Top 50 Board Games of All-Time 2018: 20-11

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Everything is going to be fine in the end. If it’s not, it’s just steps 20 to 11.

The end is nigh! If you squint just right you can see it from here. We’re almost done counting down our favourite fifty games of all time, so join us in the penultimate part of our five part series.

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3 Responses

  1. SimplyBS says:

    @58:35 Mark cosmic encounter needs to have a word with you about the capital of asymmetry.

  2. Andreas Becker says:

    Great selections, Mr. Green Tank / Host. Quite enjoyed the episode and excited to have Sidereal Confluence on its way to us. Could not agree more about Caylus: It's old and one of the originals, yet it feels so, so sharp and brutal. It really is fantastic.

  3. Loki Hve says:

    Liked it and if I had to say it I would say it something like this:
    Orange Tank I see you as a Euro/Thematic board gamer similarly to Green Tank which so far I think is closest to me in tastes of board games. While mr. Red Tank or Kalen is by far the furthest as he has a whole lot of quicker lighter, filler, social, party games on his list.

    I'll play a fun game for me myself and try to guess which game may be on each of your lists quite high based on what we have seen so far.

    Orange: I expect Arkham Horror the Card Game
    Green: I expect Gaia Project
    Red: I expect 7 Wonders (perhaps even 7 Wonders Duel?)

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