Top 50 Board Games of All-Time 2018: 10-1

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End? No, the journey doesn’t end here. Steps ten to one are just another path, one that we all must take.

Top ten, baby! We finally made it. And thus concludes our five part series of our favourite games of all-time. Frankly, we were changed by the experience, and will never be the same again. We hope you were too.

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6 Responses

  1. ItJamesIs says:

    Awesome stuff! Where are you guys from?

  2. Loki Hve says:

    Btw we played diplomacy just this past weekend, here is the photo that we took 😀

  3. Loki Hve says:

    I am completely and utterly floored by this lists…was definitely not expecting such top 10 out of any of you and while it shows you are playing games together and often share opinions, still…cant quite believe this finish haha

  4. Jose Vazquez says:

    This was entertaining, guys. Thanks for putting it out. I love the variety in your top 10s – from party games to heavy (literally!) games. For the record though, my game tastes align closest with Mark. Green tank all day!

  5. Tim Teigen says:

    Great lists. Great banter.

  6. SimplyBS says:

    Haha yes great choice at number 3 one of my favorites and thanks for the shoutout (Im a guy). Really enjoyed these past podcasts, great list guys, sad it had to end.

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