Top 5 – Best Budget Gaming Monitor in 2018

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Top 5 – Best Budget Gaming Monitor in 2018
➡️Sceptre C248W-1920R –
US Prices –
UK Prices – N/A
CA Prices –

➡️Samsung IT LC24F390FHNXZA –
US Prices –
UK Prices –
CA Prices –

➡️Dell SE2417HG –
US Prices –
UK Prices –
CA Prices –

➡️AOC G2460VQ6 –
US Prices –
UK Prices –
CA Prices –

➡️LG 25UM58-P –
US Prices –
UK Prices –
CA Prices –


I’ve reviewed Five Budget gaming monitors. Monitors range from High-End to budget friendly accommodating varying needs of the consumer. Reviews are fairly balanced in their ability to Highlight the positives and the negatives of the product under question and aids the reader in their respective decision making process. Appropriate analogies have been used assisting the reader to understand how the product behaves under various conditions. The language isn’t loaded with technical jargon but is balanced in its nature to appropriately describe what’s involved and what matters. The reviews start by discussing the most striking feature of the product and carries onto discussing other features. The products have been recommended according to internet ratings and user experience.


Portions of this video, including stock footage of products mentioned, come from brand release product promotion videos or other form of standard b-roll footage

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28 Responses

  1. The Frugal Gamer says:

    Products Mentioned in the video:
    ➡️Sceptre C248W-1920R –
    ➡️Samsung IT LC24F390FHNXZA –
    ➡️Dell SE2417HG –
    ➡️AOC G2460VQ6 –
    ➡️LG 25UM58-P –

  2. Yair Castro says:

    Can you use ps4 with these monitors

  3. Thomas Longo says:

    Jesus Christ bro take breathes when you speak

  4. fannyslayer 2k12 says:

    How dis you get that backpack on fortnite ?

  5. gavin mccabe says:

    The Dell vfscegruvbslYRieyw37437i5bf7iso5rb6538cat5p9p386tvbapn35782b3t7v3n2pa8946bvqp984cm8946vbaaaao87c5vp87qcwrbtlctle86rcvb35vrbco87ewt68rvef6caefrc86otcbrwefg7f6ercVQWduytu67vacwi67rfbc7eeeeeeairxwery6tcr6tr6etr64tr64trt6t7egd38388h3dh8h3h774g7g7fegfhh3h83h8rugefhcbfb

  6. Keith R says:

    Hrm. It isn't a gaming monitor, no matter what they say if its not at least 100hz+. Then no pro level pc-gamer would use gsync or freesync, due to increased input lag. You don't really get screen tearing with a proper setup anyway, without any syncs BS.

  7. Adam Shaw says:

    Enjoyed your performance in MR robot

  8. PazarGaming HD says:

    If I’m using a PS4 Pro with a Gaming Monitor should i hook up my PS4 to the Monitor using a HDMI or Display Port ?

  9. Canned Bread says:

    Am a kid my parents won’t get me something as expensive like 100 bucks

  10. TF2 {HEAVY} says:

    Jesus why samsung always have the longest names i dont even know what these numbers are for?

  11. Kiwix says:


  12. Γιάννης Καμηλάκης says:

    You: This monitor is so good its name is samsung hdstkmdawuikbsaippplhhitfjurqagirdjoytighot
    Me:imagine someone ask its name

  13. Nothing But Food says:

    reading of a top 5 list

  14. Snore Dizzle says:

    Thanks for the review. Do they handle 4k?

  15. Anthony Maestas says:

    You seem established as a streamer, but I would like to give you some advise. For these kinds of videos, the viewer just wants to know important information: price, refresh rate and overall experience. Giving information like ports and dimensions is needless when you could just describe those as part of your experience. From those three important pieces of information, we as a viewer can decide if we want to look further into the monitor and delve into the particulars. Just a bit of advice to broaden your audience. Thanks for the reviews and links!

  16. Kircheis Shard says:

    So at first I was looking at the , Samsung IT LC24F390FHNXZA but then the, Sceptre C248W-1920R seemed appealing but I realized the Samsung IT LC24F390FHNXZA is probably the best because the Samsung IT LC24F390FHNXZA has a better more comfortable size with it's safiugiaugb tu19846aui8ya8f jkgaghfr987atsjuhjgshPOuyh 5890632hdlkfhqioht q3802y5hbalkjfh oiha t

  17. oscarhuaynalaya says:

    can you play fornite with this dell gaming monitor

  18. Anthony Romero says:

    What are the cheapest Gforce monitors?

  19. Electric Animation says:

    The thumbnail has the most expensive monitor ever on it

  20. Brian Vargas says:

    I need a monitor to play Fortnite on
    Anyone recommends which one…?

  21. Virtue says:

    is this some cruel joke

  22. alfie picton says:

    good vid ill probably get one of these

  23. walid benlamer says:

    I did not get half of what he was saying I guess someone else feel the same

  24. Rulik says:

    aoc c27g1 new one.

  25. Bailey Emmer says:

    the "dell gaming monitor" is shown as several different monitors as he is talking with some having thin bezels and some having thick…?

  26. TSM _UrNan says:

    Will this support a PS4

  27. Gabe Stevens says:

    Hi this is the AOC ehhewbajhfjrvegwuakwkheehudkdhfieiwlakhfhucjrbrjeillqqkhujcndjekwoausjdjekieieuwhfjd and it’s great for eye care

  28. Cammy Lucas says:

    it hurts my soul to hear the full name more than once

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