Ultimate Fortnite and CSGO Gaming PC For Under 90$

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In this video I build a gaming PC that can handle Fortnite, CSGO, Insurgency, and TF2. Using all local deals I was able to put this computer together for a grand total of 88$. Compared to my 100$ budget build, this computer performs far better in games, but loses some performance in the form of a HDD instead of an SSD, and 4gb of RAM, instead of 8gb. All testing was done at 1920×1080 with anti aliasing turned off.

Check out my 100$ budget build here :

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30 Responses

  1. ClashRoyale Gaming says:

    Parts list?

  2. Lokipea says:

    Fuck me thus runs 5x better than my 500euro laptop

  3. mitchell jones says:

    I don’t get this..I have a gt 1030 2gb aswell as an i7 960… the graphics card alone is over $100 AUD and yet this computer beats me…any help anyone?

  4. EpicTech says:

    nice vid

  5. vladosan boss says:

    You shoul use a xeon,it is cheaper and better than a i3

  6. funny toob says:

    Ok thank u i tried to build it but one piece was sold out ok thank u πŸ™

  7. funny toob says:

    Wait is the pieces still available

  8. funny toob says:

    How much is ur shipping

  9. funny toob says:

    Can i give u 100 for it heres my gmail [email protected]@gmail.com plz contact me

  10. Gabe Dresen says:

    Cool vid! I would recommend putting some more time into the voiceover, but really cool build!

  11. DAWK INS says:

    Do you think u can make video on how to build computer. Like with each step? Im trying to get into this but dont know shhhii

  12. Dat Boii says:

    Should have put a Xeon in there to make the anti-gaming gaming PC

    Btw your channel is about to blow up just sayin

  13. Dancing Demons says:

    Very nice build!
    i also like how you recorded the gameplay directly from a camera and not from a screen recorder which gives us the best FPS possible!
    although the voice over can be worked on a bit i thought this video was very enjoyable.
    but then again, better voice overs comes with experience so keep going my friend!

  14. elysian clash says:

    Xeon X3440
    8 gigs ram ddr3
    Dell motherboard with 1156 socket
    GTX 750 TI
    Thats my build

  15. Matt Christie says:

    I've put together a number of programs for you to use for benchmarking and monitoring. I did not include 3DMark because of the size (almost 4GB), but you can download the free version from PCMARK. It's the basic versions of FireStrike and TimeSpy. TimeSpy only works with windows 10, because of DirectX12, but FireStrike works on any 64bit OS. Cinebench is really good for CPU's and can do OpenGL for GPU's. AIDA64 does everything. (I've included a keygen with the install program). And I mean everything. Make sure to install HWMonitor, CPU-z, and GPU-z, so that you can monitor everything. I may not have put AfterBurner in the folder, but you can download it for free from MSI. I don't know if it will work with QUADRO cards, but it does work with GeForce and AMD cards. Have a look at the rest of the programs, and find what works best for you. Be careful with the Intel XTU(Extreme Tuning Utility). It is a very powerful program, and you can cook an Intel CPU with it if you are not careful. It will also void any warranty. There is also the Intel processor diagnostic tool (IPDT). The Blender programs are good for GPU's while in the interface, and CPU's for rendering files. It's open source, and there are lots of files you can download to use for testing. I'll put a link below to my google drive containing all the programs. Just wait about an hour before trying it, as I'm uploading them now. I would have had it done sooner, but I've been super busy here on the farm with the harvesting, and the machinery repairs. (I'll put a second link below of a quick vid of the small greenhouses).
    Hope you have a great day, and we'll talk again soon!

    Benchmarking programs – https://drive.google.com/open?id=1SM4NVkv-p5BvXGeVJdCl-YwcipjSBQlm
    Greenhouses – https://drive.google.com/open?id=1FtacwUQ-FtRaK6snN8nUMqIE7wdoksDZ

  16. C137 says:

    I saw your comment in randomgaminginhd , your video seems good but try to put some effort on your voice lmao, the cracking part of your voice is annoying but overall nice vid.

  17. Strikingsilver 90 says:

    Hey, I enjoy the content that you produce, and your editing skills with the various camera angles make the video feel a bit more interesting. However, your major flaw that leaves some people either annoyed or dissatisfied is your lack of fluency in your sentences. Perhaps you can remedy this by having a script of what you want to say, take a look at a few examples from other channels such as budget-builds official or randomgaminghd. Notice how their sentences are fluent and they dont give off the impression that they are nervous, it takes some practice but it can be done. Using a script could help with your fluency issues (I dont know if you already use one tho), and another suggestion is to give some context on the parts that you have found. For instance, you mentioned that you purchased an Nvidia Quadro 4000, mention some of the specs like that it has 2 gb of DDR5 RAM, and that it was a flagship in 2010. Also I might suggest using some elevator music as the background music or maybe some smooth jazz, that's just a suggestion not something that is necessary.

  18. Mark Jackson says:

    Best easiest change would be to not say FPS for every statistic. It would flow so much better. More personal commentary rather than only data reading. Keep making vids!

  19. Aspire Bolt says:

    I do believe that u need more subs man your tech content is good πŸ™‚

  20. Antonio. says:

    I would really like a comparison between a quadro 4000 and a gtx 750ti on Solidworks large assemblys. There isn't a lot of channels that covers the productivity aspect of those cards

  21. Kvviingu says:

    Well, I found out about your channel in comments of RGiHD and I gues that I'll stay here πŸ˜€
    You are doing some great work, keep it up!

  22. Random Axe says:

    You can find an old Radeon HD 7770 for about 30-40$ on ebay, roughly 50% or so faster than the quadro, but thats the only thing i wouldve done differently. solid build man, and a quality video as well πŸ˜€

  23. Gaming on a Dell says:

    8GB is very necessary for modern gaming

  24. Rman Rjman says:

    i wonder how quadro video card would stack up against smth like gts450

  25. HoppsTech says:

    Nice build, although the voice over hurts to listen to

  26. Jason Andrews says:

    Dude, good video over all, but you really gotta say what resolution you're testing games at, otherwise the fps numbers are basically meaningless, since I don't know if this is at 800×600 or 3840×2160.

  27. Harmon Jp says:


  28. JHlias says:

    Deam actually this pc just for 90$ is super good and just for some extra dollars you can upgrade it with some really good stuff really good built

  29. Gul Dukat says:

    Reminds me of my own little Franken-pc. i7 4790, 16gb ddr3 1600, lenovo m93p mobo (with a 24 pin to 14 pin adapter). Was surprised the board actually handled an R9 290x just fine. I incidentally have it in the same Tesseract case.

    These OEM pc conversions are a lot of fun, and potentially awesome savings with future upgradeability.

  30. MirelRc says:

    Wow. My pc i3 3240t 2.90 ghz 8gb ddr3 1600mhz samsung gt 640 2gb 64bit and insurgency runs bad on my pc with any settings i have used, even with lowes res or highest, inside buildings fps was around 80 but outside in dust, smokes it droped to 20-30, but i fixed it with a cfg.

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