Top 51 Board Games Of All Time 10 – 1

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Here it finally is, the best 10 to 1 games of all time!
Am I cult of the new?
Out of my mind?

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19 Responses

  1. andrew p says:

    I remember that Lords of Xidit game at the library! Good times!

  2. unachimba9 says:

    That number one?!

  3. Mr Wizzykin says:

    Just found out about your channel (from bgg) and digging around. Some games on here I've wanted to try. I love Robinson Crusoe and recently dug Mage Knight (with Lost Legion) out to play and used your videos as a refresher (that's how I found this place).

    For me – I cannot get into Race For the Galaxy; it's always just too messy and fiddly for me. I love Roll, though! Dominant Species one of my gaming buddies has and we're going to give it a try when we get together again soon. Looks interesting. Funny because I've seen a few people call it a war game, then on BGG I've seen people rage against people calling it a war game. I'm interested to try it out.

  4. Dave H says:

    I really enjoy your game tutorials. They are a tremendous help to learning new games quickly and in deciding whether or not to make the investment of both time and capital in a new game. When watching your top games list I had to remember that it would be skewed in favor of empire building games since you have more than once stated in your videos that this is your favorite game type. With that in mind, I appreciate having seen your ideas and brief explanations regarding a number of games I did not even know existed. Thank you.

  5. Viesturs Kokarevics says:

    Interesting that no Descent, Blood rage or Cry Havoc 🙂

  6. OomGertSTN says:

    Any estimate when the video about your boys' favourite games will be uploaded? Quote curious to see their picks.

  7. David Fernandez says:

    Regarding Space Empires 4x, GMT have only just done another print run of it July 2017, should be shipping soon to P50o pre-orders and there should be a few copies in the shops also. nice set of games i own them all. except space empires !

  8. hchb2000 says:

    This is such a good list. My top 10 is mostly different but damn you really have good taste for games, or at least a lot like mine. I absolutely love Blood Bowl too.

    Interesting to see those GMT games, do you like the COIN system?

  9. John A says:

    Great lists. Very entertaining to watch and great production values.
    I think you should start numbering the tricks that games do.

  10. Dashfang says:

    Thanks for the list. Very interesting to watch. Even with so many great games to pick from, I would've imagined Xia to be on your list since you seem to like both space theme, miniatures, built in variety and games that tell stories. If you haven't already tried the expansion – definitely give it a go. This is one of my "will ALWAYS play" games along with Archipelago and Inis =)

  11. Ray Myers says:

    Loved the list! Clash of Cultures is my absolute favorite and I am always happy to see others who love it like I do! Blood Bowl! That would have been awesome to see your face when you first realized it's your number one! Variety is the spice of life and be glad you can like what you like and not be a hipster who likes things solely because they think others do not.

  12. jon snow says:

    Ever play any of the computerized Blood Bowl games?

  13. KabukiKid says:

    I am forever eagerly awaiting the reprint of Space Empires 4X. heh 🙂

  14. KabukiKid says:

    heh… you love doing that Charlie Brown "Wah wah wah" talk. 😉

  15. Maple Flavor says:


  16. Sax Soto says:

    Very good work! Enjoy a lot, thanks for shearing your favorite board games of all times. Some of them now in my wish list.

  17. paratututbo says:

    Blood Bowl!!! it's crazy, have some backslash \\\\\\\\\\

  18. Juan Pablo Zabala says:

    Damn! Thanks to you I now absolutely have to get BB 🙂
    Very much enjoyed watching the entire top 50!

  19. spiros tsikrikas says:

    Love number 7. I think this game is so underrated! Good work!!

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