Unboxing My First PC Build Fail! Digital Storm Gaming Computer!

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Got my first gaming computer. Really excited. Had a little incident with shipping but its all good!

Check out my insta- https://www.instagram.com/aspinwithfin/

Where i bought the PC- https://www.digitalstorm.com

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song used: https://soundcloud.com/nocopyrightsounds/fingertips

Build details:
chassis model- Digital Storm Lumos
Processor- intel core i7-7800x (6-core) 3.50ghz
motherboard- MSI X299 SLi Plus (intel x299 chipset)
system memory- 32 gb DDR4 3000mhz digital storm performance series
power supply- 850w EVGA SuperNOVA
storage1- SSD (960GB Digital Storm Performance Series)
storage2- 2TB Seagate/ Toshiba
Graphics card-GeForce GTX 1080 Ti 11GB
Extreme cooling- H2o: Stage2: Corsair H115i- 280mm Liquid CPU

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44 Responses

  1. Forza 18 says:

    rips box open i don't care about no warranty

  2. AldenG says:

    This is why you don’t get digital storm

  3. DeadSpirit says:

    I really don't understand why people buy prebuilt pcs when you can easily build one.

  4. Yatharth Haldar says:


  5. tombogucki says:

    Face palm to the head
    Dude still keeping that scratched pice of junk

  6. z4x tech says:

    This is why you build a PC yourself

  7. MasterPvPOliver ! says:

    This would never have hoppend if you built it your self

  8. Duckl1n6 Duckl1n6 says:

    Why does the Titel say PC Build but he bought a Prebuild?

  9. Mike Dragon says:

    That's one of the reasons why I still prefer cases with just metal or acrylic side panels. :

  10. LouLou says:

    What rank are you on Siege?

  11. 1000 subs 1 vids says:

    He’s the one who fucking broke it. #1 he held the box like it was a rag doll, and #2 he opened it up upside down and shattered it himself while having opened it the wrong way. I see 0 reason why you should get a refund and not just buy a new panel. The top and side glass are also scratched because you set it on the fucking glass upside-fucking-down you absolute moron. PCs are not for the uneducated.

  12. Piece Of Garbish says:

    I wouldn't be happy with just a new side panel . With all that glass inside the computer , It's obviously been dropped who know what other damage has been caused … I would expect a replacement computer 3/10 for customer service

  13. Piece Of Garbish says:

    Dogs thinking getting some treats haha

  14. R says:

    Dude, that was all on the carrier, they did what was right and made you whole by sending you a replacement part free of charge.
    You're being more than a little petty for something that wasn't even their fault seeing as they insulated your PC the best they could and far better than some other companies ship their products in. The fault here is with the shipping carrier, stop whining about how you would like to be "reimbursed" more for something that literally would take 3 days to resolve.

  15. John Hinton says:

    honestly it could've been a lot worst, I've seen prebuilts have their graphics card and pci-e connectors sheared off. looks like your side panel shattered.

  16. Max Arias says:

    :v me dolió el culo i eso que no es mía

  17. Markinpuff says:

    Building it makes it so much better and cheaper to boot. And it’s really not hard, really!

  18. Grand Tour Gaming says:

    do you not know how to get a case of a fuck box. tip it upside down

  19. GAMING WORLD says:

    8:00 Omg fail

  20. Diogo Carvalho says:


  21. warmfreeze says:

    Why do you keep calling this a build? you didn't build shit..digi storm did.. This whole video is cringe all around…

  22. ThunderNatee TTV says:

    tempered glass is shit

  23. Alan Xu says:

    lmao 2 aio???
    and it is just the side panel that broke, dont be a baby lol

  24. Dehyak says:

    Another reason to build your own

  25. Blue Wolf says:

    Should have used flex seal from phil swift. If you want he could have also cut ur pc in half.

  26. Blue Wolf says:

    Ur computer got ligma

  27. Paulobraveheart M says:

    money back…

  28. Don Keedik says:

    Digital storm offer crate shipping. If you're going to spend that kind of cash either make sure itll get there safe or build it yourself.

  29. Ding Chavez says:

    lol paid $3000 for a pc? i bet your dumb ass broke it when you picked it up and brought it inside. just the whole way he handles the situation tells a lot about how careless he is. just standing around staring at broken glass as if its going to magically disappear. then accepting the fact that he has to clean out the pc on his own! oh man….they told him to clean it out on his own and didnt once think that if he cut himself they would be held liable. what a shit company.

  30. PhaseMe says:

    shoulda just built a pc urself or have someone help u cuz ds overprices the shit out of their pcs and u could probs get twice the performance if u built it at the same price.

  31. Jana Ebert says:

    Why don't they use plexiglas?

  32. Ran Ng says:

    Shipping a new side panel would be the most fast and efficient method. Or else they would've made you reship the whole pc back and then wait another few weeks for a new PC to arrive.

  33. Donald Keyes says:

    clean out the pc fuck that

  34. Larry Dotson says:

    for one when you got the pc damaged like that I would of called them and said I want it rebuilt since you did spend 3k on this they would have replaced it even if it turned on fine you never know how bad that glass bounced around in that pc

  35. Foxx Fury says:

    i bet it was shipped from Fedex

  36. TVGamer AK says:

    Why would he rip the box?
    Why didn’t he turn it upside down and lift the box of the pc.

  37. brandon4747z says:

    Anyone else cringing about all the glass on the floor being crushed?

  38. Tuckers Screen says:

    Yo when you said tucker I looked up thinking someone was in my room, my names Tucker! Can you still use it I know this was a bit ago but take off the panel and it should have worked I have my pc with the panel open if I shouldn’t someone pls tell me lol

  39. TheBlizzkon says:

    in theory he should be able to return it and get a new pc. but since he is clearing that up he should have been offered some extra stuff as a plaster on the wound. that is what i think

  40. Devon Moore says:


  41. ツηɛø says:

    Alguien me dice que paso?

  42. Dogsidog007 says:

    12:41 And that is why your build costed $1000 more than it should've.

  43. KineticNinja says:

    Wait, they sent you a pc that literally shattered while in transit, and all they did to remedy the situation was send you a new side-panel? Fuuuuuck that, I would have had them take the entire thing back and send me an entirely new unit. You don't know how hard of an impact that thing took or how badly it was mishandled during the course of the delivery. I definitely would not have accepted that as a "solution" by any means man…. Thats a big yikes.

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