Ultimate Gamer Rage #5

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Next edition of the many rages to come from some of the latest games including: Fortnite, Cuphead, and PUBG. Enjoy!!!

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25 Responses

  1. lawlestest says:

    to be fair, that suicidewatch scenario with the girl, i've been there.. shooting rockets under a 1hp hanzo and nothing happened. He just randomly headshots me with an arrow in CQC combat.. Fucking trash game .

  2. Oni says:

    8:49 that wasnt even rage

  3. HighBridRed says:

    4:47 What a way to start off a video lmao

  4. Karl Matsunaga says:

    Meh. Basement dwelling shitheads.

  5. Dunkarimrex 30K says:

    I play Gamecube games and they are better than most of the Xvox and PSP's games.

  6. Gogi Akustika says:

    3:32 hahaha

  7. Chris Edwards says:

    3:32 AGAGSGSHDHDJDUXJD mom walks in (bang) chari stops

  8. Mrose Thebeast says:

    It's just a game.

  9. Nobody From Nowhere says:

    Streaming and youtube have destroyed an entire generation.

  10. sashBG says:

    Johny Johny
    Yes Papa
    Raging At Fortnite
    No Papa
    Telling Lies
    No Papa
    Show me your headset
    Ha Ha Ha

  11. Its basic says:

    Girl @ 3:00 = hella wifey

  12. Nathan Buranich says:


  13. Nathan Buranich says:


  14. Stuart oliver says:

    Love watching these little bitches grinning whilst they kill loads of players and then as soon as they get hit they cry and have little tantrums hahaaaaa

  15. Jgamin9 says:

    1:35 Its 2 Good lol

  16. Ultra Goku says:

    3:32 acting like harambe coming back to life

  17. Rogers Gamers says:

    1:55 sounds like a monkeys

  18. Dappy says:

    to be fair at 4:12, i would be pissed too

  19. jake33284 says:

    Always amazes me that people will break shit over a game. Grow up.

  20. Dale Gribble says:

    Cant take the guy at 1:22 seriously in those jeans. That's why he's so pissed off. His junk hurts!

  21. Athala Mohan says:

    1:00 Whats the game name?

  22. GamerZtation says:

    Bak 2o ur old bad wayz huh?

  23. Leo Scott says:

    The one at 8:18 made me laugh hard. Lol

  24. Original Network says:

    2:19 tf is he doing

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