Top 5 Parents GONE CRAZY OVER FORTNITE! (Hilarious Fortnite Fails & Rages)

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Top 5 Parents GONE CRAZY OVER FORTNITE! (Hilarious Fortnite Fails & Rages)
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39 Responses

  1. Top5Gaming says:

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  2. Fury Night fury says:

    Am I the only one who never spend money on games
    And doesn't play fortnite.

  3. ethan harkin says:

    That last bit isnt about fortnie its about the bratty kid dont blame it on video games fuckwits

  4. Khristopher Hughes says:

    Wat they need is a belt

  5. Mick For world peace says:

    Warning headphone users

  6. Khristopher Hughes says:

    Tf stop complaining n take they game

  7. Mateusz Murawsku says:

    My dad likes fortnite he says its funny

  8. Lol XD says:

    4:40 then be a good parent.

  9. D_RAY Dragon says:

    My family's rich so I can buy as much v bucks as I want plus I'm an og I have the scythe and renegade raider

  10. Sitting In Silence says:

    My parents are fine wth fortnite and I don’t even play it that much anymore

  11. Ellis James Plant says:

    I'm not addicted to this game at all, I find it fun and if I'm told to get off I do immediately. Hardly any of my friends are addicted either.

  12. Leo Studio says:

    Man its funny as shit.

  13. Andy Karl The memer says:

    So every parent how may be watching this when your kid says i want to buy v bucks or just any in game currency. all you got to do just say no or just ban he/she from
    Fortnite. or just ban in the console,phone of what every short or permanent .BUT DO NOT destroy the connsole,phone or any thing ok it's just only my experience with my friends dad or mom ONLY MY EXPERIENCE .ok. and one more thing dont blam fortnite and if you dont like fortnite it ok for but just to tell the word to other people like pokemon go remember that. all im trying to say dont blame other people's work if you really don't like it just take it and hide it from your children ok.

  14. IRON WOLF says:

    Tip on playing games like this:

  15. Dish ank says:

    Video start's at 1:20
    Edit:Thank me later.

  16. IRON WOLF says:

    This kids have lost their relationship with GOD

  17. Someone says:

    I can understand if the parent is pissed if the kid is being a nut

  18. Dino Arya says:

    First vidio mr dicker / mr ANGER face becomes a MAD MAN

  19. Nay Soe says:

    I’m with that lady

  20. awesomeLucario1001 says:

    I really don’t play fortnite much

  21. Delta Nuub says:

    Why do they blame on fortnite? Teach your kid to play fortnite with default skins, or make them earn their own money by helping their mom, clean the house, etc..

  22. Nazmi Ghani says:

    Hahahahahahha tht kid got legit point

  23. best love says:

    My parents hate fortitude yet I am watching this but I still play fortnight behind their back

  24. Freehand Tree23 says:

    My mum plays Fortnite with me xDDD

  25. idontknow 111 says:

    Lol who rages because of games

  26. Javier Medina says:

    That lady talking about fortnite i hate her because her attitude I love fortnite

  27. Mr•_• Potato252 says:

    At 10:09 why is there a green dildo next to the kids shoes?

  28. Lu Cas says:

    gEt gOoD kIdS

  29. Why u still Reading this says:

    PUBG players fortnite is good But pubg is Better!!
    btw I'm a pubg player

  30. Cody shark says:


  31. Mr.Slump says:

    3:31 but people don’t say this about drugs.
    Okay buddy subscribe to me if u agree

  32. Drawing with Tyler says:

    ViRTuAl DaNcE!!!!

  33. PR XX BLACK says:

    Because Our Parrents are Allergic to Fortnite

  34. jason lee says:

    I hat parents that don't understand that games are aways bad its like 1 hour game only like 1 hour wtf you can't even do anything like seriously wtf ? Like i feel like so many parents are living in the past where their brains cannot follow along the new era and they are just at this point stupid since clearly sure who the fuck go out and play or do anything outside for the rest for 11 hours in a day like even if you study or read a book for like 4 hours and meal time its not passible.

  35. Ben Vivanco says:

    You talk to much

  36. HenkkaGamer says:

    4:00 She doesn't have any sense what she's talking bout

  37. chazzer tron says:

    Parents need to start beating their kids

  38. Kenshikada says:

    Why fortnite instead of roblox?

  39. Allan T says:

    Why do parents give there card details to the kids, it is the parents own fault if they lose lots of money, my boy plays fortnite but I will not put my card details onto his Xbox, if he wants v bucks then he gets a gift card, simple, don't be stupid by putting your details on

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