Live’s Major Nelson walks through the just announced Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition, available now for pre-order.

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27 Responses

  1. Gaming Brotherhood says:

    I can't wait to release this edition I love it

  2. Diamond Tube says:

    can you still buy this

  3. Mr. gamer says:

    Or make some Xbox gaming bundle like Xbox one x fortnite bundle or PUBG bundle or just cause 4 bundle

  4. Mr. gamer says:

    Why don’t u include extra games with

  5. AngelTake3 says:

    i dont want to know how it looks i want to see gamplay and how it runs

  6. Owen Mcgee says:

    Best video of all time

  7. Noy noy Cho says:

    Most powerful backward compatible player.

  8. Yeezy ASMR says:

    Just wait for Ps5, y'all aren't ready

  9. music dude says:

    Can you make a minecraft style for the xbox one x

  10. trapalhões comédias pra sempre says:

    Eu quero um xbox one x por favor eu adoro todos os consoles

  11. Casey Marsh says:

    How much

  12. ShakerFries says:

    Guys this is in the $1000 range… Good luck persuading your parents to let you get it…

  13. Chris Gallardo says:

    I have an Xbox 360 Kinect Edition and I'm upgradeing to Xbox One X

  14. Randall Flag says:


  15. X1LoganGamezX1 299 says:

    My rubber stands on the bottom of the console fell of so it’s not stable no more so I’m getting a stand for it

  16. Leo Wieringa says:

    Can I have it for free and a curved screen tv

  17. Matthew Hardwick says:

    I'm really happy that I got this special edition. My first one really 🙂

  18. Thomas James says:

    let me guessss um 900000000000000000000000 dollars

  19. FastDucky Gaming says:

    No games. Said my dad

  20. Ryan Delgado says:

    Major tool! Ripping off the relaxing end wearing white gloves…

  21. Minh Quan says:

    gamepad look like gamepad xiaomi for androi and pc

  22. Ski Mask says:

    ''worlds most powerful console''
    maybe u should think about making a pc console

  23. nick graytown says:

    if xbox one x project scorpio gone i am never buy xbox one x i am must buy fast before gone

  24. Lori Ritchie says:

    How much

  25. grey star Gamez says:

    agh i cant see it anymore the scorpio is just sow awasome!!!

  26. Mirven Caneda says:

    Hi can i have free xbox one x just for my son birthday on february 26

  27. tonynmilo says:

    Microsoft shite, never had problem with Playstaion.

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