Tucker Boycott, Sargon Ban Prove Social Justice Is Just A Cover

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Tucker Boycott, Sargon Ban Prove Social Justice Is Just A Cover and that Activists don’t really care.

Nate Silver came to the defense of Tucker and social justice activists accused him of just being a white male and not understanding marginalization, except he does as an LGTB Jewish man.

These far left activists don’t actually care about these causes as evidenced by the Tucker boycott or with Patreon defending the right over Sargon. It shows that this is a tribal action not a political one, that these social justice and feminist activists just want to “win” against their perceived opponents.


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33 Responses

  1. Naomi 'SexyCyborg' Wu says:

    Even if you check all their boxes for "marginalized" they'll just pretend you don't exist.

  2. BlizArmy says:

    list of companies that pulled out?

  3. war1980 says:

    Stop equating Jeong’s statements with Sargons. Sargon used 'offensive' language against the people who use that language in ONE debate, while Jeong's comments were made over the course of several years and were directed at all whites.

  4. Random WhittyName says:

    The Left always eats it's own. Your last few lines, explaining how you are one of them yet they bite your ankles.. you're recording your red pilling, you know that don't you?

    Do they? They are the best recruitment for the right. Hell, they blocked Sargon from trolling actual racists. What more evidence do we need then that? Their supporting racists in the long run. Then again, who didn't know that already?

    Let's see how that Trump Derangement Syndrome goes in 2020

  5. Christopher M says:

    I went through the list of advertisers that canceled their advertising and have stopped my personal business with them. Admittedly, I only have a relationship with two of them and one (IHOP) was so infrequent that it probably doesn't matter. The other (Ancestry.com) lost ~$300/yr not much in the grand scheme but I will not in good conscience support companies that placate anti-free speech activism or mob mentality. It is terrorism, and I don't negotiate with terrorists. I encourage more people to speak with their wallets and let these companies know. ** I have not been able to find an official statement from Samsung but never the less put my purchase of a new TV on hold as well. Damn Shame.

  6. J Truong says:

    What's funny is they're using gamer gates own tactics against everyone they hate. Back then with Gawker and other sites, the movement used these tactics against them. Now they've adopted the same tactic.

  7. Taylor Broderick says:

    The problem with the bakery/patreon association is that you could walk down the street to another bakery. Patreon owns their market, there arent hundreds more within driving distance.

  8. Desert Survival says:

    Wow you're just now figuring this out ? Liberalism is cannibalism …. it's just a matter of time. And it looks like yours just ran out. Welcome to the club brother

  9. AncientDestructions says:

    I have read that Patreon was "heavied" by Master-card and threatened their payment stream!? Also it is well known George SOROS owns much of PayPal who froze "Tommy Robinson's" payments. Is it perhaps Patreon that is being heavied. Who controls some of these payment methods??? Dig deeper for NGO and other dirty control freeks!

  10. WWWYZZ3RDDD says:

    Have we made it to the 70's yet? I hate these circles…

  11. schnecks 21 says:

    Meh! You just hate wimmin!!!!!!!!

  12. robert lara says:

    If you don't mind me asking what is your nationality?

  13. Pepper Spray says:

    Why do you run ads is you also ask for donations?

  14. Spill the Tea says:

    They also say that black conservatives aren't really black

  15. Adrian A says:

    Racist … bla bla, racists. Its not about hating others, its about loving your own culture. Besides … sadly for gatekeepers like yourself… the numbers and statistics dont support the crap you push… Timmy .

  16. Chester Was Here says:

    You are a white male. Sorry, Eurasian.

  17. Ragnar Lothbrok says:

    Keep spreading the truth my brother sub for life

  18. Michael Miner says:

    They are just eThugs

  19. Ali G says:

    Tim is mixed?! Alright troopers we gotta find a new watering hole.
    jackboots marching in cadence

  20. woelfe says:

    Good video with great points. It's high time we stop with the "marginalized" groups bullshit and treat people as people.

    Glad I stumbled upon this channel, will sub for future videos.

  21. Jose Agrela says:

    Keep up the good work Tim!

  22. condew says:

    We need to create a counter-threat to advertisers; people who will loudly and proudly boycott cowards who cave to "activists".

  23. tubeMonger says:

    The evil of today.

  24. Truth Speaks says:

    jews are not white they are their own race & openly gloat about it.

    They hate people of european descent & their values of society.

    jews are the real racist, they are chameleons & hide behind the their skin color.

  25. Jacob Shea says:

    I can't believe you equated Sarah Jeong to Carl, Timmy. Ignorant as shit.

  26. Household Dog says:

    What they are doing to Tucker is just BS.
    Nothing he said was wrong, nor was it against women.
    Christopher Hitchens once said Tucker was one of the greatest conservative writers of this age.

  27. Jack Da Money says:

    I'm just waiting for the time we get to shoot leftists in the streets, it's coming.

  28. Dularr says:

    Sargon ban has nothing to do with what he said.

  29. J L says:

    The progressives are getting more aggressive because they are getting desperate; while they will never admit it, they know they are losing. Yet they are so deluded, they're so certain of their moral righteousness, that it's as if they're trying to bring things to a head and turn the culture war into actual civil war, even though doing so would essentially be an act of suicide. They've totally lost their fucking minds.

  30. Jay Dee says:

    Tim Pool is probably one of the most honest journalist out there. One can trust the words that come from him.

  31. Adam Chapman says:

    Theres a PATEBIN!

  32. Rafael Silva Daniel says:

    this of being mixed race is really fun, because sjw will always say you are wrong and a bigot, and since this straightforward mentality of black vs whites dont apply to you they will fall in contradiction a lot, showing that they dont want justice, they want to be right and that everyone else is wrong

  33. Frostie-Flake says:

    This is communist tactic. The entire Chinese population is beaten into submission with this tactic destroying ANY moral base in the country so ppl only fend and grab for themselves. It’s moral decay in the worst possible way!

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