Ultimate Gamer Rage

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Here and there with the compilation of gamers throwing the F-bombs for their mothers to hear to actually throwing their controller out the window, this is the ultimate gaming rage compilation.

Intro Song

Celani (Feat. Maria) – Over & Past

Celani’s Channel – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2126rSjaWSNEwQFhehYzWg

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37 Responses

  1. SCP - 5000 says:

    5:48 what,s name that game????

  2. Dragoman666 says:

    OMG… I know I rage but… I really pity those who broke their systems and TVs. I mean they broke their friend's and families systems. Now they gotta pay for them.

    Seriously… you raging triggered gamers should really should work on your anger. Have you tried Brankowski's "Cage the Rage" technique?

  3. akshe a says:

    Cuanta virginidad

  4. Melodic Heals says:

    This is sad af

  5. Aries Monique says:

    12:59 .. That killed me lmao

  6. Andres Gonzalez says:

    12:59 at least this guy was fair, it was indeed his PCs fault

  7. Andres Gonzalez says:

    – Mom I got angry playing and broke my XBox, can I have another one?
    – Repeat that and answer yourself

  8. DMX Ninjas -CSGO and more says:

    1:01 isn’t that tomska?

  9. first name last name says:

    What's the first game

  10. Tomi P. says:

    Idiot ragers lol

  11. Andre Rodriguez says:

    2:38 I pity his life

  12. Jonathan Ahn says:

    15:00 Shotgun noob No aim :DD

  13. Papa Pineapple says:

    Zach stawp

  14. サーシー says:


  15. prinkhelz says:

    If you're noob dont blame the game. LOL

  16. DarkSide 813 says:

    I used to rage at games a little, not on this level but I did once in a while. Surprisingly, I didn't rage at Cuphead

  17. Dafiq Fidzli says:

    Why did i watch this video, i knew it was controller abuse

  18. Skha Vito says:

    Only noobs doing that

  19. Forever Freedom says:

    I feel bad for those who has to live with people who break things when they have to share.

  20. Travis Steele says:

    Guy at 10:50 was carrying, I don’t know why he got mad

  21. HedgehogNinja94 says:


    Jeeze, calm down Rock Lee.

  22. DashinxKatchin says:

    9:17 sounded like something that would be in a horror movie

  23. dusti montella says:

    Fucking fat man hope he has a heart attack after this. Fat ass douche

  24. Jacob Harrington says:

    Reason i don't have kids.. if my son broke the game system I worked hard to buy him…….. ohhhhh my parents would have killed me

  25. Travis Show says:

    I broke TV, I broke TV bro

  26. BoB Barker says:

    Some of these are clearly staged.

  27. Alonzo Bonilla says:


  28. hcrtoothy says:

    No wonder that kid at 4:00 is mad to begin with, he looks like a damn rodent.

  29. Pewdipie sam says:

    I literally couldn't stop laughing when I saw that girl raging at her boyfriend

  30. Vladow F says:

    " Jeff what are you doing? Shut up bitch!"

  31. Fenhus Kebrom says:

    If my girlfriend broke my XBOX, i'M DIPPIN ON THE SPOT

  32. Kyle Fox Vocal Cover says:

    As I'm sure you can tell just by looking at my profile pic, I can be an angry guy.
    I have raged really hard on some games, especially soulcalibur.
    I've punched holes in my wall,
    I've yelled and screamed, I've gone outside in my backyard and beaten the ground with a baseball bat, BUT NOT ONCE have I ever broken my controller or tv or console. That's just beyond stupid.

    I've punched my punching bag so hard one time it bruised 3 of my knuckles.
    I would risk self harm in a fit of rage before I'd risk harming my electronics.

  33. Regufyz says:

    I only raged as hard as they did (without breaking anything) in Getting Over It… Im not the only who gets raged in this game right?!


    Who chills with there mate and randomly starts filming them before they rage lol

  35. Ernesto Skrr says:

    How people break their controller? I smacked mine so many times and its fine

  36. Steven Cole says:

    That DDR kid was insanely good wtf 11:20

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