ULTIMATE Nintendo NY Store Tour 2018

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NintendoCade Gaming is proud to present an in-depth ULTIMATE TOUR of the Nintendo NY Store located at 10 Rockefeller Plaza in New York City.

The store opened on May 14, 2005 formerly as Nintendo World is a 10,000-square foot store with 2 floors filled with Nintendo apparel, video games, systems, accessories, collectibles, and exclusive Nintendo items only available here. It is also the place to try out the latest games for the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS with its plentiful gaming kiosks available for everyone to play.

A popular attraction of Nintendo NY includes a big 15-foot gaming screen to play hit Nintendo Switch games in full glory as well as a life-sized Donkey Kong statue. Other features include an amiibo showcase featuring every amiibo released, and a Nintendo museum showcase presenting numerous handhelds and game systems released in Nintendo’s history ranging all the way back to the Color TV-Game 15, NES, and Game Boy all the way to the Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Switch. The Nintendo NY Store is an amazing place for any Nintendo and video game fans, so be sure to watch the entire tour to see everything this store has to offer.
Thanks for watching.

►Check out the 2015 Nintendo World Store Tour here:

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23 Responses

  1. NintendoCade Gaming says:

    ✔SUBSCRIBE✔ for more!
    ◉SUBSCRIBE HERE ► https://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=Danny4842

    Check out the 2015 Nintendo World Store Tour here:
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  2. Ali Hassan says:

    Thank you for your video, what an amazing looking store. I so wish we had one in Houston, TX!

  3. Super Gamer80000 says:

    WOW i cant wait to go there my favorite store of all time!!!!

  4. Raim says:

    I went there I got a shy guy, and Lemmy plush. I also got a wireless Bluetooth Mario controller

  5. Night bot says:

    When Is Luigis mansion 3 coming out

  6. Jared’s Little Vault says:

    I'm crying! I want to go so bad to support consumerism…BUT! I live in Puerto Rico and have no money to travel…. Oh well, dreaming is free I guess.

  7. Night bot says:

    I'm going tomorrow I can't wait I love this store

  8. snickersnake says:

    Rip Canadians

  9. unfriendzoned says:

    maybe for my birthday I can ask to go here 😀

  10. Maxwell Cartoons says:

    Thank you for uploading this!!! I want all of those Kirby plushies!!

  11. Diyawnwittz Aceboi says:

    Thanks so much I go to NY every year but i watched this abd was finally able to convince my parents to take me here.

  12. Air Matt says:

    I wanna go noooooooooooooooooow

  13. gh says:

    I think I found my next travel destination

  14. Zara Mage says:

    Is it sad that I already have most of that in my Zelda Collection!? I just need that Sheikah slate pillow!

  15. Michael David Caulfield says:

    Dude, where can I buy the shirt you're wearing?

  16. Jansie The Legal Magnate says:

    wish i've gotten nintendo switch, but at the same time, i can't risk wasting money..

  17. Panda D says:

    I would have a big hole in my pocket for buying too much Mario plushies

  18. Rubén F. Guerrero says:

    My son Alex and I visited this store 3 years ago, it was awesome thank you for sharing.

  19. Bill Nye says:

    I hope we get more smash stuff

  20. a hot pocket says:

    5:18 I have the one on the right 😀
    also awesome video, this will be kinda like a time capsule 10 years from now!

  21. Ifarted 1time says:

    I have the Sonic ammibo, and it looks awesome!
    (Super Smash Bros. is my favorite Nintendo franchise.)

  22. Jazael Rosado Rivera says:


  23. Jai Mc says:

    I wish these were in Australia

    At least I have enough games

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